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  1. Excellent. Hope I see you online someday soon!
  2. I set all graphics settings to the highest for GhostRecon.exe in NVIDIA Control Panel. Single player game works fine and looks as it should. But if I play on ubi.com, the settings are not on for some reason. Should I configure the settings for some other file than GhostRecon.exe or what is causing this? I have Athlon64 3800+, 1,5GB RAM, GeForce 7900GT, Windows XP...
  3. Hi all. Since ubi.com seems so dead I thought I could advertise my server here as well to get some players. I'm hosting games irregularly any day at 11am - 9pm GMT on ubi.com. Drop by and see if I'm online. My ubi-name is host44. IFF, threat indicator, respawns and sensors are all off, so most of you probably won't be interested. But feel free to give it a try!
  4. Does anyone know if this mod is still in development? Can anyone name any similar mods? Sorry I didn't notice the mods-subforum.
  5. I believe Waika meant mastering a real aircraft or a motorcycle. Not the vehicles in the game. You need to learn most of the sophisticated features to properly play the game, unlike most other FPS games.
  6. Somebody make a similar poll for the [Ghost Recon].
  7. 1. Hitman: Blood Money 2. Sam & Max: Culture Shock 3. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey 4. SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate 5. The Regiment I'm not sure if the last 3 were released in '06 but that's when I got em.
  8. It doesn't stay the same, it decreases.
  9. GR's widescreen support is not really as awesome as mentioned in the news. If you use a 16:9 resolution, the vertical field of view is decreased compared to 4:3 resolutions and horizontal FOV stays the same. So actually the view is not any wider. Same goes for Raven Shield and many other games. But of course 16:9 still looks and feels better than 4:3.
  10. I have no problem with in-game adertising, as long as it stays reasonable. The problem is it won't. It's only a matter of time before you have to watch a 10 sec commercial between missions. People accept commercials to interrupt their favourite TV shows, so why wouldn't we be OK with interrupted games in 5 years? You can already see NVIDIA, ATI & Creative logos when you launch your games. Soon it will be Coca-Cola and McDonald's. Product placement is OK, having to actually watch a commercial is not. Fine, product placement in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is rather irritating as well.
  11. This bug HAS to be fixed. It's a real pain in the ass. No more GRAW for me until I can see where I aim.
  12. If there was a possibility to force shadows etc. server-side, this wouldn't be a problem.
  13. RSE did it right with Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear. No jumping, but characters can climb over obstacles and they are unable to shoot while climbing.
  14. I wish the expansion improves the original game too. So you can play the original missions where suspects are considered threats until they are restrained.
  15. I don't know what it was, but I have not experienced it since.
  16. I'm not sure if I will ever see the problem again whether I bring the card back to default settings or not... And the card has been OC'd for 2-3 months now. The artifacts I've seen when I have OC'd too much are just little flashing white objects in the screen, nothing like this problem I had in GR.
  17. This has happened to me twice now. Yesterday and today. Yesterday in multiplayer the screen went suddenly yellow. All I could see was the sky and the HUD. This lasted for about a minute and after that everything was back to normal. Today I experienced this again, but now I saw all kinds of colours. Next round a hacker caused alot of "unintentional" TKs and shut the server down. Now I ask you if anyone has ever experienced this before? Is it the hacker? Is it a GR bug I have never seen before? Or is it my overclocked video card? It shouldn't be running too hot. I have AMD Athlon XP 2800+, 512Mb RAM, Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro 128Mb, Windows XP, DirectX 9.0c, all drivers up-to-date...
  18. Maybe Ubi don't want us to stick with GR1. Ubi releases so many titles in a year that they need the players to move on from a game to another. If we get the SDK now, nobody will buy GR3 for PC, because we are going to play GR1 for 4 more years. I'm not sure if anyone will buy GR3 anyway...
  19. Most of us knew what kind of a game GR2 console really is, and yet people are disappointed... OK I admit, I was a little disappointed too... But not as much as when I heard that Sam & Max: Freelance Police and Full Throttle 2 were cancelled!
  20. Ubisoft made a smart decision. They had a game in their hands that was good for the console audience. But believe it or not, they listened to us PC players. They knew we did not want the same GR2 the console players got. They knew the PC version would not have been a blockbuster. If I was the dictator of Ubisoft I would have cancelled GR2 PC(unless I would have made sure they make it good in the first place). They know what PC players want and they promise(yeah, yeah...) us that the next game will be good enough for us too.
  21. Bad Religion - News From The Front
  22. That sounds more like modifying the AI stats rather than actually programming the AI.
  23. When a console supports mouse and a keyboard with over a hundred programmable keys I will buy that console. I believe only then console games can be complex enough for my needs. I would love to own a console instead of a PC, consoles cost about as much as video cards and they last longer.. XBOX is... what.. 3-5 years old already and still going strong. If all my PC components were that old I would not be able to play modern games. However console games cost much more than PC games and as we all know, PC games have much more potentiality because of complexity, ability to update and modify, free online play etc. By the way, a joystick provides faster laptimes in racing sims than a steering wheel. So if I own a joystick but no wheel and I race online, am I a cheater? I do not think so. But who cares, a steering wheel is still a steering wheel and feels so much more authentic.
  24. Ahh... My trustworthy router has proved its excellence once again: The ports seemed to be open in router configuration, but Port Detective showed otherwise. I closed and opened them again. Now I can host again.
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