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  1. OK thanks for the quick response. I should have added - a very nice mod to a very nice mod!
  2. There is a minor glitch with this. When chosing normal (non optical) sights the rounds hit several feet above where they should. (At least using silencer which I was when I noticed this error. I cannot recall if that can make a difference.) I think I can remember how to correct this in the XML, its been months since I played with it, but it would require a lot of trial and error. Could you have a look at your code please to see if there are any obvious errors. many thanx
  3. Brettzies thanks for your response. I dont believe I have noticed my grenade key not working before - only with this mod. I have however noticed a similar issue with the key thats used to bring a certain weapon (I think its the MC whatever) up to line of site. This is with another mod not yours. So maybe there is something in the coding of GRAW that is very sensitive to how mods are implemented. In general though I do not have problems of this sort with my other mods. (Pretty well all of which are run from a separate folder using the mod installer rather than being hand coded into the English folder.)
  4. This is nice mod but exhibits a problem on my system. I have it installed as a separate mod which I can activate selectively using the freeware mod activator. But when I do the use grenade key no longer works. I tried resetting the key selections in the options screen but still it does not work after doing this. This problem occurs not only with the M4 but with any other weapon selected. Would you be able to check you code please?
  5. I just installed it and played part of the quarterback mission. Heaps of fun thank you. I think I will be using your AK for a while now. Its accurate and sounds great too.
  6. OK thank you very much. Just downloading now That worked much better thank you - I have downloaded and unzipped it. Maybe the 7z file had a corruption
  7. [q Yes I am using 7-zip (I even downloaded and upgraded to version 4.44 as version 4.42. did not work with the file but it still tells me the file is not a suported file type
  8. a77.org/sap/ak74/english.7z The above "link" not functioning as a link ..........(I am using IE now too.) I did eventually get the file at the other link downloaded but it will not extract using the 7z utility even though its labeled as a 7z file
  9. I tried clicking the follwoing link: Here is mod M4(SnowFella) with integrated in it AK74 (my)
  10. Yes this can be a tough mission. I replayed it recently and found it much easier second time around. I also got killed a lot (or my men did at certain points) but I have noticed in this game that it seems to be fairly random, rather than totally scripted. I think small changes in you route, approach to key pinch points etc can sometimes make a difference. I am not sure how this works but by restarting a mission and playing thru it again it sometimes seems that small differences accumulate and what was dreadfully hard last time becomes a lot easier this time, perhaps because the way triggers are set thee enemy spawns differently or perhaps becasue they are programmed to look for enemy approaching in one direction more than another just as you cna tell your AI where to cover. Ifyou are in a game and after getting killed just go back to the last save point and then repeat the same steps exactly this does not seem to work out so well. So it is definitely worth exploiting this feature by trying differnt tactics and approaches. Oh a couple of small tricks I learned second time around. As you approach these scramblers they, well. scramble your HUD display and also stop being marked on the tactical map. Before this happens go into the map and click on waypoint. Put a waypoint directly over the location of the scrambler. The waypoint continues to display in game and on the map even when the scrambler is working so you can work out how close to them (and to danger) you are at any moment. This helps a lot. When the scrambler is located just sneak up, take out the few enemy who directly engage you then if you can see the scrambler unit - a big rectangular box that looks like a washing machine with a aerial on top, shoot it or grenade it. Then when it's dead, and the objective has been confirmed back away from the location as if you approach and there are any enemy alive - which there often are - you have to risk getting killed for no good reason. There is also at least one such location where an overhead sniper sits immediately nearby in full view of the scrambler with an RPG and you will get killed a lot till you work out how to locate and take him out. (There is also a panhard and mchine gunner covering the area.) Best bet is to avoid both of these as you can approach this point from another direction, (thru one of those funny little arcade "tunnels" ) knock out the scrambler then back away unharmed to go on to the next objective if you avoid the proximity these does not bother you after this.
  11. In reply. I have modded weapons so more have access to scopes. In particular the little M8 compact in second position now has a scope and I always choose it (with scope) over a pistol as a backup. Sometimes I add a silencer too it if I think that stealth will be useful from time to time, especially where the main weapon does not have a silencer. The M8 sight also gives plenty of ability to keep an eye on whats happening nearby as it does not dominate the field of view. Its quite useful to use this is close range fire fights. (How often when using the SCAR have I been sighting down on a tango only get picked off by one of his buddies because I cannot see what is going on around me. Too dman often) As a primary I prefer the SCAR H but often do not choose it as there is no way of picking up ammo on the way and in heavy firefights and long missions its just too easy to run out even when being careful to fire short bursts. Usually I use the M4 SopMod addon. This is a nice weapon; accurate and fires standard cartridges that allow me to pick up extra ammo on the way. Usually I have a grenade launcher attached simply because I almost always find one or two spots in a mission when there is a need to blow something or someone. There will often be a tango around the corner that you just cannot get any other way without exposing yourself to fire. Besides, when a panhard goes up it goes up bigtime and looks purty. As extras in my backpack I almost always equip extra grenades for the launcher if I have selected this for the main weapon. I can always pick up extra cartridges but without choosing additonal grenades you only get about 3 and usually that is just too few to do the job well. The extras you carry in the backpack leave plenty for most missions including a few to chuck around just for the hell of it. There is a posting in the wepons mod section which tells you how to add a sniper scope to a standard weapon and how to boost the magnification on the aimpoint. Thats useful too from time to time but truth is I find that while the SCAR H and a sniper scope is effective for long range sniping its pretty useless for a hot and heavy fire fight as your vision is just too restricted for my liking.
