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  1. Locations, are these 2 computers in the same room, or like totally seperate might help you in an easy solution hehe?? The simplest answer away from spending cash is.....There ae 2 types of USB Connectors, USB Types A and B. 1 as you noted is square (Type B), and the other Type A is the more commonly recognisable thin rectangular type we are all much more used to seeing . Normally the Square Type B USB connector on the HP's should go into the back of the Printer, and the more standard Type A USB Conector goes into your normal USB Ports on your Comp. If you are that much against "print sharing" to avoid running both PC's if you aren't present and want to save a frew bucks too, then simply install the Printer onto both PC's and Hot Dock the Printer onto each PC as required m8, if they are close enough to each other obviously !! It's not the "Highest-tec" or wonderfully "Automated" way of doing it, but the end result would be the same, and all you'd need to do is switch the USB Lead over between Comps as you require it hehe !! Not ideal but it's another option for you !
  2. Major Maximum, Hey m8, just out of interest, wot are the specs of ya system comprehensively m8?? List as much as poss and include any devices plugged in and on internaly and externally, and especially ya PSU Rating too!! Could be another avenue to explore is all ultimately, but u still can't discount what peeps are saying above obviously, but u seem certain that you don't sem to be suffering from any kind of infection, so it's really just a suggestion of throwing up possibles on other scenarios for you that may be causing it. List some specs m8 !!
  3. If you are running WinXP you can Partition drives without 3rd party applications !! Depending on your setup you can do it through the Administrative tools: Computer Management: Disk Management. Right click on the Drive you wish to Partition and the option to do it may be active. If it is "Greyed Out" then you can just as easily do it from an MS-DOS Prompt and it's actually pretty simple to do !! You can get a lot of futher info on it using Windows Help on Partitioning and all of the necessary comands are explained there and it takes literally 30 seconds to do !!!!
  4. Hey BM, To view things like the Sys Logs etc you need to go to your Administrative Tools in XP m8. Easiest way to direct you to that is via Control Panel, and you'll see the Administrative Tools applet in there !! Open it up, and choose the + next to "Event Viewer", then 3 choices will drop down for you, "Application, System, and Security". Go through each one and there you can see how your system has been behaving, logging errors and other activities etc !! Could help you troubleshoot for other possibles too !! Good luck !!!
  5. Invisiontools.com may be of use to you!! The forums there may answer your questions too, if not create an account and ask the peeps there who use it, a good knowledge of PHP will probably be required too though !! Good luck !!!!
  6. Heya BlackM ! Sorry to hear of possible problems m8 . As for the HDD whirring away merrily to itself, Win XP will do that when left idle, it kinda auto defrags by itself moving and cataloging files etc, kinda worrying at first especially if you are on like a DSL connection lol, cos u think someone is accessing your drives remotely or summat lol. But....It's normal for XP to do that if idle for periods of time though, so don't worry about that part !! Otherwise, did you install any new applications, games or any new software recently, or more specifically to that weekend that you remember m8???? .....Or have you just plugged in some new hardware etc, or any other changes, however insignificant they may seem ultimately??? All examples "can" slow Boot ups depending on their function and all can slow your PC's performance too. Is Norton also set to AutoScan if your PC is idle at all too?? All little things that can take resources etc. Also make good use of Win XP's Task Manager too m8 (the usual CTRL+ALT+Del), and look at the Processes Tab, you can see if any Application is hogging resources badly there etc too !! Are you Networked too lol??? Hope that gives you a few possibles to look at anyway, but good luck in finding it m8 if it is infact a problem !!
  7. Did you deal with it fully by ensuring you also removed it from your system Restore too, as it wondefully backs itself up in there too. If you didn;t also deal with it in there and you have used a restore feature, then you may have placed msblast right back where it was!! Worth checking up on if you are not sure !!
  8. Hehehe, I used to use Plusnet years ago when they were known as Force9 for 56k and later ISDN, if they are even half as good now as they were then, then they will still be awesome !! Loads og goodies with their stuff to if you have the inclanation for all those sorta things or if you'll use them !! I actually went with BT (euughh, spit, cough lol) for my dsl too, but I don't use the modem they supply and I haven't installed ANY of their Software AT ALL either (I like my PC to run how I like it too rofl). I run the BT Service through the Router listed in my Specs, it's fast and extremely reliable (which even I was suprised at for BT admittedly lol)!! I haven't been disconnected once, and despite them not using Static IP's on the Home accounts at present (allegedly they are planning to assign Static IP's soon), I have retained the same IP for the last 3 months by making sure that 1 computer has remained connected whilst I rebooted another lol. They haven't complained about this at all and my computers are on 24/7 too with data always going in and out too, and lots of it an all hehe !! All in all, no complaints on the dsl front against BT here (yet) lol!!!
