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  1. Sorry guys, I'm still here. The UbiKimi Twitter has been changed to GhostRecon, and that Twitter will only be updated with game info. KimiMatsuzaki is my personal one.
  2. Red Storm is the only Ubisoft studio in the US. There are a bunch of other game studios in the area but like most studios times are tough and hiring is minimal if any. I don't believe that anyone who drops in here from time to time was affected.
  3. Right now, the only other way to access the beta was announced this week for US folks. You need to shell out $5 to pre-order the game at GameStop. But, lots of people don't want to give GameStop even $5 of their money so at least they had the option to hold onto their SCC copy that could have been purchased at Target, Amazon, Best Buy or any of the other game retailers. If you had purchased SCC and also intended its purchase to give you access to the beta, you're still OK right? You got a game that you hopefully enjoyed playing, however short of a time it may have been for you. I won't go into game length and re-selling finished games back to retailers that offer used games, because those are whole other cans of worms that I shouldn't be touching. I'm sorry for those who have felt misled, but we clearly stated from the very beginning that there WAS a possibility for other ways to access the beta to open up in the future.
  4. iirc Conviction's delay meant a massive redesign of the game, not just a few months.
  5. I can now confirm that the beta is delayed as well. If you want to read the full message we put together, it's up on the website.
  6. Have you tried yet to crack the code in our Teaser Trailer? http://www.youtube.com/user/ghostrecongame (i have my money that someone from here will figure it out first )
  7. Paladin, you'd be the one to notice something like that, wouldn't you?
  8. You know what? I would love nothing more than to provide you with a breakdown "this applies to console only, this is all platforms, this is PC specific", but since we're not discussing any platform specifics at this time, it's not possible. All I can do is ask for your patience, we will definitely talk about it in due time.
  9. zeealice you should also post them up in the Ghost Recon fanpage on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/ghostrecon
  10. If you haven't seen them already, I posted up screenshots on the Facebook fan page.
  11. Make sure you keep your SCC game disk, this is how you will access the beta.
  12. Hawkeye - GRFS isn't set too far into the future. Hopefully soon we'll clarify exact time period. Papa - In game footage will definitely come in due time. We've still got a little less than a year to get this thing to the point where we're proud to show it off as in-game and not just a WIP.
  13. Rocky, it's going to be released in another location tomorrow. *Hopefully* it will be a bigger version then. If not, I'll see what I can do to get you guys the best resolution possible.
  14. It would be nice. I'm disappointed that the SC Conviction one isn't a custom console like the Modern Warfare 2 one.
  15. Sorry about that, it should work now. Let me know if it doesn't.
  16. The optical camo shown in the teaser seems to be a topic of discussion, so we thought we'd chime in http://ubi.li/YYT5H
  17. I wouldn't necessarily assume that. If that were the case, don't you think it would have been mentioned like that out of the gate?
  18. Hot off the approval wire... A big title like Ghost Recon Future soldier requires a multi-talented team. By bringing in Red Storm to work with our Paris studio we will combine a mix of talents, cultures, and experiences to GRFS. Also, Red Storm’s experience with previous Tom Clancy games will prove to be a valuable addition to the project.
  19. Nice, thanks Rocky! Downloaded and tweeted...hope this gets you a good amount of traffic.
  20. We try to, but being that it's so early in communication our hands are tied pretty tight.
  21. Video is now on Xbox Live! http://ubi.li/genkw
  22. I am in a similar situation as you, although I will wait for some reviews first as the interview on xbox live made it sound ok. I wonder if you buy the splinter cell game will it come with a code and if so could you then sell the game on and still access the Beta? I am trying to remember how crackdown dealt with the Halo 3 Beta, I think it used a code and you had to insert the game disc in order to download. We're trying to get more info on how this will actually work, shortly. Hang tight! PS3 and 360: same dev team, same release date, same content PC info details coming at a later time Take from that what you will...
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