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  1. AussieTerry, I'll try to re-group with you when I'm at work tomorrow. I'll see what's what...fingers crossed.
  2. This one is for all you old school GR players...we thought you might find it interesting to see what went into re-creating one of the classic favorite maps. Check it out and let us know if you'd enjoy seeing more videos like this!
  3. Paladin scroll up to my original post, I put wmv download links there.
  4. Paladin, I'll look into it. I gotta finish this other video first then I think I can work on the wmv versions. Maulasses, that's odd. I just clicked on the link for #1 and it's ok. Try again?
  5. Just for you, our fantastic community, a few flythrough videos of the Co-op Collection #2 maps. I know the DLC is already out,and we tried to get these out to you ASAP although we ran into some hangups. I'll tell you though, since I wasn't involved with the last set of flythroughs but was for round 2, I've realized that these flythroughs really give me a new appreciation of the maps since it shows parts that can't be seen from ground level. I wanted to give a special mention to Fran from our sound team, who worked some magical magic on the sound for these videos. Enjoy! If you'd like to download the videos to view in higher-res they are located here: Flythrough #1 Flythrough #2 Flythrough #3 Special thanks to olystubbie on our dev team for personally hosting them! p.s. I'm also working on a special video about Ghost Town, so stay tuned for that!
  6. I don't know the details. Your best bet would be to call support...hopefully they have a toll-free number?
  7. Yes, a tense several hours at RSE/Ubi this morning I am sure. Sacrificing buckets of KFC chicken and such other manners of warding off evil... That was in response to beonder throwing me wet kisses.
  8. AussieTerry, the SP and MP portions of the game are stored on separate parts of the disk so it could very well be that the portion of the disk that's scratched is the MP part. I'm checking for you what the replacement policy is...it's possible that Ubisoft can replace the disk for you at a nominal fee. I'll find out the details though. EDIT: That was quick! Luckily for me I sit in the same building as support and was able to immediately go bug them for help. . A replacement disk can be sent to you for $15, simply contact tech support and they will assist you with an RMA Look here for details.
  9. (Wipes face with the back of her hand) They're on Marketplace now!
  10. GRAW 2 Co-Op Collection 2 is available NOW on Xbox Live Marketplace! The quick and dirty facts: PRICE: 400 MS points ACHIEVEMENTS: 8 achievements for 125 points CO-OP CAMPAIGN MAPS: Bridges (Ghost Recon: Island Thunder) Stronghold (Ghost Recon: Island Thunder) Depot (Ghost Recon: Desert Siege) Riverbed (Ghost Recon: Desert Siege) Ghost Town (Ghost Recon: Desert Siege) ADVERSARIAL MAPS: Bridges (Ghost Recon: Island Thunder) Stronghold (Ghost Recon: Island Thunder) Depot (Ghost Recon: Desert Siege) Riverbed (Ghost Recon: Desert Siege) Ghost Town (Ghost Recon: Desert Siege) Roadblock (Ghost Recon: Desert Siege) Island (Ghost Recon: Island Thunder) Treatment Plant (NEW) Mining Camp (NEW) ACHIEVEMENT DETAILS: Bridges (Co-op) Perfect (15 G): Complete Bridges Co-op Mission without respawns at default or hard difficulty Stronghold (Co-op) Perfect (15 G): Complete Stronghold co-op mission without respawns at default or hard difficulty Depot (Co-op) Perfect (15 G): Complete Depot co-op mission without respawns at default or hard difficulty Riverbed (Co-op) Perfect (15 G): Complete Riverbed co-op mission without respawns at default or hard difficulty Ghost Town (Co-op) Perfect (15 G): Complete Ghost Town co-op mission without respawns at default or hard difficulty Untouchable (15 G): Survive 10 mins, killing at least 3 enemies in that time, on a Co-op Collection Pack 2 map. Minimum 5 players Color Guard (15 G): Kill 3 enemies while you carry a flag in a CTF match on a Co-op Collection Pack 2 map. Minimum 5 players Pistoleer (20 G): Kill 6 or more enemies with a pistol in a single match on a Co-op Collection Pack 2 map. Minimum 5 players For details on maps and co-op story, including map overheads, check out teamxbox.com
  11. Nuts, beat me to it. I was away from my desk making a video for y'all.
  12. AussieTerry, the issue wasn't isolated to the downloadable content (maps or guns), but the custom kit restrictions. Have you received this title update and it still does not work for you?
  13. Good good news! A title update is going out sometime to fix this! We didn’t say anything before because we didn’t want to jinx it, but since today is February 29th the cosmos decided to be on our side and give us all a leap year present. The only noticeable thing you will see is that you will now have two custom kits instead of three. Happy leap year day, and see you on this day in four years! This should be going out late tonight or early tomorrow morning, especially those in the EST time zone and east-er of that.
  14. It would be awesome in R6. Can you imagine it in Killhouse?!
  15. That's quite a walk! I used to walk from my home near Little Italy to Ubisoft when the weather was good, and from Ubisoft to Mt. Royal, but never both at the same time.
  16. I'm trying to get a second team together to do a friendly inter-office thing for the pre-challenge, but it's gonna be tough going against the Braybot and his crew!
  17. I tried to take some video but the room we were playing in was quite dark so I'm not sure how good it came out. I'll definitely try to put together some sort of recap though.
  18. For you. Enjoy...Happy Friday, guys!
  19. This issue is now 100% OK, including those who got the achievement prior to the fix. For those who have unlocked achievements during the time period that gamerscores were not updating, if you perform an account recovery on your gamertag it will return these achievements to its original locked state. You will need to play and attain the achievement again, however it will now unlock correctly. Thanks so much for your patience while we worked to provide a resolution for the achievements. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, especially those who will need to obtain the achievements again (but hey, you were planning to play more than once anyways, right! ) To recover your account you will need the Windows Live ID email address and password that you used to originally create your account. In order to absolutely ensure that nothing else gets affected while you are recovering your gamertag, it is suggested that you recover your gamertag to a memory unit that does not contain your saved games and once this is complete you can move your gamertag to the storage unit of your choice. For complete instructions from Microsoft on how to do an account recovery, click here. For futher support on recovering your gamertag, Microsoft support can be reached here. FAQ for Account Migration: click here. If you have forgotten your password, click here. For instructions on how to move your gamertag from one storage unit to another, click here.
  20. It's me, your friendly neighborhood Kimi again. Boy what a day it has been! I come bearing both good and bad news. Good news: The achievement issue has been sorted out, so if you load up the Co-Op Collection now you WILL be able to earn those achievements and increase that all important gamerscore. Now for the bad news: This does not update the gamerscore of anyone who already unlocked achievements for this DLC. Don’t lose complete hope in your gamerscore just yet though, as we’re continuing to look into that. Happy co-op’ing!
  21. Hi everyone, Below is a list of fixes that went out with yesterday's title update: • Fixed voice communication issues when player disconnects from Xbox LIVE at the loading screen of a multiplayer match and signs back into Xbox LIVE and joins a multiplayer match • Hosts now have the option to kick a player from the server while on the After Action review screen of a ranked match • Fixed the temporary overwriting of the player’s clan details when viewing an inviting clan’s details • Fixed an error message popping up when a player attempts to update anything on the Unit Details screen after going to the Identity Setup screen • Provided a notification message when a player attempts to join a game just as it is launching and is returned back to the Search Settings screen • Problems with mod system fixed to allow for GRAW 2 Co-Op collection changes
  22. Thanks Calgar! I'll be sure to update the community with this info, to your credit.
  23. Paladin, this only happens in normal Siege. If you play Blind Siege it should help with your desire to use flanking tactics, no?
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