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    I saw the commercial on ABC or NBC (forget which one), but man it's amazing.
  2. Gosh, I haven't really thought about that. I don't remember if I ran across one in a mod or not. I've seen alots of suppressed Mark 23s. I'm too sure, but there might be one in Navy SEALs v2.0
  3. Wow! Imagine Ghost Recon on that.... (I love how the joystick is attached to the chair )
  4. Your skins look awesome, Wildcat! I can't wait for this mod Keep up the great work.
  5. The Ghosts are part of the 5th Special Forces Group, they're Green Berets. They should have more toys, IMO
  6. From Ghost Recon my favorite support weapon would the M249 SAW. From a mod, it has to be the SAW from Standard Upgrade.
  7. I really like M24 SWS from Ghost Recon, but my favorite would be the KAC SR25sd from IDF.
  8. For people having trouble with finding the hidden packages, rampages, unique jumps, ect. Here's a handy website.
  9. I'm not doubting it, but that just seems unbelievable! It's one of those jaw-dropping things to hear. This book is definately going on my pick-up list. Thanks, HotPants.
  10. War of Infamy The best WWII mod for Ghost Recon (IMO).
  11. Looks good, RS. Lookin' forward to the USMC FR mod.
  12. With some properties there will be missions. (Malibu Club, Cherry Poppers Ice Cream, ect.) You must complete the missions to complete the asset. Once you do, you'll recieve money from the property/buisiness. The assets also go towards your 100%. You'll not only get a save point, but garages at some properties. There you can save vehicles. Unfortunately there are no docks where you can save boats... but you... you'll see
  13. Thank you all, and thanks for the recommended books. I haven't been able to put the book down. I've been reading since I got home from work (about two hours ago). I actually bought Sniper along with B20, I plan on reading it next. Thanks again everyone.
  14. Yep, keyboard and mouse is the way to go
  15. First of all, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum. My apologizes. After hearing that this is a such great book, I finally had the chance to pick it up without making a 60 mile round trip just for the book. I just started and am in chapter 3. I'm just curious what you thought of the book. Please no spoilers Just your thoughts & opinons... Also could anyone give me recommendations to other books? I remember folks mentioning another member of the team wrote a book. Thank You, Cope
  16. Lookin' good so far, keep up the work!
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