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  1. How hard can it be to take the OLD GR and just add the new LOOK of todays games? REALLY. You don't need to make a NEW game out of it, just add new maps , and update the look. All new titles nowadays SUCK. Small maps , limited choices, but hey , more cutscreens ( yaaaaa, NOT ). I would be so , so happy to have the ORIGINAL GR game ( and / or Rainbow six ) just updated with NEW maps, plus the old ones. Is it really that hard to do? Skip all the mindless new CReP they add to the game to make it NEW, yet ship on what made it GREAT. View distance is so missing in todays new games. The last good one to me was FAR CRY. Todays game have gone a step backwards, not forwards.. Buildings or moutains or the sun blocking your long range view. I just dont get it ( Well the developers seem to not get it is a better way of putting it). Just build UPON the game , not reinvent it. Anyboby play the old Rainbow Six game on PC and console? Remember the difference between them? Maps bigger, sutters in windows could be opened and closed .ect.... Give me what I ( and I HOPE you ) want, and my money would flow freely. I'll be waiting to buy ( BURNT too many times HOPING the game will rock , to just be let down) the new one. I'll be waiting for reviews from people who play it. TY for being my GUINNEA PIGS.
  2. Thats what I'm looking for. I don't care who makes it. Skip all the "cut scenes", make all the buildings accessable. Big maps and Mod tolls that are fairly easy to work with would be nice too. If not make money of new maps packs. Just can't see why no one wants to make a game like that.
  3. Better make that Henry Ramirez. Along with Jacobs, Buzz, Stone and the rest of the first Ghosts so they can bring Ghost Recon with them. Not Adwanced Warfighter. Thats all I want. Till then UBI isn't getting any of my $. I did sway for GR:AW (mistake) but not GR:AW 2. Farcry was the last UBI game I bought (which had great draw distance, but...) and I cant remember the one before that, something for the XBOX probably. Until they make a game I WANT not LIKE, they can make whatever they want, I just wont be giving up my $ for it. Sorry GRIN
  4. This is a part of the write up from the feature review "Immediately heal the entire team, including the squad leader Scott Mitchell, with an all-new medic class of soldier. " (source : http://www.ebgames.com/product.asp?product%5Fid=646867 ) Why not just drop the Ghost Recon and just call it Advanced War Fighter? It's far from GR.
  5. I bought GR:AW out of loyalty to GR. Not this time. SP/COOP is what i enjoy most, so a demo is a must. If it takes them 6 months to put a demo out for SP/COOP, well i guess i wont have to pay full price. Game will have to perform well, and the reviews from players (not PC mags) will have to be top notch to get me to buy this time.
  6. Take as long as they want. After GRAW and all the problems it came with, all my friends quit playing it. There's no way i could talk them into buying this one, or would I try. I'll just be waiting for all of you to post a review of the gameplay (SP). If it's anything like the last one, and have to wait for them to finish it AFTER I've already bought it, well it'll be 19.99 by then and I'll save some $$$. Liked GRAW for what it is, but i sure miss GHOST RECON for what it WAS.
  7. GR:AW got lucky with the weak line up for the year. CoH is an awsume game,put GR:AW on the back burner.
  8. please stop patching! now we want a complete game: 1° maps (real maps) 2° colors (real colors) 3° wounded (real wounded) etc. etc. etc… excuse me but, in my opinion, you are not doing a great job! p.s. have you seen armed assault' trailer?? pay attention to this game that is supposed to be released on 30 november... The GR:AW trailer looked good too.
  9. Rock those viruses will show up will a standard spyware program? (spysweeper)
  10. In 2005 console games made over $10 billion http://www.npd.com/dynamic/releases/press_060117.html while PC games made less than $1 billion http://www.npd.com/dynamic/releases/press_060117a.html The article also states that PC game sales are on the decrease. That doesn't mean I don't think they aren't worthy of some effort from the video game companies. But it is easy to see why they don't put a lot of effort into the games now. But I am glad you are working on those maps!! Thanks. Thats because they're making fewer games. And the ones that are made are made like shi_. I'd be willing to pay twice as much for a game, IF it was made right. I would be offsetting the lost of me playing it for say 2-3 years. Then they have 2-3 years to make the next one. I'll pay, just like for anything else, if it's worth it!
  11. 7800 GS best AGP card. 3.2 P4, 2 gigs 74 gHD, P4P800E MB. Game runs fine 1024X 786 all high except 1 medium. 35 to 45 FPS.
  12. I grew up playing console games and always said "I need a PC" when I'd see games on a pc. I got a PC and an XBOX in 2001. I didn't have internet till feb 02. So pc was single, but the XBOX was easy to LAN. I would have LAN parties for HALO (Iknow) then GR, all weekend long at my house. Everyone was 25-45. Once internet came, XBOX made it so much easier to meet people. Join room and you could talk to who ever was in the game. Send invites,ect... . So I prettymuch just used my PC for single, box for muti. Once GR2 came out for the xbox and I didn't like it much, I said screw it I'm going PC all the way. So now I don't own the 360, thew xbox collects dust and there is nothing great out. I keep hearing MS is in the works on the ability to play PC against consoles. If that is true then the game WILL be ports of the console. So much for spending all this money on a gaming PC only to still be playing a console. Game makers are sure taking the fun out of gaming. I spend nowhere near as much on games as I used to, nowhere near!
  13. That's a good point. Some games my friends play,they were on expansion packs when they asked me to play. I didn't want to buy the game then the expansion just to play. No it's not about money, lord knows how much money I wasted on games. A MUST too is a working demo SP/COOP/MP.
  14. With games now becoming console ports, I wonder why I should upgrade? Videocard or a console?
  15. Updated demo with MP/COOP would do wonders. How hard is it for UBI to see that, oh wait;UBI; never mind I said that.
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