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  1. That is an incredible piece of equipment. Sign me up for the army! I wanna be a terminator!
  2. very true... but there really is no good balance, UNLESS there is some sort of anti cheat software produced with the game. However, I can't see this happening. If it does, wonderful, if it doesn't, well, I'd rather be stuck with PB than the ability to have mods. Now that I'm thinking about it. There shouldn't be any problems with the modding. Ravenshield is a very map modded game. I've even been in servers where the player characters are terrorists, players where Santa Hats, etc.. all of these servers still have PB enabled. So in saying that, I don't believe that PB will take very much aw
  3. Uhh I'm just gonna guess here but you never played GR on a computer, right? You're an Xbox player, right? If you answer yes, that explains your post ← Actually no. I have an Xbox, but I havn't even played GR on it. I play sports games and racing games on it, that's it. Everything else I play, I play ont he computer.
  4. Every game that I have played with PB enabled has been good. Yes, PB does have some bugs, etc... but it does a LOT more good than bad. As everyone has pointed out, you have the option of enabling PB on a server or not. If you want a mod server, then disable punkbuster. It's that simple. All of you anti-PB people sound like a bunch of children, imo. PB did wonders for most of the games it was put into.
  5. For discussion of PB post Here.
  6. True KRP, I guess it is a matter of taste... However, you have to admit, RVS IS the best Close Quarters Combat Sim to date. If you don't admit it, well... stop sniffing glue! Back onto the xbox, like i said, it's internals are similar to that of a PC's. Xbox can not handle what a PC can. Period. Also, in the case of Doom 3, you'll notice slight variations in the models, animations and (especially) the particle effects. I build my own computers, and I have tampered with the validity of my warranty on the xbox, if you catch my meaning
  7. Heh, ok, first off, Xbox is nothing similar to a PC. It has some similar equipment, but it in no way can handle anything CLOSE to what a PC can. Just because it is built by Microsoft does not make it a computer. I own an Xbox and a PC. Secondly, it actually doesn't take very long to build a new engine. The coding, animating, sound, etc... is what takes all of the time. Thirdly, the PC version WILL be very much different from the Xbox version. Perfect example of this is Ravenshield. The Xbox version of RVS is godawful, the PC version is excellent. You guys complain way too much a
  8. I can guarantee that you will need at LEAST 256 RAM, but the rest of that looks good born. I'd say an AMD 1.2 ghz or a Pentium 3 1.6 ghz would be minimum (2.0/2.4 recommended) 64 MB 3D supporting video card (128 MB with Hardware TL recommended) 256 MB RAM (512 recommended) That's about what most new released games with good graphics are going to need nowadays.
  9. what are you guys talking about? GR2 isn't even out yet....!!!?
  10. Hmm, I had heard taht the release date for PC was pushed back to June... Someone please squash this rumor for me, because I don't believe it.
  11. First off, they CAN'T get rid of the OTS view. That is one of the biggest reasons I want to play this game. It has added a very cool new element to FPS. Secondly, you don't have to worry about the glitching like on Xbox. I'm sure that they will have that nailed ont he PC. You also have to remember that on PC, they can make updates a lot more efficiently and a lot more easily than for a console. I think that the OTS view adds a cool feel to the game, giving you more options, etc... It's not fully 3D, so you can't get a big advantage over someone. I think they wil be able to fully incorporate
  12. 1. How about Character Creation? Being able to create your own character for online playing. Being able to customize hair, face, camo, body size, height, etc... 2. Make the bullet an object!!! NOT A CODE! The one biggest mistake with Ravenshield was the fact that bullets were coded. The network had too much of a factor in how fast you got shots off, etc... If the bullet is an object, Then you don't have to worry about lag as much. 3. How about 32 person servers? With the option for 4 teams of 8? This could lead to some very fun MP play similar to Battlefield 1942, but with better physics
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