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    I got no mods :'(
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  1. If it comes to 200,000 then thats absolutely disasterous!! Why does nature bring such cruelties into this world
  2. It's quite easy, actually...most mods come with some sort of installer that unpacks the mod directly into your GR/mods folder. If the mod is packed with win.zip, win.rar or some other file compression tool, the safest bet is to unpack the mod into your GR/mods folder, but there's always a read-me file that explains exactly how to unpack/ install the mod. Once installed, you have to start GR and activate the mod trough options/mods buttons, then select the desired mod and hit activate button. ← THX Streinger your a star
  3. Post your nice and cool dudey avatars and signatures comment on others aswell oh and here are a few of mine - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More to come when i make some more
  4. The pictures of the mod you're making look absolutely ... AWESOME
  5. Code Ocelot is kinda kool Merry Christmas
  6. Do you guyz have any direct links to very good mods for GR1 like more campaign missions or summit -Merry Christmas
  7. Firstly Merry Christmas to all GR gamers Secondly how much is the PC version of GR2?? It better be cheap If not i'll have to commit suicide hehehe maybe Have a Fun gaming New Year
  8. Merry Christmas to Team |S.O.T.O| and a happy new year! PS. First Post and its a Christmas Greeting hehe
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