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  1. Is this new content going to be available on the OXM demo disc? I don't have xbox live so it would be a pity if I had to miss out on this new content.
  2. Good review Ub3rAlec, but I have to disagree with what you said about the commands. With the exception of the attack vehicle command they seem utterly useless. Whats the point in having a hold or advance command when your AI squadmates won't let you get more then 20 feet away from them? This also makes the flank commands useless. Overall i'm disappointed with Ghost Recon 2. After finishing the campaign I feel no desire to play through it again, while at the same time I still play the campaign in GR 1 to this day. In closing, I have to say GR 2 has more in common with RS3 and Conflict:Desert Storm then it does GR 1.
  3. I agree with everything GothicSnake had to say in his original post, about the game at any rate. I just don't understand what RSE was thinking. I mean did they really think that GR fans wanted an RS3 or Conflict:DS clone? Because I sure as heck didn't. RSE UBI
  4. The movies are just plain lame compared to the excellent books.
  5. Any Manowar fans out there? Sometimes I feel like I am the only Manowar fan left in America.
  6. Yes, M15(White Razor) is the last mission. The map you unlocked is for multi-player only it is not a mission map. I don't believe there is any downloadable content for the original xbox Ghost Recon. However there is downloadable missions for the xbox version of GR:Island Thunder. If you are enjoying Ghost Recon but have not had the chance to play Island Thunder I highly recommend you try it. Its a great game.
  7. Sniper: M82, M98, SR25 SD Rifleman: 7.62 AR, OICW Support: M60, 7.62DP Demo: SA80, M4
  8. Are you playing the xbox version? If yes you can save whenever you want so I would save before and after every tough spot. For some general tips try setting yourself up in the woods with a rocket launcher below where the tank comes over the hill. Once there order your AI soldiers to advance up the hill this should draw the tank out now quickly blast the tank with the rocket launcher. You could also try ordering your AI soldiers to hold in the woods below the hill while you advance up the hill to lure the tank out. As soon as you see the tank aim at it and push the Y button to order your soldiers to attack the vehicle. Now run like heck and hopefully they will take out the tank. Hope that helps this is my favorite level. Your in for some tough battles after the tank so be sure to save.
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