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  1. Thanks wombat you know we been down this road before Hopefully This time around Has Different Results !
  2. Got the tools from Download section! Thanks ROCKY and GR.net i'm Off to Have some fun! i need to get my 3D Max Going i think Making Totally New Maps with today's New Styling will Be Good! = ) @Blame sorry for your loss friend i did not know you lost the Ghost in you! = ) Hoorah.
  3. Well folks i am back after a Good while away Cause of some details i will share in this topic I Had to Stop Production on URBAN-STORM Due to UBI Creative Director for Ghost Recon Online Contacting me and Asking me not to Release GR-US cause at the time we were Marketing of GR-US they were about to announce "Ghost Recon Online" just a small take on our position Today is a New Day and why would i be Back? of course to tell you all I WANT TO RELEASE Ubran-Storm While all this was going on i had to step away from the Game and Modding In doing so here is what happen No Longer do
  4. I give the game a good score they took a chance and i think its going to fair well with us! my main concerns are the lobby settings but first let me say the game plays very well Kudos to them in singa. Now i hope the lobby will see improvements cause at its current state its a very very dumb down! also we need clan settings the match making system works like a champ but i still would like to create my room with custom name.
  5. so sharing the videos and screen shots are just as good as speaking about the game here. but i wont take any chances i'm sure rocky wont ether =) enjoy !
  6. Name change! TrueGigs add me in GRO
  7. Who here will join me in the closed beta testing of GRO if you are taking part please add TrueGiga
  8. All contact lost at the moment with them guys! last i was told hey we sent you your beta key! but funny thing is. i never got one =/ i still want to release GRUS =)
  9. i still would like to release "Ghost Recon urban Storm" =) Die Hard GR FAN... =) Take care Friends.
  10. Just thought i drop in and let you know this is not a port of any kind! =) its Created for PC. We can Only guess what is trying to be said! i have my own ideas. UBISOFT. Could not provide the Bread for the Ham! just because they purchased the Ham did not meen the Bread came with it! and if i remember the Bread they thought they bought got Roten fast? We all miss the True RedStorm team. but it is what it is!
  11. Hardcore for Ghost Recon Gamers was in 2001 Super Hardcore for Ghost Recon Gamers was in 2004 - 05 Everthing After was Mud
  12. sure thing " its PNG and can be opened with layers in Fireworks here is link to Raw File http://www.TrueGiga.com/GRNETRAW.png
  13. why worrie about a logo? when you can make somthing like this!
  14. Theo- Welcome to GR.net Cant wait for the game Keep us posted Gleen
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