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  1. Thanks Zeealex. I think the way I mentioned will work. All I need is a license file to place in the "server". I will keep hacking away at it. By continuous maps I was thinking that at the edge of the 400m map you would see where you will play next and then spawn into the next visible section for the next mission. So each map would be 400m (standard IIRC) and all maps in the mission would be "next" to one another. Example: A rural setting that abuts an urban setting that abuts a dock setting that abuts to a container ship setting or something similar. So in the end you would begin each ma
  2. Hello all. I am wanting to install max 5 on my win 7 machine. Of course since it's a 64 bit system it won't install the license files. Dilla won't do that. I know how to get it to work if only I had a license file ( .lic ) A few years ago I wrote a patent and was able to model my device then "explode" it, render an image then with photoshop apply a few filters to create a really nifty "drawing" of the device. It looked great and of course it was to scale and looked professional. I am again in need of doing the same thing. My original computer died a horrible death and I lost my pr
  3. Wow, after all this time my login still works... I don't know what prompted me to look this up. Perhaps remembering the great times I had playing and then modding. So much fun! I sometimes daydream about a few maps that I still wanted to do but didn't have time. Still tempted to do one of them if I just had the time. I did try to revisit it onetime to fix an issue or two but had issues with 3DS MAX. Couldn't get it working again.. So it looks like this thread is to establish permission for using mods. Even though I included permissions to use the mod I created in the mod files I will state
  4. I wish I would have come across this sooner. Though it states in the mod files that permission is granted, and encouraged, I formally give permission to use any and all mod content within the RED FIVE mod. I wish I could get my 3d program working again. I have so much more to finish to add to it all. I had to release what I had at the time due to moving across the country and starting new work. Cheers to all!
  5. Hey Guys, Thanks. I miss being around there too. I am not a King anymore, on to bigger things. In fact I have started my own business. I have done a little reading up on P2, very impressive I must say. I will definatley need to download that. I will talk some more about that in the proper thread. But first let me say hats off to all of your hard work. I have a map that I have built in my mind and should I find a few spare moments I may crank it out. The only problem now is how high that bar has been raised! You guys rock! I am needing to get Max working again following a nasty vi
  6. I always deleted the bottom of the door boolean. That is to say I did not use the bottom plane of the box created by the boolean process. Instead I would extend the floor of the room to go under the walls. Then the only thing you need to remember to do is put the portal on the correct side of the door. The portal should align with the joint of the two floor plains. The portal would then be on the stationary side of the door, the door swinging away from the portal which is the proper setup. *EDIT* I got to thinking about it, sometimes I would detach the bottom plane and attach it to the flo
  7. I have a working forklift if you would like to have it. If by working you want the forks to raise and lower and take someone up with it, I have not found a way to make that happen, yet anyway. Seems the game code won't allow this function. However maybe we can cheat a way. I'll have to check if the file has been posted yet. www.redfiveghosts.net
  8. At one time or another.... We were all noobs....
  9. I was finally able to play the Blue Ivan mod. I thought it was great! Very creative. I liked the animated objects, gave alot of realisim to the map. I also got to play carnival with the wind speed intstrument. Another map maker is born. The only thing it could use is the ground detail texture. It would make a big difference, and make the terrain stand out. I think the map makes sense without trees. If it had some it would only be small dense areas and maybe some loners spread about. I like the openess of it. Well done Phlookian! Can't wait to see what you do in the future.
  10. Yeah with GRAW on the way, time may be short. We'll see if it happens on time. Which is one reason why you shouldn't worry about borrowin' some trees. I've said it before, "If there was a library of all the stuff people had made, how cool the maps would be if you could just draw from that library." No one is getting piad for their work anyway. Well except in grattitude and priase for thier creativity, and hard work. The first map you make is always tough, and a huge learning process. Can't expect to hit a homerun your first time at bat, just take swing.... You've got it right though. L
  11. I haven't had a chance to try your map yet. Had some trouble with downloading it. Will try again. In the "New Mod" thread a couple of pages back regarding the RED FIVE mod, at the end of the thread some post were made for the darkmap problem. I had some problem with using a detail texture too. Once you see how easy it is you'll kick yourself. My problem was that I had saved my ground texture as 32bit instead of 16. Created some wierd issues. I would be happy to assist with the detial texture or command map. Using a detail texture is worth the effort.... I have trees that are available fo
  12. That was exactly what I needed! Thanks Worm! The information that was on the disk was too choppy, and it had you building the thing backwards..... This worked out well. Had I known how to do it a long time ago, there would have been a map with a destoyable city.. lol ! Once again the forum comes though! Way to go Worm!! edit* I thought the readme was perfect. I looked at the max files but it was easier just to follow along with the tut. Also instead of creating a collision box around the object, I just took the object, collapsed all of the geomotry, removed the texture, and ma
  13. Been a little while since I've done any scripting, but I believe vehicles are considered "actors". One of the vehicles files is stored in the actor folder whithin the mod. So you should be able to make it invisible. I may be wrong, it's happened before..
  14. It's official, I'm an idiot. What I meant to say was "destroyable objects". I need a little help constructing a destroyable object. All that tagging of <dyn> made dynamic stick in my head. Sorry. Anyone seen a tut for destroyable objects ?
  15. Does anyone have the dynamic object tut by *cough*chems*cough, cough*? I've tried searching and cannot locate one. The .pdf seems a little chopy on the subject and not very easy to follow. Or maybe I'm just an idiot. lol! Help? Please? Thankyou..
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