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  1. The soldier in the photo is a member of the RMP (Royal Military Police). As they usually tend to be rear line they do wear there berets. Though as this is only a publicity photo & NOT actual combat duty.I think it`s pretty safe for him to wear his beret. ja Steel Bonnet
  2. jchung, Very true. Though at the end of the day there thinking money. Though as the M16 has been a constant in US Military service. Show`s some congresspersons are getting BIG Fat cheques for them still being in sevice this length I truely think Politicians should be left truely out of the Military loop. As most politicians have never truely lived in the REAL world & thus have no concept of it never mind the Military. They should just give blank cheques & leave it to those in the know Hell could you see the British Military if that ever happened,WOW kit gallore.Be like
  3. The SUSAT is a great sight,though it`s not the sight that makes the weapon really. SUSAT & SLR is a Lethal combo =SIGHT & POWER. As for the calibur used by NATO,well that`s down to the US way back when they INSISTED NATO uses that round as they were using it with the M16s. Though I do believe there maybe FINALLY a rethinking & more importantly acting upon the caliber change.Taken them long enough I must admit. I`d love to know who thought up the ideaolgy on the 5.56. In that,you shoot,you wound then 2 of the enemy will then want to rescue & drag to safety ther
  4. Well for the improvment upgrades Heckler Kock did to it,they did fix a lot of the problems. They also made the SA80 better with the attachment of the AG36,giving the MoD the SA80A2-UGL. I think there will always be nay sayers on the weapon,as there are on the M16. When the M16 was introduced it had a long battle ahead of itself (though stating it cleans itself may not have been the wisest thing to say to conscripts). I think perosnally keeping the SLR should have been the thing to do,after all look at the likes of Ghurkas,RMs & other Units during GW1 they switched there SA80s to
  5. To a part makes sense Blak on the educated guesswork on the actual bird. After all the Chinese have done there own version of the Dolphine & well the tail section is spot on with there version & as for the whole kit & kabodoole,well I`m convinced it`s as it will look like once it`s in the field. After all the Chinese Military have done a wonderfull job mimicing other Nations hardware at considerable less finacial strains to there budget.Instead of R&D from the sketch board & upwards. ja Steel Bonnet
  6. Hi Blakie, I hope I`m down as a Tester You need my finess when next to Reivers Heavy machine Gun sniping Ja Steel Bonnet
  7. Great job with the ACUs mate As for the real deal,well l truely don`t understand why there using a set which relies so much on Velcro. That is surely going to be hazzardous to the troops,ie Soldier A "damn where`s my map....VVVVVRRRRRIP" ENEMY Force "fire into that BUSH". Still the real deal & also your rendering of it look Great Ja Steel Bonnet
  8. Hey DTD.......WOW that is HOT!! Superb work there mate Ja Steel Bonnet
  9. All are great sites,though l find if you send a polite email to the manufacturers. Sometimes it pays well.Last one l did l was after info on the ALVIS SHADOW & sent them an email. They asked for my address & week later l got paperwork from them with specs,photos etc. So a nice email goes a long way sometimes Ja Steel Bonnet
  10. Nice work mate Though l hadn`t seen the Scud before. You should show me EVERYTHING!! LOL But not THAT....put THAT away. So when do we get to "Let slip the dogs of war" in them or around them then?? next landline? Ja Steel bonnet
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