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  1. here is one of the things that immediatly struck my eye... http://www.kickstart...3/ground-branch I always thought this would be the next logical step in gaming. Dynamic maps that change each round would really extend the life of a game. I'm glad someone is going to do it. Shame though this trend probably won't pick up to be the norm since this might actual extend the life of a multiplayer game and we know the larger gaming companies want us to just move on to the next big DLC and/or series.
  2. ok I answered my own question today when I went out and got a 360...and logged into xbox live. You can play with regular xbox users. I was able to run GR2 SS and download all the bonus content and connect to xbox live against other players. Also, as someone already said GR2 looks MUCH better in HD. for you guys that have the VGA hookup to a monitor...is there a way to setup 5.1 surround sound as well since it only has 2 rca outs?
  3. hey when you guys load up xbox 1 games on the 360 and play online are you only playing other 360 owners emulating the xbox 1 games on the 360 or are you connected also to all players with xbox and xbox 360? confused? how about this if I load up GR2 on a 360 and a buddy has GR2 on his regular xbox....can we both play each other online via xbox live?
  4. I use single shot a lot in MP and I've killed a lot of guys with one quick shot mid body or to the head from a distance so I think the lethality of one shot is in game, but its the sprinting and sliding with lag that might be causing some kills to take more than one hit. For me it is always the close encounters where I have to unload a *full clip* to get a kill, yet I'll easily pick someone off from the distance with one single shot....so maybe a re-evaluation of the damage model or lag? On another note some more MP wishes (hopefully not already discussed about on the previous 9 pages a
  5. dunno if its been posted but one more SMALL change for the MP wishlist would be to allow the chat panel to stay ONSCREEN at the end of a round while the end of round stats are showing.
  6. has anyone been able to setup your current trackir with GRAW for peek or stance change? I don't know if the newer trackir software supports key emulation based on zones but I was thinking it would be cool if I could at least peek left/right or change stances up/down ect with trackir. curious if its possible now without it being implemented.
  7. I'd like to see something with a lot of trees..or even a desert type setting w/ river crossing ect. is this new engine capable of rain? fog? (sorry haven't even touched the single player yet)
  8. I notice the same problems when running zonealarm...I get a lot of pings at 0 and can't join some servers. My solution was to turn off zonealarm and it works ok even though I've enabled rights for Graw... so my guess is some port is being blocked by the firewall and isn't responding correctly with gamespy.
  9. #1 reason to have quick save is... PC GAMES = CRASH
  10. More of a gameplay thing then. However I'm reasonably sure that at one point he did say something along the lines of "it has more of a classic GR feel to it". I'll keep searching. ← personally if the response was *it has more of a classice GR feel to it* then I don't buy that...sounds more like a hardware performance issue or a decision not to implement it because it *couldn't* be done. So who here wouldn't want it to show an actual realtime rendered video image even if the detail was degraded versus a wireframe? Like someone said how much different would it be than many game
  11. not that I was really looking forward to using all this crosscom gear, but the fact it was such a big deal with the 360 and all the developers diaries... crosscom this...crosscom that....video here...crosscom technology...track enemy...track soldiers...blah blah blah. Then to see it is not even rendered right on the PC game (demo) for whatever reason either due to hardware limitations or time constraints on the developers part is a little disheartning. my point being the wireframe isn't a good substitue for what a realtime video would be IMO. If its hardware limitations is there
  12. So was/is there an explanation on why the demo version and possibly the retail version use the wireframe crosscom in upper left corner instead of a full realtime video rendering? Is there a way to get it to show a proper video cam in the upper left corner other than going fullscreen?
  13. I'm liking the way the 360 version is looking...though like many others I don't have a 360 either, or at least not yet.... I dunno what the wait is like getting a 360 so that'll probably tie me up to wait for the PC release and then decide if I go PC or 360 or both. ps: another texan here...Austin TX though.
  14. I've only purchased one game recently with SF on it which was Cross Championship Racing. I didn't know it had starforce on it nor did I know anything about it before my purchase. Installing only 640 megs to my HD took at least 10-15 mins on my computer. Now this could have been that I used my slow DVD burner to install instead of my semi-slow 48x CD drive, but I know I installed HL2 with 4-5 CD's the other day in almost less time than this one CD with SF protection on it. Anway after installing I had to go through the ordeal of LOADING which took a tremendous amount of time to load. S
  15. any more realtime videos of gameplay besides the trailer?
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