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  1. Also, I can't see how being surrounded by friends can help you perform actions like disarming/arming demolition charges.

    But, overall, the game seems fun (not like Ghost Recon, fun in another way), but pretty arcade.

    The idea is that if you're the one performing the action, and you know you have one or two teammates nearby that got your back, your confidence raises so you can perform the action quicker rather than continually looking around to see if anyone is coming up on you.

  2. Ghost Recon Online Dev Interview

    Posted by Rocky on Friday, June 10 2011

    Ghost Recon Online developers Tommy Jacob and Roman Campos Oriola explain some details why Community Manager Kimi gets some hands on.

    Hehe Rocky, the news title is a tiny bit misleading. The interview mentioned here is for GRFS only, not Ghost Recon Online (there's another video for that). Also, it shows me playing but anyone who came to the booth was able to get hands-on time with SP, co-op, and MP :)

  3. anyone seen any girl playable characters in the beta? i'm curious, i thought i saw one in the trailer

    i love the way rocky immediately jumps on the subject and makes a new forum category :D

    Good question. I'll see if I can find an answer.

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