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  1. Get ATLEAST an Nvidia 6800 to run 2006 games.
  2. Too bad, I rather like the idea of them screwing themselves... ← Why? So people would have more to complan about? Give me a break, if you want GR:AW to fail why even bother visiting forums and making that post? You want them to fall on their face, then don't buy the game and take yourself away from the series. and yadda, yadda, yadda... [/rant] ← I may be mistaken, but I'll defend connie lingus. I don't think their comment implied they want to see "GR:AW Fail", I think the comment meant they wanted to see UBI and GRIN screw themselves, you know, in the other, more comical way. At least that's the way I read it. ← Same here, i can't believe he took that seriously lol.
  3. I always thought going to Korea sounded like fun. HACK ← Somone really should have said that I wonder what the devs would have said.. probably somthing around the lines of '' we'll cancle this one to if you keep that up ''
  4. Is this going to be battlefield2 or what? I don't see how this will stick to the Ghost recon feel of the series.
  5. Yes, just like the xbox360. I never hear anyone talking about what games they're getting, just that they're getting one and that's supposed to make them cool or what not. Everyone whants the latest and greatest. But really can't see other products down the line that will last alot longer. I do understand that people do have a cash craving to go buy these things, but i also see alot of people buying things that they don't really need or whant. Just my opinion.
  6. That's what i thought aswell, hopefully another gig of ram can pull it up to high, i'm certain i won't be upgrading my video card.
  7. ha, nah, i meant Elderscrolls: Oblivian- http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/theelderscr...vion/index.html The game is going to be huge in scale, just like morrowind, but without the bad graphics and annoying fighting system. I know, stalker is neevver going to release.
  8. So i guess i'll be shelling out some cash around March... this game better be as good as i think it's going to be.
  9. Aha yea, i bet every developer says that. Well i was actually talking about the physics card, are we certain that it's going to be used?
  10. Well, it will be a requirment for me. No way a car gets blown up, and i'm still going to think it's there and get shot. That's alot of money. What has UBi said about it officially?
  11. Well, i just read about the physics processor card or what not, how much is that going to be if they acutally use it? I don't have it. Atleast i don't think i do.
  12. How well will i be able to run Ghost recon: Advanced Warrior? specs- Nvidia 6800 128mb 1 gig of ram 2.8 ghz processor I'm thinking i might need another gig of ram for the newer games comming out in March ( Oblivian, Ghost recon: AW, and Prey)
  13. I still like the new weapons and the digi skins, i also like that one level where its like a long strip i cant remember. I love the M8 Compact.
  14. yea just played the new stuff, it is sweet , using the silent automatic is great, i was in ancient ruins and it was on SEARCH AND RETRIEVE a new game type where u have to retrieve a package as many times as u can to ur base more than the other team, well i hid in the tall grass behind a rock and started picking them off whenever they went for the package. The gun doesnt make that yellow flare when it goes off, or noise, because its silent. Also theres another game type called ASSASSIN where the Korian or whoever they are, has a ''VIP'' whom they must protect. The allied forces have to kill him, its pretty easy when u got that new silent sniper rifle in open levels with no building to hide behind, just get a clean shot.
  15. Hey i am fairly good at this game, i use the M4 rifle because u can alwase just go to auto and rifle so why just go to the gunner? my favorite map is pilot down. Becase of that field with the destroyed tanks, thats great. I dont really have a good stratagie put down, other than kill or be killed. what about u guys?
  16. Hey would u guys really care if they showed the guns in ghost recon? I wouldnt i think it would make the game better. or
  17. yea but u cant join ur friends game untill you've but in the other game ur goinginto, but u said its the only game u play so no harm done.
  18. I alwase play games for fun. some times when i'm mad though because i just whant to shoot people.
  19. same here i dont know why people dont like it... i love the all around texture quality.. like playing in pagoda so great! or in ghost village the water effects on the ground how u can see the reflections. i just hate how every server has no rockets or gernaides! its apart of the game!
  20. the only thing i didnt get is character selecting? building up ur guys stats? what is this final fanstasy? i doubt this has been in any shooter yet.. because when i go into battle i wouldnt think about how stupid i was to let my new 18 attack lvl to go back down to 12.
  21. wow thats pretty gay oh well it stops happening if i stick with a server threw like 4 lvls or more then nothing goes wronge..
  22. ok ######? i know i am not being kicked and i am not trying to quit but some times during playing on live on ghost recon 2 it says '' you have been disconnected from the game'' or '' this game is no longer available'' somone said ur cd disconnects u from the game??
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