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  1. I was hoping to hear from someone who's bought the game too
  2. Has anyone played this game?
  3. Here's my ride... ...But I want one of these...
  4. That's what I'm called My brother's Sweet Lips
  5. I read more than I post I'm here just about every day. I would of replied sooner, but I usually don't wander into this part of the boards...
  6. A TOTS mod would be pretty cool ...Coco's SEAL looks great!
  7. Original: M4 Mod: SR47 from IDF
  8. hello class, can anyone say "Understatement"? ....
  9. I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but here's one, left side.
  10. Navy SEALs v2.0 Israel Defence Forces NMM v2.0 They have a fairly good selection of pistols...
  11. (So off of smoke shield?) James Bond
  12. I've heard of him, but I've never encountered him.
  13. Now that's a waste of money...
  14. You didn't say you had to use a sniper rifle so... I'd use a suppressed M4a1, shooting super-sonic ammunition (no tracers), with a Harris bi-pod, and topped with a Trijicon ACOG 4X32 sight. EDIT: There's one in Trance's (Yodasplat's) M4 Mod.
  15. I'll second that. Looks great, RS
  16. LOL That does look pretty cool if you ignore the "other" guys
  17. I haven't heard any word as to if it will support online play for the PS2, it will for the Xbox...
  18. I had the SPAS12 and as soon as I stepped out the bank doors, I shot every LE officer, hopped in the taxi, and drove into the pay & spray. It took a few time though
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