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  1. Right handed people > Leftys! If CS:S can do it, GR2 should be able to.
  2. I'm an RS vet so I like no respawns. But games like BF and CoD they need respawns or the games would get boring. So depending on the gametype is my final ansewer.
  3. I think we deserve and want information on the game because we are going to spend our money on it. We earned the money and we want to make sure we are getting what we paid for. I don't want another RvS. I admit I've had fun playing RvS since it came out, but the bugs have just be annoying and pestering. I want to make sure GR2 isn't going to be like that.
  4. I'm in full support of PB. One of the members of my clan works for PB moderating and making the configs for RavenShield. Before PB, cheaters ran rampant, then the 1.41 patch came out with PB and the cheating died down. UBI then sent out the 1.5(something) patch which opened the in-game cheats. The cheats that UBI put into the game. No-recoil, retlock, wallhack, ect. The game was full of cheaters for months until finally the 1.6 patch came out, but guess what! the in-game cheats were still open. UBI had done nothing. Nothing except allow PB to check for these hacks. PB can check for people usin
  5. I bought BF42 and Vietnam and I will buy BF2 just as I will buy GR2. I think that both games will be fun to play and will cause me hours of enjoyment. Like Crowman, I hated waiting for the maps to load in Vietnam, but I think they will fix that because there were numerous complaints on that fact.
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