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  1. I hope I won't be banned... Iowa Deer Pope & Young Boone & Crockett ...
  2. Do you mean Smith & Wesson? Most people in the US use them as a hunting or pesonal defence pistol. Or just shoot'em for fun at the range. There are few police officers that carry revolvers these days.
  3. As someone stated before, it's the time (and dedication) it takes to make a good ghillie suit that drives the price so high.
  4. I just took a peek, cruised around alittle. Looks good (and everything seemed to work, links wise) Keep up the good work Ruin.
  5. That blows Mr. Lazzeroni's rounds right out the window for "Highest Priced Cartridges".
  6. This is (sort of) old news. There was a thread about this monster in the weapons forum. I don't see why on earth you would need a revolver that big. Imagine trying to conseal that thing! It'd be fun shootin'
  7. That's WAY to much. You can get good, well made ghillie suits for $150 You can buy much cheaper (in price ) ghillie suits from: Cabela's Bushrag Also Bushrag and GhillieSuits.com have "ghillie suit kits" that have all the supplies (which you could buy for less) needed to make your own, for about 1/3 the price.
  8. Heck, it'd be freaky without the mask
  9. Better kit selection. I hated having click through 20 of them, just to get to a particular one.
  10. Bush Light and Mike's Hard Lemonaid. Mountain Dew and Coca-Cola.
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