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  1. Howdy All, Last year I was able too acquire 3d-max 2008, and feel I have a good understanding of its functions. When I got the program I assumed I was all set to start creating new maps, but upon further research I realized that GR maps can only be designed with version 4.5 or 5. My question today is this. Is there a plug-in available for 2008 that will allow me too create new maps, or do I still need to find version 4.5 or 5. If this is the case, would anyone be interested in making a trade. Like most topics read here, I too am getting somewhat bored with the same maps over and over again. This is a great game thats a ton of fun...and I feel its worth keeping alive. Any help would be appreciated All the Best!
  2. Howdy All! I hope there is someone who can jump start this rusted old brain. I'm working on a mission that will call for 3 demo charges being placed in different areas on the map as one objective...I have the script working...my problem is...the first demo has to be placed in demo 1 zone in-order for my "playsound"(first charge set) message to trigger ...and the same for the others....What I was trying for was ..it wouldn't matter what zone you visited first ...the proper "playsound" message would play as the action was carried out. Gee I hope I explained it right. Here's what I have Group: <Default> Comment: Startup Trigger Event: The simulation is starting. Responses: Set PlayerPlatoon to (The player-controlled platoon). Set demo counter to 3. Group: <Default> Comment: Demo zone 1 visited Trigger Event: A demo charge was placed within 5 meter(s) of Demo Zone 1. Responses: "PlaySound" (first charge set) Decrement demo counter. Mark Objective 1 complete in the objective list. Group: <Default> Comment: Demo zone 2 visited Trigger Event: A demo charge was placed within 5 meter(s) of Demo Zone 2. Responses: "Playsound" (2nd charge set) Decrement demo charges needed. Mark Objective 1 complete in the objective list. Group: <Default> Comment: Demo zone 3 visited Trigger Event: A demo charge was placed within 5 meter(s) of Demo Zone 3. Responses: "Playsound" (All charges set) Decrement demo charges needed. Mark Objective 1 complete in the objective list This all works...if you follow its order and place the demo in seccession with each zone....I just can't remember the randomness of the "playsound" Any help would be appreciated Thanks CB
  3. In your "Start-up" block add a responce "VariableSetPlatoon" Click the Query Edit button...in the dropdown menu...click..GetPlayerPlatoon...and close now Click the Tab that says Platoon...in that dropdown window choose "player platoon, and click ok...close the block and your done. Note: If you donot see "player platoon" in the Platoon tab dropdown window...you need to reference it in your Tags. Example Click on the Tags button in your script block "Type" PlatoonRef "Name" playerplatoon Click add...now you can reference the player's Hope this helps Happy Scripting
  4. Here's a quick exsample how I do it... The Senerio I have 2 teams....the first team defends the tent encampment...the second I want for re-inforcements...and too be triggerered only after all the tent defenders are dead. So now the first thing I do is add 2 new zones...call 1 teleport zone 1....and teleport zone 2...place teleport zone one somewhere off your map as Tinker has suggested...now when all the defenders are killed.. I trigger..."show thing "(re-inforcements) and teleport the reinforcements too teleport zone 2...then execute team plan... Hope this clears things up. Happy Scripting
  5. Howdy Everyone, I'm new to GRAW, and I am having simmular problems as others have had...and I have done some searching ..but I'm not too sure what to look for., so I'm posting a new topic...so please forgive me. The game crashes during the first map of single player...so I did some searching and found a appropriate post that I thought would solve my problem but it did nothing. This is the what I'm getting in the log file: [color=#3333FF]Crash in application version: grpcrc1.02 Could not load geometry because IDirect3D9::CreateVertexBuffer failed. This device does not support the queried technique. SCRIPT STACK data\lib\managers\viewportmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\levels\mission02\mission02.dsf(0) Computer:Win XP pro / sp2 Intel CeleronĀ® CPU 2.66GHz 1.4GB Ram Sound Blaster Live Nvidia Gforce 6600 Any help would be greatly appreciated CB
  6. Howdy All, I beleive I have the scripting aspect down now...and would like to create a mod useing maps from a number of different mods.... My question is: How do I create a mod that has all the maps I want to use, (knowing that it won't server-sided) but allows others to join a server, with-out requireing that players need to have every map before they can play the mod? An example would be the SK map pack....it uses maps from many different mods, yet we only need to have the map pack in order to play the mod All the Best CRAZY BIKER
  7. Hey All, I'm just brain storming here...and I was wondering... If I were to script a mod...would I be able to skin the player platoon to any skin of my choice, and if that is possible...how is it done? Also, How do I script it so that these are the only skins that can be used with such mod? I hope i explained it right All the Best Biker PS I'm very sorry...I just now noticed that I posted in the wrong area...my apologies
  8. I've run across the same problem when triggering tanks....the game lagged bad enough to toss people out of the game.... my solution when triggering tanks is to use timers so that they all don't start at the same time...(especially if they are firing straight away) examlpe: I want all tanks active at the same time..or close to the same time...so when the trigger is triggered....I let the first tank spawn...then in 10 seconds...allow the next and so on. although there was still some lag...people are not getting tossed anymore. another thing to consider when using tanks I find....is the larger the map, the better. also...you may want to look at how much is actually going on at the time the tanks come into play. I hope this helps. Biker
  9. Mookey I'm not saying too respawn 200 hundred at a time. I'm saying...make 2 companies... each consisting of anywhere from 25 to 35 actors....this way it will have less of a tendency to lag out the server when respawning occurs. And to limit the lag possibilties even more...you can respawn half the size again ...by using timers... contact me Mooky...if you still have problems Biker
  10. Yes Mooky, Create a company with whatever amount of enemy you choose...and give its teams their plan...(I find that my sever runs best when respawning enemy forces in large numbers...I keep the respawn betweem 25 and 35 actors at a time) Now create a 2nd company(call it Enemy 2) exactly the same amount of actors as the first company, and the same placement on the map..now give this companys teams identical trigger plans. Group: <Default> Comment: Trigger Event: The simulation is starting. Responses: Set player platoon to (The player-controlled platoon). Hide Enemy 2 from the game world. Trigger Event: All actors in Enemy have been killed. Responses: Allow this block to be reactivated. Make Enemy 2 visible to the game world. Execute team plan (use this for every team trigger plan) This is the only way I know how to accomplish what your asking, although a more experienced scripter may know a better way...but I tried a dummy mission...and it works fine. As far as both being able to reach the objectives...just be sure that you reference both companies when scripting the objectives All the Best Biker
  11. Thats exactly the scripting I used just recently....and it works like a charm. All the Best Biker
  12. I've spent quite some time trying to find the actor files for a radioman, so I thought I would share my findings with you all. m04_eli_ak47_4.atr c03_g_3a.atr Hope this helps All the Best CB
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