  12. Confirmed - you can definitely avoid both tanks. It just involves moving around the perimeter a lot. After the tower goes down there are a couple of nearby tangoes who I take out then continue in a clockwise direction having approached the tower in a big loop. That is - away from the train station and away from the shortest route to the helo. Continue in this mode spotting the occasaional tango with the drone and killing them until eventually you are at the pick up point. If you have done your job right in your original approach and taken out the tangoes, the biggest problems occur nearer to the helo when there are a whole bunch of tangoes first in some workshops and then in a destroyed building which occur after passing under the elevated freeway once more. (Its a kind of long building and looking down on it from the drone the roof looks damaged - other than that its hard to say since I did not get closer) You need to pass thru or close to the workshop but can avoid getting too close to the destroyed building - which is just as well as thats where the last tank is situated. Just as you approach the helos location take care there is one last tango on a nearby rooftop just waiting to take you out and send you back to the last save point. cheers
  13. I just checked my files. It's not on my end nor are the wrong files posted. Just simply DELETE those extra .XMLs you were talking about. ONLY the e_bullet_hits_high.xml affects the Blood. OK I think I finally got it working. But I also had to delete texture files. Seriously the files posted seemed to be much more than just the blood mod files. Not sure how or why. Thanks for the mod and your help
  14. Agent Smith wrote: "Are you POSITIVE that there is no OTHER .xml in the Local -> English -> Effects folder?" Look I checked you download file again and there are a whole bunch of xml files in the effects folder - like e_ambience.xml, e_explosions xml, probably well over a dozen or so, plus many other files that do not appear to be blood mod only related. This is from your download link above which purports to be the blood only mod. (You provided three alternate D/L sites in a post above. Have you posted the wrong files?
  15. Indeed. The latest Blood only version (This one: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...d=444126&#) has the slo-mo problem removed. Hi the above links back to this thread so I presume you are referring to the file download link you provided a few posts back in this thread. I have downloaded this and installed it - I still get the slo mo. No idea whats going on. As I said I have this mod and the M4 Sop mod installed in the English folder - all other mods are in their own folder and activated separately so perhaps I should do that with your mod?????
  16. Looks to me like an xml entry or missing file error. Have you installed any mods? Or possibly a corruption during installation. Should be fixed by a reinstall. I have not had this error but I think I have similar ones - almost always when I have been playing with xml files and make a mistake in sytax or something. The game seems VERY sensitive to errors of this sort and collapses at the slightest problem. Fortunately I back up so its easily rectified if necessary by reinstalling the originla file.
  17. Sorry but I am totally confused. I have downloaded your blood only version (see above.) Are you saying that installation of this should fix the slo mo problem I mentioned above?
  18. Great thanks for that Viper. The UMP and Mp5 variants will be very welcome and the SR 25 is one of my personal fav's
  19. I am finding a problem with the mod. I installed it over the M4 Sop Mod addon but I do not think this has anything to do with it. When an explosion occurs the effect looks rather silly. Clouds of particles (largish irregularly shaped clumps representing, I suppose, pieces of exploded "stuff" rather than smoke or sparks) billow out of the exploded object (eg armoured car) for up to 10 seconds afterwards which fly through the air in an arc, in a kind of slo-mo effect. It slows the game down and looks out of place. I have made this sort of error myslef when I modded some flight sim explosion effects a while back. It turned out to be due to specifying too many particles to be emitted over too long a period and was fixed quite easily by adjusting those parameters in the relevant effects file. I imagine the problem here might be similar. Also I noticed that when I shot someone I got some blood cloud but a huge dust cloud. Not sure why but that seems odd too.. It may be related to other mods I haev installed. I am not sure. Having said all of that the mod shows promise and I liked some of the ambience it creates.
  20. I had the "reloading" message glitch on one mission too. (Cant recall which) I had just assumed my squad mate had run out of ammo but it never happened again so I forgot all about it until you raised it in this post. There are lots of good moments in this game. First time around I dispaired of ever being able to finish it as it can be pretty unforgiving. But I have played thru the campaign and come back to some of the really hard missions as single games and they are easier second time around. I only hope some single missions are posted so I do not lose interest.
