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  1. This game is "crack" its an FPS with some lovely cell-shade graphics which gives it a unique look; plus it does the whole RPG Fallout type stuff, but with real-time not turnbased combat. Plus once you can have more than one mission on the go; then the problem is you get into that "i'll just do X, it won't take long, and then I'll go to bed.... ... ... what is that faint glo behind the curtains ( cue bird song)" scenario. If I play Borderlands in the evening , the wife doesn't even say I'm going to bed she just goes... BA
  2. GR4 eh , hopefully this time it will be run by someone who has atleast played the orignal GR - the standard by which all the others are STILL judged; as oppose to some idiot from a console background. I'll watch with interest, having escaped to the wilds of Bohemias Armed Assault series.It isn't the prettiest game, and on release its never bug free. But Bohemia run a bug list and read it and reply and patch on a fairly regular basis; but for "realism" and mod-ability and community, no game beats it. I do hope GR4 does well, I enjoyed my Ghost Recon gaming , but the quirks of GRAWs net-code were something even BIS managed to better; and they have less budget than Ubi. And yes it is a shame that people consider sucess to be based-on-sales figures and not on actually producing a good game. Maybe I should look forward to the day when the big companies decide PC gaming is dead; and focus 100% on consoles; finally leaving room in the PC market for people who care about their product, not just the sales figures, to fill the space they will leave. BA
  3. I was a long standing and active member of a Classic Ghost Recon Squad, its still a great game when it was released it swayed me from OFP quite simply because it looked better... depite irrating "you can walk over this" bit of terrain and other foibles that the original host Recon had I loved it. What Flashpoint has in spades, is support for modders and scripters unlike any other game I have seen, and its gotten better and better with VBS and Armed Assault. A built in mission editor, and a very powerful built in scripting language. Granted it still has some interesting quirks, but its easier to develop for than any other game I can immediately think of. There is a vast array of additional third party addons weapons, vehicles, uniforms etc, as with all modding communities, quality can be variable, but there is plenty of wheat, as well as chaff. Armed Assault looks better than OFP but still manages to have "that OFP look" to it, and I await with interest to see what ArmaII brings to us. I only really play PvP or TvT so I can't comment much on the single player aspect, or on the coop side, I dislike fighting AI. They have a nasty tendancy of being bionic statutes something I've seen on GAW and Arma. Thats my two-penneth. BarmyArmy Disclosure: I now mod for an Armed Assault tournament.
  4. Every Ghost Recon game made.... £15 http://store.steampowered.com/sub/864/
  5. If I want to play 3rd person then I'd be posting in the Full Spectrum Warrior forums instead..... 'nuff said.
  6. Wild - in diary and in our forums. Expect some veterans to crawl out of the woodwork... ... and completely forget what keys do what... Z is RELOAD btw Also beware the grenade jugglin' fool - aka Nexus. BA
  7. As for no Stargate mod: my memory is that MGM turned up with a large quantity of lawyers.... ... becuase of this ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stargate_SG-1:_The_Alliance Barmy
  8. Best plan is to ban the CD key, we know that it gets passed to servers due to the "Invalid Cd-key" bug you sometimes get connecting to a server. They can still actually play with the same account, but they'll need to buy a new copy and install it first; a kinda cheating tax. Keys can be banned at a single server, or globally. BA
  9. 'lo ZJJ If you like racing games maybe we should point you in the direction of TrackMania Nations. Its a little less serious than TOCA but loads of fun, and best of all Free (as in beer). We've been having a blast with it over at RSi - not quite starting the RSRL back up yet though. Gav giving ZJJ the keys... brave man... then again Pixie blames me for all of the bad driving habits she's picked up... Still no photies.. tut tut, been too busy on our forums I guess, obviously GR.Nets miscreants don't keep you busy enough, to stop you causing trouble else where; though I'm sure you'll leap at the opportunity to blame them for lack of pictures. Btw GrandPrix racing is dead boring, now Touring Cars thats where the action is.... BA
  10. Auto download.... yes pretty please nice Grin peeps.. mb b4 Christmas Also consider "redirection" system a-la Unreal Tournament 2k where as Rocky mentions you can download maps from a high bandwidth web server, reducing network load on the game server. BA
  11. It has to be said I sympattize from the bottom of my heart. I was truley cursing and swearing until some kind soul, spend 15 mins on TeamSpeak with me, eventually I got it working tho it felt like it was more by luck than judgement. Gamespy is friend to very few gamers, in this cases it not gamespys fault, who ever designed and impemented the dialog for that part of the system should be made to do FxCop duty for a month as punishment ( except having checked I don't think they don't do a C++ version ). It is a prime example of how NOT to write user interface code. BA Professional C++/C# coder.
  12. What I love about this thread is for once people are complaining that GRAW is exactly like [GR]. It was the exact same complaints about the OICW in [GR], which could punt airbust grenades like it was a pump action shotgun. If you were playing TVT and dumb enough to try and go through the car-park on Embassy you had to accept the fact that some smart allec was gonna pop a 203 into the entrance the minute you popped your sorry ass head out. In the same way that the 203 was the perfect cure for snipers in the embassy map hotel building. They're a weapon they will get used and abused, eventually people adapt or die. I guess some people here think they're dying a little to often... Before any one goes assuming I run round with a GL like its a rocket launcher in quake... my standard loadout is an M8+Suppress+Sight with handgrenades. However I like the 203 - I don't use one habitually , but I will 'buy' one when I need one - it causes the guy with the M99 in the church to keep his head down.*=) As for the weapon switch times: my GL is under the barrel of my rifle, and its trigger an inch from the rifle trigger. It takes feck all time to switch. If your lucky though you'll come across some idiot who forgot to reload after he fired last time, so add two seconds... BA
  13. Has to be said it looks like a big P90 and unfortunately has the same killing power. Personal fav. M8 + scope + silencer, why because its effective and its ass is cheap. I'll take a scar-L if I'm flush on tac. points. BA
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