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  1. If you want a GREAT cookie you go to Grandma's house, you don't go to Wal-mart. If you need 10 dozen cookies for an office Christmas party you go to Wal-mart, you don't ask Grandma.
  2. This is something that is supposed to be fixed with the next patch. I think I have three intels that are missing. Four or so "investigation questions" that are unanswered. I think some of the investigations are SUPPOSED to be incomplete until the entire story is revealed. However, they have stated some things are glitched.
  3. A few things I learned that helped me with Terminator content. 1. Keep your distance. For some for the missions the number of Sentinel soldiers don't respawn. Pick off from a distance. 2. For some of the missions you have to retreat to cover and heal. Don't let the relentless advance of the terminator freak you out. Take your time and retreat. 3. Ledges and roofs are your friend. Get up there to give yourself time. 4. Rocket the terminators from a distance. 5. Don't forget to switch OUT of your iron sights mode. This makes engagement much easier. 6. I had some fun laying down mines whilst the terminator engaged Sentinel... so once I started engaging the series of mines were laid before his relentless advance. 7. On the missions where the Sentinel AI keeps respawning draw the terminator out of the area and keep moving to avoid the AI spawn-points. 8. Basically playing smart and thinking about the engagement before you enter is key... which speaks to exactly why I have enjoyed the content.
  4. There is a separate skill you have to unlock in order to use your night vision and thermal vision with the drone. Is that what you mean?
  5. This kind of statement always makes me smirk. Is there ever a product that is launched that doesn't have glitches? Vehicles, electronics, insurance,... milk? Unfortunately the "ready-ness" of a game for the market isn't tied to a lack of bugs. It is a financial decision. Who knows how those decisions are made inside of a company by a mix of accountants, co-investors, board of directors, Microsoft approval, Playstation approval, etc. Does the director of game development really get to make the decision on his/her own that a game is ready for market? No. From what I know and understand of programming an the business world... it is a wonder to me that anything gets accomplished. Game production is like wind-surfing in a hurricane with an accountant on the board with you.
  6. I had a full weekend with it. They certainly don't explain much and what they do explain in-game they don't explain very well. YouTube videos helped quite a bit. I had to watch several of them again AFTER playing a few hours. After getting some in-game time I was able to understand the YouTube instructional videos much better. Is Ubisoft assuming that every player is in a social network with other gamers? It seems Ubisoft has built a game with the expectation that people on your friend list will help you understand the product. The only advice I would give is... when the little icon appears on your menu that tells you "there is something new" ALWAYS check it out. This, more than anything else, will help you understand more about the inner-workings of everything from mission objectives to gear. For example, I had no idea how important the objectives tab is for "completing" missions. You have to go into the objectives tab and click on the green button to "finish" certain missions. I just followed the yellow "new info" tags until I got all the way to the mission where I had the three pieces of evidence... I just needed to click "resolve" to clear everything out so it would advance to the next mission.
  7. Boy, I think you have that zeroed in. I had long forgotten the early problems with Wildlands when I opened it back up two years later, I noticed almost zero glitches and enjoyed the story and gameplay. I guess it is too late for a "fanatical effort" to fix problems could result in a turn-around for Christmas sales? Once the reviews are out there they never come off the internet or get "updated". The damage is done I suppose and you can't save the sinking ship? Gamers deciding what to buy have already moved on to the next title never to look back at a game that has been fixed and improved..
  8. Have they "learned" anything? Sadly I doubt it. I was gone from Ghost Recon, and all of its branches, for a long time. Bought Wildlands in March of 2017 and played it for three days over something like the course of a week. It took all the way to March of 2019 before I finally turned-on Wildlands to really play through it. That was long after everything had been fixed. I was glad I avoided all of the drama. I enjoyed the single player game, including the wonky Mario Kart Style DLC. It was worth the purchase price. Wildlands actually got me excited about Breakpoint. Been trying Breakpoint for a few days. Enjoying it so far... my casual play style has minimized the problems with bugs and glitches. Looks like I might be taking a break and coming back to Breakpoint after some of the drama and fixes are over.
