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  1. GRAW is more difficult than R6:Vegas by far. I've finished Vegas on realistic and it wasn't that hard. Only the last mission where you have to protect your men when they hack floodgate and some computer. Everything else was relatively easy. What makes VEGAS more easy is you can look at your enemies behind the cover, and teammate AI is relatively smarter than GRAW AI. You can't really compare two games because R6:Vegas is more like SWAT, and GRAW is army in a warzone.
  2. That mission was easy (completed it on HARD). The trick is to quickly target the tanks using Apache helicopter. Get inside the building as soon as you reach that point. Get to the 2nd floor, position your men in ruins and near the helicopter. Don't bother bringing VIP to the choppter for now. Kill the first wave of soldiers. As soon as Abrams (tanks) start rolling to your position you will have Apache at your disposal. Quickly target them and select attack. Kill another wave of soldier and then the second tank. Then kill the last wave of enemy soldier and you're safe to bring your VIP to the chopper. Remember to kill first 3 enemy soldiers that will attack the embassy from the right (if looking at the front of embassy from the big monument). It is important to attack the tanks ASAP because they might destroy the chopper. When in ruins just pick off the enemy soldiers from the distance. Didn't have problem with that.
  3. I have GRAW for Xbox360 too. It sucks, simple as that. The reason the Xbox360 version is so nice is because the levels are tiny compared to PC version. I've finished the first Xbox mission in 10 minutes, I was like ###### ?!! In PC version I spent at least 30 mins completing it. I didn't buy GRAW2 for Xbox360 cos I hate GRAW1 for 360 but I guess it's the same - tiny levels, dumb enemy AI (compared to PC version). Military PC sim games > mainstream simplified console crap.
  4. I love GRAW1. About to complete it on hard difficulty (right now at mission 8). But I absolutely hate friendly AI. It has mind on its own. Also, after I turned off all that ugly bloom the graphics became more photorealistic and I've got 20+ fps increase, so it's really great to play.
  5. Ain't that the truth! Does this scenario sound familiar to anyone that played BF2: Hop into a helo or jet with a pilot that has no experience, only to crash a few seconds later, just to respawn at the farthest point on the map! One feature those game badly need is a ranking system for pilots. In BF2, you would run around with your rank displyed to your teammates. Once you jumped into the pilot seat, it should change to some sort of pilot rank based on hours or K/D ratio. God I hate that game.... For 5 years I used to play OFP. I hated every other military game (BHD, R6, GR1) because I considered them too arcade or too small. I absolutely loved playing game for 30 minutes only to get 10 kills. The longest time I've played one mission for is 6 hours. Yes, 6 hours - that's just one mission, one map without ending. It was Capture the Island, kind of like RTS but in 3D and in OFP. Really cool. Then BF2 came out. At first I hated it for being too arcade (jumping, reviving, crap ballistics). But then I slowly became in love with fast paced action in that game and got hooked. Now it's one of my best games. After BF2 I began playing smaller games like GR1, R6:RS, GRAW, and now I'm fan of huge and small and arcade games. Although I've stopped playing BF2 after SWAT4 came out. Some games really open your eyes.
  6. You get that kind of arcade game in the console version of GRAW2. I have GRAW for Xbox360 but I hate playing these games with controller. Also, the use of tanks and helicopters doesn't necessarily make the game arcade. Good example - OFP. Playing as a gunner makes it arcade. And the scenes in GRAW2 360 proves it more then well. Read the comments and what they part of the previous post the comments are based on and don't make your own assumptions. How's being a helicopter gunner is arcade ? GRAW 360 is another game. I'm talking about GRAW PC. You know what is arcade ? Sending 4 men to rescue a president. I mean, it's a game. You kill many people, you respawn, your teammates resurrect each mission. Why not make one mission where you can man a powerfull gun and relax for lil bit ?
  7. LOL, I understand that. I had my own 70 kills 0 death rounds in blackhawk @ BF2 until patch 1.3 Although, I wouldn't mind to be a blackhawk gunner in GRAW for one mission.
  8. You get that kind of arcade game in the console version of GRAW2. I have GRAW for Xbox360 but I hate playing these games with controller. Also, the use of tanks and helicopters doesn't necessarily make the game arcade. Good example - OFP.
  9. So far it looks like GRA2 will take place in rural areas. I for one enjoyed urban combat with all the skyscrapers around me. Also, it doesn't seem like they will include helicopter and tank type missions where you can sit inside and mow everything around. I understand that GRAW is based on infantry combat but I wish there were a couple of missions to relieve high stress from infantry fighting. I'd like to be a blackhawk or tank gunner for once.
  10. What's wrong with SWAT4 ? Imho, SWAT4 is the best tactical game released after R6:RS. Ive finished on ELITE both SWAT4 and Stechkov Syndicate and they PWNED! I have spent numerous hours in multiplayer and I hope there will be SWAT5 soon.
  11. Luckily for me, I didn't have that bug. Mission was relatively easy. Now, Quarterback is another story.
  12. Damn...this game has some really poor AI. Snipers rushing in to storm multiple enemy gunners, teammates not using cover, and huge pathfinding issues. Example: I'm up to mission #7 (on hard difficulty), I leave AI behind me cos they get shot all the time and then order them to fall back but they won't do it. Then I have to go 1 mile back, and move them around because they cannot find path to me. Also, I order them to move to a certain point (move command) and to ###### stay there but no...one of them always goes beyond the designated location and eventually dies. This game would kick major butt if not for AI issues.
  13. Hi, I just finished R6:Vegas and wanted to play GRAW, however, running and switching between positions is very slow. Is there any mod or tweak to increase your soldier's speed of movement or make him always run ? Also, I want to increase speed when switching between prone and standing up. Plz help, kthx
  14. Hello, Ive been playing and still play Operation Flashpoint for three years and recently decided to give GR a go... Several things Id like to know 1) Which mod is the best that adds realism to GR and I could play campaign with it 2) Are there any mods that let you view iron sights instead of circle ? Or even better, weapon view ? Thanks.
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