  9. Looks good Ruin and no doubt will do the job very well too, enjoy m8 !!
  10. Heyaz ruin, I have the same CPU as you m8 (well, will have till Tuesday when I'm slappin an XP3200+ in instead lol). Anyway, although with the Stock HSF I never saw any worrying temps, I still changed it out to see if it could be improved ultimately lol !! I went for a Coolermaster Aero 7+ and the XP2400 has never got above 38 since. It idles generaly at around 29-30C and under extremes of load maxes out at around 37-38C if I really hammer it using lots of Apps at once hehe , in general under medium load it sits at around 35C!! You can adjust the Fan speed with that HSF and I have the RPM's set to 2800rpm and I haven't had to keep messin with it either, I just leave it at 2800rpm now, (the max is 3500 if ya need it)!! Obviously there's the other usual variables like the Case itself, Round Cables etc too can all help, and also the amount of Chassis fans and their configuration too blah blah lol (I have 7 Case fans here). All told tho the Aero 7+ has got on very well with the 2400 hehe. How well it works with the 3200 will soon be answered I guess lol !! Would recommend one to those tht like the look of them etc and who are interested in them !! Ultimately though, 60C isn't actually that bad for the Athlon XP range, 75-80C would be bad as such, but still within limits even then lol. So it's nothing to panic about essentially . Lots of choice for other HSF's out there for you though m8 hehe, hope you find one that ya like etc though and if ya do have any interest in the above, then results here show it's worked well "in my system" !! Happy hunting and good luck m8!!
  11. Firefly, In case ya waitin on an answer m8 lol.....Yes, having Client for Microsoft Networks installed is essential for Networking. Other than that, you don't actually have to un-install Windows logon as such, just make sure that the connections' properties are set to the Client for Microsoft Networks option, and not the Windows Logon" option from the Dropdown List. Sometimes installing it is enough though and it doesn't have to be selected, ie, either of them can be used and the Network can function succesfully:)!!! Why is down to the usual and many associated variables I guess lol!! Invariably tho it does HAVE to be set to the "Client for Microsoft Networks Option". There may also need to be some settings changed for use of Proxy etc too, again it all depends on how the Network is operated etc, and more info on that will help the guys help you if ya can find it all out for em if y still having no joy . Hope that gets you on ya way with that particular question tho, so you can start looking at other things IF required, ya never know tho, that might just do it !!! Good luck !!!!
  12. Hehehe, Enjoy JTF, ya can't beat that feeling when you make a good upgrade and get a load of new bits can ya hehehe. That Sys will make a hell of a difference for you too !!! Have fun m8!!!
  13. LOL..... Sorry Phantom but had to chuckle @.... I did say fairly clearly that both were "Examples Amongst the Many", and ultimately, when you have ###### ALL protection at all, hey, wots a lil on ya Sys Resources over a 700 file Infection and the lack of ANY Port Protection wotsoever from a Firewall, allowing even a Hacker, Cracker or Script Kiddie with the most "Basic of Knowledge" access to your PC at will too rofl!!!! Agreed, Software Firewalls also can be tricky for the uninitiated, but can become very powerful for those more accustomed to them and who know "how" to use them too. When the guy started off saying he didn't want to spend the slightest bit of cash on any Software, I couldn't quite picture him rushing out to buy a Hardware Firewall either so wasn't gonna even go there on to that subject as there would have been NO POINT LMAO. He wouldn't have been interested and has since even stated as much (which may be his undoing but obviouslythat's up to him if this lesson didn;t sink in lol). He asked for kit for free ultimately and was forwarded examples to allow him to expand on and search for himself !!!! When you don't wanna spend any money you can't really be chosy about applications maybe having downsides of things like using a little more Sys Resource then stuff you may have paid $20 for lol!!! Thanx for the laff tho heheheeheheehehehe, even though I get out plenty that one had me folding hehe !!
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