  9. Been a while since I was here... was looking through for an old link and came by gr.net. I recently put [GR] in my XBOX360 and have really been enjoying it. No MP or live aware so you are off the grid... but well worth it. I think I am up to 45 dossier tasks complete. Not looking forward to Firefight on Villinus with Bizon and M136 kit, that was my most difficult dossier task as I recall. Just slapping that CD in the XBOX and everything simply working on an old game long put away is pretty convenient. I will probably burn through GRIT and play the GR2s in first person. I need to schedule a LAN co-op night. Sorry, didn't see this was PC section. Ugh, guess it has been a while.
  10. Thanks man. I really don't do anything "artsy" nor do I have any programs for that...so I can't give you a banner of any kind.
  11. Are you interested in participating? Please pass the word around. You may have noticed that this tournament ends on March 17....so it should be done before Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is released. There is a pre-tournament challenge to get you warned up. This pre-tournament is set for Monday night February 11, 2008. Here are the missoin details: http://www.ick.bz/pdfs/GRAW2_Co-op_pre_challenge.pdf The full rules of the tournament are here: http://www.ick.bz/pdfs/GRAW2_Co-op_tourney.pdf Assemble your team and Email your 4 to 6 man roster to: ick.xbox@gmail.com Team rosters are due before Thursday February 14, 2008. The first match is Monday February 18, 2008.
  12. lol. That was pretty funny. Let me know when you can get on Brabot. My Mother is pretty miffed. Ick
  13. Excellent. I deleted my Mom from my friend list to make room for "GRAW2LeadDesign". I sure hope you appreciate it.
  14. Count me in and tell me when! But I can't host either... Hey kimi...next time you see me on GRAW 2 throw me a note over live like "inv" and I can get you in. I didn't notice you on GRAW2 recently and figured you wanted to finish Bioshock so I didn't bother sending you an invite. I am on most nights. The two new game modes in Exfiltration are co-op and best experienced in a small room of 3 or 5 people.
  15. Co-op is a big resource hog, I see guys drop all the time from over-hosting. People that can host 16 with booms can have trouble in co-op rooms of 8 sometimes. I guess we will have to see.
  16. America's Army Announcement Trailer appears on Markeplace (20 Aug 07) Wow, looks great. First Person Weapon View Almost a complete lack of icons and "tech" junk on the screen. Looks like a lot of realistic iron sights to me. Still has "kill status"scrolling in top center of screen. Other than that, what can you tell from an announcement trailer? Not much. We may have our tactical shooter! The video has me pumped.
  17. So your internet pipeline is going from your modem....to the router....over a wireless connection into your laptop...then out of your laptop network connection into your XBOX? I would say that is your problem right there. Go to Staples and get a 50' cable and I bet your problem is solved.
  18. Boy, sounds like a router, network, or firewall problem to me. Rarely do I have someone in a room that has any kind of voice comms problems at all. Do you have any parental controlls active? I was ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that I hadd all my restrictions disabled and firewall eliminated...yetI was having some problems. THEN I got a buddy of mine on the phone. We went thorugh all the router settings and sure enough, all ports were open and everything was fine.....except.....pnp forwarding (or something like that). When we opened that.....not a problem since. Guys that really know their stuff have quite often went back and reviewed all settings...only to find that in fact there was some crazy router setting problem. That is what I suggest anyhow. Good luck with that. I know that on XBOX 360 you get so used to quality voice comms with almost ZERO technical problems...when something doesn't work right it can be sour.
