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  1. It's one of the buttons near F9 or F11. Just play around, it takes the ammo count out.
  2. Whoa, dude got talent! Keep it up! I've noticed something about your butt (not the one on you, i'm talking about the one on the M4). In real life, isn't it kinda oval shaped?
  3. Ooh, the MasterKey. A wunnerful attachment on the M4. Say Pic, you gonna add anything to your Navy Seals mod?
  4. His work is really top notch, take a look.
  5. True, it is kinda useless if you use the 203.
  6. Heh heh. Fun games. Kinda weird on the search and rescue missions. I was Russian and there were Russian AI Tangos around, and there was a mounted MG nearby, and I had an itchy trigger finger...
  7. You know, while listening to the soundtrack, it suddenly hit me. Why not make a 'The Rock' mod?
  8. Yes, I'm terribly bored and need to play some coop GR online!
  9. Wow, that's one very big run on sentence.
  10. That's two games i've missed in a day...
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