  21. Cool bananas! So you can set off a feeding frenzy can you tell us whats in the pipeline? Or perhaps better not!
  22. If you want a sight with a bit better view than the standard aimpoint, here is a stopgap measure you can try - I have and it works. It involved boosting the magnification on that sight. Go into the following XML file - U_addons.xml which you will find here : C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\local\English\units\weapons Open it using notepad and scroll down till you find the entry for the aimpoint. You will find it under the non iron sights group of entries. It will look something like this: <unit type="weapon" name="aimpoint$name_ext" slot="12"> <script_class name="hud" class="HudScope"/> <model file="/weapons/addons/aimpoint/aimpoint$name_ext.xml"/> <stats block="addon_data"> <var name="anim_name" value="combatsight"/> <var name="hud_movie_name" value="crosshair_combatsight"/> <var name="fov_halfway" value="20"/> <var name="fov_zoomed" value="20"/> <var name="has_hud" value="true"/> <var name="zoom_mouse_sensitivity" value="0.2"/> <var name="sway_amp" value="0.1"/> <var name="sway_lerp" value="0.4"/> <var name="speed_to_halfway" value="10.0"/> <var name="speed_to_unzoomed" value="9.0"/> <!--var name="animspeed_sight_enter" value="1.5"/--> </stats> </unit> I have changed the FOV (field of view) value to 20. I forget what it previously was - something like 25 or 30 I think. This has the same effect of increasing magnification on the aimpoint. (More magnification gives smaller FOV) For the sniper scope my entry looks like this: <unit type="weapon" name="sniper_scope$name_ext" slot="12"> <script_class name="hud" class="HudScope"/> <model file="/weapons/addons/sniper_scope/sniper_scope$name_ext.xml"/> <stats block="addon_data"> <var name="anim_name" value="scopesight"/> <var name="hud_movie_name" value="crosshair_scope"/> <var name="can_activate" value="true"/> <var name="has_hud" value="true"/> <var name="fov_halfway" value="40"/> <var name="fov_zoomed" value="7"/> <var name="zoom_mouse_sensitivity" value="0.1"/> <var name="sway_amp" value="0.05"/> <var name="sway_lerp" value="0.4"/> <var name="speed_to_zoomed" value="10.0"/> <var name="speed_to_halfway" value="3.0"/> <var name="speed_to_unzoomed" value="6.0"/> <!--var name="animspeed_sight_enter" value="1.5"/--> </stats> </unit> I have chanegd the FOV from 5 to 7. I have added the sniper scope as an optional sight to some other weapons and have found that the original setting just looks WAY too magnified. I have also increased the speed to bring the scope up to full zoom as this is more in keeping with using it on a lighter rifle and also I found there was an annoying pause halfway otherwise. Both seem to work fine (except that the aimpoint now blocks out more of the screen when in use.)
  23. HI I have tried this and it works fine - but it only edits the relevant line in the context file. This is useful (and I thank the maker for it) as it saves me doing it manually but in the original GR there was a tool (cant recall now if it was stock) that actually allocated priority to different mods packages - the mods were entered in the mods folder and given a specific order of priority by the user. That way if more than one package used the same resource files the system would know which one to apply (as it was in a package which had higher priority) Has anyone done this - or is anyone doing it? It would be a fab addition. I think it would still be possible- but may be complicated by needing to read each xml file work out clashes in individual entries for each weapon etc and decide which had higher priority based on the settings entered by the user. As I recall it in the original GR it was easier than this as I think it may have used separate files for each mod component so if two mod packages modded the same source file it just ignored the one from the lower priority package.
  24. Pritzl thanks. So does that mean I really only have to worry about these two files? I think I can track down some software that lets me compare text files so while thats still a tedious task it's helpful and a bit easier than doing it by eye. I had similar issues in the original GR where I took all of my favourite weapon mods and integrated them into one mod package I had downloaded which had a bunch of other nice weapons as a part of it. That then became my main mod and every time I found another mod weapon that I liked I cut and pasted the relevant bits into that package. But at least in GR there was a priority system so that the higher priority mods took precedence - at least that meant that a high priority mod did not necessarily over write a lower priority one unless it had modded the same weapon file etc. That made it a bunch easier - the GRAW mod enabler that I have used seems only to implement one mod at a time. Similarly with a flight sim called Strike Fighters where the effects file was one long textbased ini file which listed all effects and particle behaviours. I often modded my own effects so whenever I downloaded a new one, I had to manually integrate it back into the particle.ini file rather than just over writing it as this would have lost my own mods. That took heaps of eyeballing and scrolling. Yes it is tedious. thanks
  25. Many thanks guys. Does any one know more about the logic involved in the priorities. F.E. I have some weapons in some mods that cease to show up when other mods are activated in a priority position - even though the priority mod does not have the same named weapon. It must somehow or other suppress certain weapons classes. (I am not referring to mods like Navy Seals which seems to lock out EVERYTHING except the weapons supplied with that mod - that is fine if you are using a complete mod like this and want them to only use 'In service" weapons on missions. I am referring to general weapons mods. ) Perhaps it has something to do with weapons being allocated to specific characters in the game (they are certainly allocated to specific classes of actor such a rifleman/ support, but what about specific individuals.) I am curious as I can see that there are specific weapons from various mods packages that I will use a lot and other less or not at all. It can be a bit vexing to find that a wepaon you feel you need for a specific mission is not available. Any ideas? Also I know that there is a rsb coverter to allow files to be edited by photoshop but is there an equivalent file viewer. With SO MANY textures in most mods, it would be very hard to convert them one at a time and open them in photoshop to find out what is in them - often it is difficult to tell from the file name and looking is the quicked way. thanks again
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