  19. Cockpit view all the way !! Have you tried any racing games yet that support TrackIR? and allow you to lean your head out the window and alter the angle of your view against the side view mirror when doing so? You know. just like in real life? Very cool and immersive stuff.......... The XBOX games Ghost Recon and Ghost Recon: Island Thunder were first peson only. I remember in November 2004 Ghost Recon 2 for XBOX went to Over the Shoulder (3rd person) view. I was NOT happy. Even with the "option" to play as first person...the community adopted the OTS view. Fast forward to 2007 and now we have GR2: Summit strike, GRAW, and GRAW2 all in OTS. I CERTAINLY enjoy these games immensely. Although I was not happy with the switch, I adapted and enjoyed the games produced. Two things as I look back: 1. I am certain I would have enjoyed the series a LOT more if it was still First Person Only. 2. The switch to OTS was a great marketing move and probably expanded the series to a larger audience increasing sales.
  20. Do they plan on including a super-secret decoder ring in the packaging with the game? http://www.radioarchives.org/annie/ That would be sweet.
  21. I assume that when they say "Ground Branch" they mean it in this way. Let us suppose that a CIA operation is going bad. They are no longer getting intelligence on a hostile operation and something needs to be done to halt the activity in the interest in national security. The agent in charge of the op says to his operations manager "Send in the ground branch." He doesn't say "send in the techical team" or "get the infiltration teams" or "call in the US Army Delta Force". No, he calls in the CIA's "Ground Branch", the part of the CIA that specializes in ground based butt-kicking operations. No bank of choppers. No fleet of warships. No air base with 20 F-58X or Stealth fighters. Just guys that go in and make everything go away....perhaps rather loudly....and perhaps as softly as possible. However ordered in mission specs...delivered in that way. That is how I take it.
  22. Nice bike. My Niece has an R6. It is the dark blue style. Certainly no custom paint job like THAT. Looks like you have a speed scrape on the clutch side mirror. Hope you learned to respect the road. It took me a few of those before I learned not to be an IDIOT on mine. When you go close to 100mph you have virtually ZERO tolerance for error and ZERO tolerance for adversity. A cat, gravel, dew covered road, tire trouble, or driver drifting into a lane and you can be a cripple for LIFE. There is this one really long stretch of road where I live with a bridge over a chasm. This guy was driving in excess of a 100 mph when a tractor trailer moved to the left lane with no signal. The motorcyclist drove right into the back tire...and was sucked right into the trailer wheels. Needless to say he didn't survive. If he would have somehow survived...well let's just say he didn't have any limbs left. Can you imagine living like that? I had the pleasure of arriving at the scene about 15 minutes after it happened. The road was closed and after a half hour wait...EVERYBODY headed in the northbound lane got a look they will never forget. I have a 600cc Triumph Speed Four My niece and I didn't do any comparisons of speed, acceleration, and stop time..but they seem fairly equal. I think I have some early acceleration advantage, but she has a little more top-end.
  23. I cannot speak to issues like: "the sound system on my PC is 11.3% better than your optic 5.1 on the XBOX" "the vast majority of XBOX 360 players are 12 year olds" "I will never find quality gamers to play with on XBOX like I have on the PC" "there is a 9.375% visible quality difference between my 24" monitor and your 52" HDTV" "If I can't modd it, I won't play it" "there is positively no way I could ever like the controller" "There is absolutely positively no possible way any console game ever could give you any sense of accomplishment whatsoever under any circumstances unconditionally and without exception or departure from said conclusion unequivocally" Perhaps many of these statements are in fact true. It has been my experience....ESPECIALLY since Christmas 2006...that there are a HUGE number of PC gamers that are playing XBOX 360 and absolutely loving it. In my own little corner of the world I peronally know and play with 15 guys that have tried it....and LOVE it. If I know 15...there has GOT to be a lot more than that. I am not saying your reasons are not justified...the PC you are using may very well be superior in EVERY possible way. That doesn't mean that PC gaming is the only quality experience out there though. I am just saying that something must be changing. Otherwise these PC guys wouldn't be telling me that they are having the same kind of game experience on the XBOX 360 that they had in PC gaming. Many more than my lilted corner of 15 have said "Yes, very much so." Not "yeah, it is not as good but OK" but rather "This is the same experience as on the PC, I am having a blast". Again, you are entitled to your preference....but there is a lot of indication that something isn't the same any longer.
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