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  1. I hope to give you that as soon as I can. I know right now the announcement isn't much
  2. I understand that, but I'd rather share what I can rather than not simply because I know something isn't going to be taken well, lest I than be thought of as not keeping you in the loop, y'know?
  3. I hope to be able to give a bit more detail, but give me a bit. Once this video is live I'm going to catch a bit more sleep and head into the office to see what I can talk about.
  4. This is today's announcement. The video still isn't live on my end but I'm waiting on it. Will update when it's live...
  5. If I came to you and said, "We have room to make one and only one more change. What should it be?", what would your answer be? This discussion is worded to make you select what you feel is the most important, significant change, so only ONE response! Though, if your answer would be "ghillie suit", I give you a pass card to list a second thing. (Is it technically possible for a mod to link this discussion to the 360 section or would I need to create a second thread?)
  6. @WK @Fletch: Just as some explanation before I get back on topic, I'm not currently in Hawaii but grew up there, which is why I always notice any Hawaii association. As WK points out, I'm in North Carolina at the Red Storm studio. @NoQuarter: It's simply discussion. We really don't have anything official to chat about right now, so I thought some general discussion would be interesting to jaw about for now. It's been a bit since the last GR title was released, and it's interesting (to me) to re-visit things to gauge status quo.
  7. Dr Death! Don't mean to go off topic in my own thread but I noticed your Warriors icon! You in Hawaii?
  8. Does this mean if you select a female character, then you're given the option to run while shooting?
  9. I've gotten into the CSI show recently and immediately noticed Bill Brown's name for one of the series. I wonder how many people actually recognize his name for the game music and not TV show.
  10. I did this over at the Ubi forums and also wanted to start up discussion here... Whether your first GR game was GR PC or GRAW 2, I'd like to chat a bit about what you think of Ghost Recon. What top three words/phrases immediately come to mind when you think of Ghost Recon (the brand, not a specific title)? Example: I'll use R6, so as to not influence any answers. When I think of R6, what immediately comes to mind is: 1. International - Missions take place in different locations, most that I've never been to. 2. FAMAS - Love that gun. Used it a ton back in Raven Shield for its fast rate of fire, which I felt I needed to make up for my horrendous ping from Hawaii. 3. Team fun - I spent many many late nights playing with my clan. OK, your turn...Answer and discuss!
  11. I'm very keen to do some things looking back on GR legacy, like you mention about original team that is still around. What sort of things would you guys like to see?
  12. pssst, come here. Come closer, a little closer. *whispers* Men and Guns are gone from the game... In all seriousness, I would love to share things with you, but as you can see not even a game name or developing studio has been announced, so unlikely that game details are fair game just yet.
  13. I think her affiliation is actually with RSE. Could be both, who knows, but I've only seen her post from the RSE side of things since this post: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...c=48356&hl= Just to clarify (in case any is still needed, and also because I love talking about ME! ), I am located at the Red Storm office in North Carolina, and this is my primary affiliation. Since leaving Montreal I still help out with Far Cry 2, but am no longer physically located with the dev team and another community developer is now on point there. You can for sure consider me RSE, at the very least.
  14. (Also posted over in PC) Today Ubisoft has announced its Q3 financial announcement that a new Ghost Recon game is in the works. No other information will be released at this time but be sure that we will keep you updated when there is additional information available.
  15. (Also posted over in Xbox 360) Today Ubisoft has announced its Q3 financial announcement that a new Ghost Recon game is in the works. No other information will be released at this time but be sure that we will keep you updated when there is additional information available.
  16. Sorry guys, this is just a rumor. There is no additional DLC scheduled for GRAW 2.
  17. Hey guys, haven't seen too much of this reported over here, but in case anyone needs the info: (admins, noticed I broke the formatting with my large image. Apologies..if anyone can help fix then great!) Thanks to all your feedback, we have identified some factors which contribute to this issue. Below are some notes on how to work around the achievement. However, this will not work for everyone, so please see below to see if yours can be fixed. Also, if you haven't attempted to earn all 1250 points, please try to earn the Single Player Master achievement before proceeding further with the additional achievements. If you would like to try the fix without reading the details, the easiest way is to simply re-do the tutorial and complete all challenges during the same time (you must complete the challenges on the first try). This should fix those who completed the game in the order of starting with the tutorial and singleplayer. For the rest who want/need details, here goes: The issue is that the game will only look at the most 50 recent achievements you have earned. This wasn't an issue in the original game but once the additional DLC achievements are thrown into the mix it begins to cause issues. If you go into your in-game profile and compare it to your Xbox Live achievements, you will notice that there may be two or three achievements that show unlocked on the Live side but locked on the game side. This means you need to re-do the achievements in game to get SP Master to unlock. An additional factor is that this workaround of "re-earning" the necessary achievements will only work if the achievements can be obtained within a single mission. This is why for those of you who completed the tutorial and challenges first, this will work. For those who may have completed the tutorial but not all challenges, and jumped into Act 1, it might not. Confused yet? For reference here are potential scenarios where it will and will not work: Hope this helps at least most of you to obtain that one last pesky achievement. If you are still confused whether it's possible for you to use this workaround, feel free to post your information here, including your gamertag and which of your in-game achievements seem to be locked, and myself or someone else here can try to take a look at it. Thanks all for your patience!
  18. Thanks all for your patience...I've posted up the winners. You'll see some familiar faces from here... It was a tough decision but the [GR] dev team members managed to select the winners. * ROCKY (original signed copy of Ghost Recon) * DrPeace (copy of Legacy Edition, signed by original GR team members) * Vth_F_Smith (signed LE) * Davidporter52 (signed LE) * Killerskippy (signed LE) * Thales.100 (signed LE) Thanks to all who participated, and congrats to the winners! If you are a winner, please send me a private message (here, or at Ubi) with your name and address.
  19. Submit your most creative “what I did today†story to the thread on the official forum by tomorrow (April 17) 5:45 AM, Tbilisi time… the authors of the five most creative stories, chosen by staff from the original GR, will win super fun time prizes. Good luck! p.s. In case you reached this contest via the forum, please be sure to also check out the RSE site for more on today's events! [Merged with the existing thread on the "anniversary"]
  20. Oh wow, you beat us to this. Glad to see we're not the only ones reminiscing. I should have a post up shortly to celebrate this day...so stay tuned.
  21. We're gonna miss you tons Pat! Hope to continue to see you on the battlefield...now you can be on the other side for the devs vs. fans night! Or, we'll make you an honorary alumnus.
  22. Is that Fran on the VO? It is! You're good that you could pick him out...others over here at the office didn't guess that it was him. Thanks for all the feedback so far. For the requests, I may not be able to get answers for them all but I'll certainly try.
  23. I think a full "creation of a level" video would be a fantastic idea (although quite time-consuming), I'll just need to figure out the logistics of it among the team members since there are so many people involved with building even one level. It's definitely on my list of "i'd love to do" videos.
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