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  1. Thatnk you all so much for your help. My firend and I have played two nights in a row. Very playable with dial up. The GR addiction is a very correct statement!!!!!
  2. Well this game has turned out to be a great bargain. I bought this game at Walmart for 20 bucks. Its the Gold edition (includes DS and IT). Cool game that has capabilities of playing with dial-up. you gotta love it.
  3. Thats great you all have given me some hope on enjoying the game a little more.
  4. Well 28.8 is my actual connection speed. Yeah I have a 56k modem....it would be nice to connect in the 40k connection range, but I live out in the country. Thanks for the response
  5. UNfortunatley I have dial-up. anyone ever tried to play over a 28.8 or better?? let me know the results. thanks
  6. Thanks so much. I will give this a try when I get home. Does it give options on the game types and maps and so on??? just curious. Thanks again.
  7. This has probably been asked a thousand times, but is there any way to make ghost recon run in dedicated server mode????? I have ghost recon gold edition. Is there a download or patch that gives this option to me??? Thanks.
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