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  1. very nice M4's....what is the polycount of one of those beauties? ← They all hover around 7000 to 8000 without any deleted faces. I'm sure I can kick it down to five or six thousand if I tried. ← Are they for GR s_g?
  2. What does Internation Rescue do?
  3. Ohhhhhhh I thought it was for something else. Good luck Argyll and stay safe
  4. Whats he doing there? I thought he just got back.
  5. Isnt an Aimpoint only good for CQB same with the reflex sight?
  6. Is that a aimpoint sight on the M4?
  7. Bottom. barrel seems too small for a bullet but just right for a pellet
  8. But anyways. Tell us all bout Germany mate
  9. Shes too skinny. I mean I dont like em fat or anything but I like em to be some what buffer.
  10. Eric it toke you 5 seconds to load your M4. Is that your fastest time or can you do it faster? I'm just curious.
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