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  1. Beat me to it, yup guys the co-op collection is now available to download. Yay!
  2. Kleaneasy, one of the forum managers, has posted the correct price to be 800 MS points.
  3. Morning all. Just checked for y'all on Marketplace and unfortunately nothing yet. Yawwwn, now...go back to bed or get my lazy butt up and go into work....
  4. Hi everyone, The More Guns free DLC will be available on Tuesday, 1/29. Here's the info about this free DLC:
  5. Sorry for the delay in this "Monday announcement", but things got borked with this whole 400/800 dealio. Technically it's still Monday though right, albeit 10 pm. Just read that one of the forum managers confirmed release for tomorrow. Thank goodness. As far as the price point, I unfortunately don't have that to confirm at this time, so while this isn't the ideal scenario for you to find out only when it's on Marketplace, that very well may be the case however I will try to keep on top of this as soon as I get in the office in the morning. Phew, that was a long sentence. /end
  6. Sigh. I'd bang my head against my keyboard but in passing out I may actually miss the confirmation I'm waiting for. Yes, something was supposed to be posted today but in light of these 400/800 emails being reported as received we're trying to 100% absolutely positively get the information straight. Of course, the forums going down and losing everything from Saturday to today, doesn't help.
  7. Hi everyone. We realize that it’s been nearly forever since the Co-op collection was announced, and we do sincerely thank you for sticking with us for so long. I’m happy to start the weekend off right for you by giving you a heads up that official news about the Co-op collection will be available on Monday, and the community will be the first to find out here! Be sure to check back with us on Monday to get the inside scoop. Have a great weekend all!
  8. We are very excited to share the news that GRAW2 has been nominated by the AIAS for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design. It is an honor to be nominated alongside some truly amazing games from the past year, and we would like to take a moment to congratulate the GRAW2 sound group and dev team.
  9. Hi everyone. I realize there hasn’t been any follow up on this since it’s been announced so I decided to do a little digging for you. The Free Weapons DLC *is* still scheduled to be released. However, like the co-op collection we are still awaiting final details before posting any specifics (so unfortunately, still no ETA). Thanks for your patience, we appreciate it.
  10. Something sort of related that I found interesting: I was watching the high school football "reality" show Two a Day's (an MTV show), and in scenes where they show the football players playing on a console, they show the TV screen but blur it out.
  11. I've really been wanting to watch The Kingdom...how was it?
  12. Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that everything hasn't been forgotten. While there is no new, further information, rest assured it's still on my plate that as soon as something *is* available you'll be the first to hear. As empty as "thanks for your patience" may sound at this point, we do truly appreciate it.
  13. From all of us to all of you, have a safe and fun holiday...eat lots, spend time with your family, and get some gaming goodness in! Link to Christmas Card EDIT: Oops sorry for it being so large and breaking the border changed image to link
  14. Hey guys, I know it’s been a while and we apologize for that. It’s been hectic around here but we wanted to give you a quick update before the end of the year (even if it’s not necessarily a date yet). We ARE still working hard on getting the Co-op Collection out to you, however we don’t anticipate it going out this month. Once we have a more firm, guaranteed date, we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, here’s another video we’ve put together to tide you over a wee bit more. Thanks all for your patience and have a great holiday!
  15. Gun pack's status is another thing I'm currently checking into, but I'll be out for the holidays from tomorrow, so hopefully I'll find out soon after I return.
  16. Beonder13, while I won't be able to go into the details of the whats or whys the coop collection DLC isn't out yet, I'm working on hopefully getting some info out today so hang tight.
  17. Yep, among other things, I'm here at the studio to keep on top of things to work WITH the team on getting info out to you. Among other things...
  18. Krise Madsen, we've just finished America's Army: True Soldiers, and there's also that dangnabbit coop pack that we would LOVE to get out to you...yeah, unfortunately no new news on that but it's at the top of my awareness list. Alderei, yep that'd be me bringing you new news, or no news, but my hope is that even if there is no news that I'm still here for you to yell at if you need to.
  19. Hey guys, I’m now at Red Storm as our Community Developer, which means that I’ll be your dev point of contact from now on. Braybot and Geridak may continue to stop by once in a while, but for the most part you’ll be seeing me around. It's great to be here in the office, and hopefully one day soon I'll get to meet more of you in person at events. Rather than spam, I'm only posting this once so please don't think I'm ignoring the PC or other sub-forums. Rocky/Dannik/others, if you have a cool way to shortcut this post over that would be spiffy.
  20. Uh oh I hope you don't look at my stats then....I blame using all the different guns for challenges...and lag. Yeah, definitely lag!
  21. Poor Serellan. This was your first time to play on the other side of the fence and pwn some n00bs!
  22. You know you're ALWAYS invited!
  23. I missed PAX too. It sounded like a lot of fun! And I would have loved to see my old co-workers.
  24. I figured now that the two throwback packs are free, anyone who didn't pick it up can, and maybe we can organize a gaming night? I'd love to play with you guys! If anyone is willing to host, too, that would be fantastic because I'm no good as a host.
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