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  1. Serella, since you're posting, does that mean you're all done with the headache of moving?
  2. Good luck with your new endeavor Serellan!
  3. Interested in this swartsz? If so I can get you in touch with them. I know someone else has already responded but in case they fall through...
  4. Aww those people don't sound familar to me. Wish I had a better memory.
  5. I remember someone in irc.... xfire is looking for someone to do a dutch to english translation...so I thought of the person here. I just wish I could remember who it was.
  6. I'll be wondering around. ← Be sure to wander into me ok?
  7. This is the only place I'd bet that someone would have the answer! C'mon guys, i've got a bet riding on this!
  8. Hahaha did you notice we made a comment about G4? And yes, GRAW wasn't on the 1UP show because it was nowhere to be seen at Zero Hour, despite them showing Ninety-Nine Nights....
  9. Based on the top down view of Night Docks, i'd say it looks like that. Identical areas on either side, with a middle catwalk.
  10. I'm not completely familiar with Night Docks or Day Docks. If you are able to dig up screenshots I can say which map it is more like...
  11. That's kind of the idea. Without going into the exact details, the music will increase/decrease depending on if you're in an intense firefight, etc.
  12. That's the drone you can send out to do recon.
  13. Hahaha Poita, this is for you. It was taken at RSE when I visited. I look a bit too happy to be holding a big gun, albeit an airsoft one.
  14. Believe me, I am a huge soundwhore as well since I play FPS games competitively (on PC though), but the sound in MP didn't bother me. I was utterly impressed, as well, that they took the time to make the music as such that it will change depending on the action happening.
  15. I love how you have the 360 boxes all lined up nicely.
  16. About the release date stated on 1UP, pay no attention to it. When release dates are entered as the game is first inputted into the system, they are normally a guess and therefore does not always reflect the best date.
  17. Ooh that's a different bad boy from E3!
  18. Ahahah that picture that DS took of me is awesome with the blacking out, and the dude in the cupboard! Thanks Rocky for featuring it in your news section!
  19. Stream it or download the high-quality version here.
  20. They couldn't say that! They're about to release Rainbow Six Lockdown....right? *cries* And they're about to release Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory as well, luckily for the SC fans they released all platforms at the same time *strokes her DVD copy of SCCT*
  21. I don't like the one on the left, it looks too much like CounterStrike.
  22. Actually, their beverages are provided for them. There were two huge refrigerated cases stocked with so many different types of drinks that I couldn't even name them all. However, I did notice the "stash" that is kept in the lower right corner. There is a snack machine that they give their money to, though. ← Ooh! I need a employer that supplies beverages like that!
  23. I know you do and know what was here before hand. ← 'course you do, you're speeeeeeecial!
  24. It looks really pretty, from the demo I saw at the WCG. A demo would be nice to play... since i'm a mod on BiA I'll let you know if I see anything Ruggie..unless you lurk there too!
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