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  1. IIRC, smoke effects cause one of the worst lags. Even a single smoke effect can reduce the FPS by as much as 10. Try to use a smaller smoke effect, ie. if it's large, change it to medium. I don't know about map modding, but you may try automatically activating the smoke on the map instead of creating them as effects on the mission. Hope that helps.
  2. Hey jay. Surprising isn't it, that with the cinematic part of the prison mission done, do you realize that half of the mission is already complete? Well, I'll leave it to you to alter it to your own preferences, taking for example the mood music, briefing, kits etc. I've managed to get the T55 tank to work, but I've not managed to get it to turn properly, so I'm assigning it to a straight path. Also, I can't get an enemy to shoot his RPG at the tank, so I'm deleting that scene. At this stage there are already 100 actors on the map, half the total number of actors. PS: Can you recount the mission objectives for me?
  3. Try not to add the 'block preserve' response. I think that's the problem
  4. Hey Blakarion, a word about your mod. I think you mixed up the T-72B and the T-72BM, the T-72B model is supposed to have the reinforced turret armor, while the T-72BM model is supposed to have the explosive reactive armor. I'm not very sure about this, but can you clarify it for me?
  5. Try activating all the mods that you currently have. Attempting to open a mission or any other file without the parent mod activated will result in a CTD.
  6. cool! must be the most realistic weapon sounds i've ever heard!
  7. Wow that looks so real... What's it placed there for anyway?
  8. yeah, it can be done. remember the village mission in vanilla GR, Black Needle iirc? after rescuing the blue berets they will still be armed with their SA80's. the thing is, you have to set them to hostage behaviour, and not captive behaviour. setting them to captive behaviour also disarms them, as in the 1st mission where you have to arrest papashvilli.
  9. It's happened umpteen times to all of us, yes i mean ALL of us. And it can also happen on ANY mission. Some say it's due to the size of the mission, others say it's due to the number of models that need to be loaded all over again when u hit F7. Anyway, it's a problem that we all share our annoyance with.
  10. trigger event: 1 second elapsed responses: blockpreserve continue if the value of objectives complete counter is equal to 2 continue if the number of members of player's platoon at extraction zone is equal to the number of active actors on player's platoon set mission end timer to expire in 1 second blockremove
  11. Hey jay, how about some voiceovers for the prison uprising mission? I think I'll be making the first part a cinematic where there are some guys talking, so I might need some voiceovers. Nice mod, by the way.
  12. Are the voices English voices translated to Russian or are they just the sounds from the russian_voice folder?
  13. CTD means 'crash to desktop'. GR crashes but it doesn't hang your computer it just kicks you back to the desktop.
  14. Here's my 2 cents. How about a large-caliber rifle that can disable vehicles and penetrate walls? I've heard someone mentioning it about the original M82A1 large-caliber rifle, so I'm wondering if it's possible if it can be done the same for the KSVK. If would be a good combination of an anti-vehicle weapon and a sniper rifle.
  15. Ok, this is the first time I modded the backgrounds, so I modded 4 backgrounds for my Witch Hunt mod. The next thing I want to mod is the load_icon.rsb and the kit shells. However, when I try to save the load_icon.rsb, an error pops up saying 'image dimensions must be powers of 2. 2, 4, 6... 128... are valid powers of 2.' I checked the image dimensions and they are 128x128. But I still can't save the file. Next, I tried to open the kit shell rsb's but an error says 'can't read the requested format'. I also tried to open the background rsb's of other mods, eg. Brothers in Arms but I also get the same error, except for my own backgrounds. What's wrong?
  16. Added the 3rd mission and corrected the names of the specialists. FYI, this is what their names mean: Mihret Mulu Alem - The world is forgiving Cherika Melaku - Moon's reflection Tegene Zalelew - My Protector is victorious Berhan Haile - Power of the Light Worku Zaff Tekle - The Golden Tree has a Seed Ashenafi Abate -
  17. Update coming up soon, most importantly alteration of the specialists' names. A lot of mistakes with their names... Btw, does anyone happen to know Tigrinya or Amharic? I've already asked GiWeDa but he doesn't know Amharic. According to the mods by Jack57, the names seem to be generated by a name randomizer. Is there such a name generator which I can input with Tigrinya/Amharic?
  18. I'm working on a new mod where the Ethiopians play against the Ghosts. I was inspired by Jack57's Band of Brothers mod, and later Brothers in Arms, and since I was getting bored with my Stalingrad mod, I decided to make a mod where the you fight the Ghosts. I have already scripted the first 2 missions and created 6 specialists and their kits. There are also 6 bonus specialists for Island Thunder. I will add the normal soldiers later. Feel free to comment on my mod. Witch Hunt (WIP) Note: If the hyperlink causes a 404 error type the address in the address bar, or right click and choose save target as.
  19. ROFL Would you like a little inspiration? How bout downloading my WIP mod, Stalingrad, with 2 missions complete. Look at the script for the second mission, it uses a time-elapsed random counter changer which randomizes the positions of the shell effects. You can decrease the amount of time-elapsed to make the shelling faster.
  20. 2nd mission has been released. It may look a little like the 2nd mission of WW3 FFF, but it is entirely my idea. Please delete the old Stalingrad mod folder and replace with the new one in the zip file. Extract the s_unlockedheroes xml file to the Ghost Recon folder. PS: Remember to run the voices batch file. Download:Stalingrad (Updated Mission 1 and Beta Mission 2)
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