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  1. I also want to throw my thanks in for this game. I picked it up last night at Gamestop and got through Mission 2. I love the cloud motion and land variations and it's just beautiful to look at. I like how the menu's are layed out and that there is no yellowish tint. The non linear maps are a huge plus! I hate when games have a scripted path. SP GRAW 2 got my heart racing just like [GR]. (Didn't really have that feeling with GRAW, but still liked that one too). I don't play very much MP, due to lack of time. Maybe with this one I will have to make the time. Once again...glasses up to GRIN for this one!
  2. Ok, here is my problem. Finally got to the roof top, nailed all the snipers and all the ground troops. Went to the chopper to re-equip and guess what? No Zeus in the list! I can change weapons once and what ever weapon I select I am stuck with. I can no longer change to anything else. Oh boy! Not a happy camper right now. Patch v1.30 Update - Restarted from a previous checkpoint and all is good. Very strange. I hope the rest of the game isn't as buggy!
  3. I got mine! Opened, Installed! and staying on my HD!
  4. Not sure if anyone has noticed, but Colin and WhiteKnight77 as well as the whole Ghost Recon.Net community get a special thanks from GRIN in the "Credits" of the Demo. Good job guys! It seems you had a big impact on them. I don't think that happens too much for a community such as this to be mentioned in the credits of a game. Great job GRIN. [Merged into existing thread]
  5. Dell Latitude D810 Laptop 2ghz PentM 1gb mem ATI Mobility Radeon X600 128mb Yes, it reminds me of GR1 when i first played it. Teammate AI seems to be pretty good overall - a few times they would run in front of me to take out a tango. I am having a problem with some of the textures, the far away trees and tires of all vehicles are very bad. I have tried low and medium textures with no change. I have not checked for an updated video driver yet, as this is only my work machine not my gaming rig. (Updated video driver and that solved the problem). From what i have seen so far, I am impressed! I am not going to gripe about little things, GRIN didn't make the game to appeal specifically to me. I can't wait to get my hands on the full version!
  6. Yes, it does have LAN Co-Op. I'm sure it is 4 player as stated earlier.
  7. Just got my first 2 kills, before taking one in the gut! First impression does remind me of GR1. I am at work, so i only got a few minutes with it before boss came in. There is a multiplayer option im the menu, but looks to be LAN CO-OP. Seems a little sluggish, but i turned up the textures to medium. Very nice visually, to me anyway. The sluggishness is probably due to my laptop. I am running a 2ghz PentM with 1gb mem and an ATI Rage Mobility 128mb card.
  8. Got my DL going from 3D Gamers. 531mb file size.
  9. What is the file size of the demo? I want to make sure i am getting the right one?
  10. In one of the new pic's, are there power lines downed from the explosion? Or am I just seeing things? Way cool GRIN!
  11. I guess Dai-San would be a leading authoirty of the head bob. That avatar has always mesmorized me!
  12. Besides.....if you are not able to hear all of GRIN_Desmond22's hard work, you will not be able to thank him properly.
  13. Why would you want to run GRAW without a sound card? If you have enough money for the game......sound cards are not that expensive.
  14. It claims another one. hehe! *goes back to hiding in shame* :S ← WHEW.....I'm not the only one to nibble at the bait yeah?........... Fresh ← I just want to know why he has more time on BF2 than GRAW???
  15. You sure about that? Nope I wont say a thing. You know what they say about silence. ← Yes, they say that silence is... ← Awe shucks Logos...I was just looking for that post.
  16. It may be the squad member to the right has a clear view of the tangos, maybe through an open warehouse? If you look, his field of fire would be in that direction. Just my thought.....
  17. He is working Bo...He's working hard doing some OT (Own Time) GRiN_desmond22 ..Thanks for that translation for us Swedish challenged people.
  18. Wow! Kinda makes me wish I would have taken Swedish instead of Spanish in high school. Here's wishing for a translation.......anyone.....anyone....Bueller.....Bueller......Bueller? Looking great GRIN guys! Glad I put in my pre-order.
  19. Try the distro #13 mirror ← Thanks...got it better on #8.
  20. Alright! Just 1 hr and 48 minutes left! (Of course that's Microsoft time so who knows?)
  21. @DonMiguel - I would think if anyone could do it you guys can! ....so hurry up and get to work on those doors and building interiors....
  22. Great preview guys! The best one I have read so far. Can't wait to get my hands on this game
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