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  1. Very informative, thanks a bunch. A thought tho, BattleField 2 is making a ton of money. But I do not like the game, it is good, but is no GR1, cant get excited like with GR1. Our fear is that enemy names will appear if you point at them. (As they do in BF2) Meaning that all you have to do is pan around the horizon and an enemy name may "appear" briefly from a bush or window, and then you know where they are, whereas in GR1 I could be literally inches away from you in the same set of shrubery or what have you, and you would never know it. Even with a sensor, and mates yelling " to the left, your left, your other left" lol, you would have a hard time sometimes seeing them, and that made it super realistic and exciting, frustrating at times but exciting. It is our hope, AFD's, that This type of reality can be retained in the new game, and that the Devs dont follow the money every step of the way. Just a thought, wonder what you all are thinking on the subject.
  2. AFD DeathBowl- Whos on the server now? Assault Force Dragons Dedicated Server Have You Had Your Fill Of Kill??? www.afd-gaming.com GR2 Server Coming As Soon As Available TS2- teamspeak.afd-gaming.com:8780 password is teamafd
  3. Hey Guys, AFD is recruiting, we have been around since Sept `03. We are mature players who strive for excellence thru practice and competitive ladder play. We are on the TWL- Finale, 2v2, 4v4, and Power. We want to be the best, but we also want to have fun getting there. Stop by and check us out. http://www.afd-gaming.com
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