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  1. Can someone give me the URL download for this mod? I went looking in the equipment section under downloads and it wasn't there, I don't think...
  2. I didn't think the MP5 was all that bad. A 3 round burst to chest usually put the enemy AI down, if not another tap would
  3. http://www.hkpro.com/ For Heckler and Koch firearms.
  4. Great idea! I'd love to see a M40a3!
  5. Expansion Pack. I'd rather spend the money on a expansion pack then upgrading my system and buying GR2. But when the day comes (GR2) I will Snow would be nice...
  6. Not at all. Coming from Half-Life (and sounding like you love its gameplay) I doubt you'd like Ghost Recon. GR is much more slow-paced (it does raise at times), observe with a forward patrol, stalk'em, move everyone into a strategic position, set up the machinegunner, find the sniper cover, check your mags, lock on, and engage in the enemy type games. Some just like to rush the patrol, "guns a blazing" Those are ones that usually end up dead and starting over. It also sounds like you just set waypoints and let your fireteams do all the work. If so, that's the reason they get killed so quickly.
  7. Over the weekend we got a total of 7 inches of the fluffy white stuff. Right now it's 12F. Brrrrrrrrrrr!
  8. I'm trying to pull out a few more FPS from Ghost Recon. I'm looking for a good Geforce Tweaking Utility (specifically one for Geforce MX 100/200). I don't have any experience with tweaking utilities so please keep that in mind (I don't want a very complicated one). Thank You.
  9. I thought the mod was great. It had some real nice skins. A couple more weapons I'd be in heaven
  10. There lied the problem. Sorry for the commotion and thanks for the help.
  11. After being gone for a month (computer problems) I came to see what new mods are avaliable for download and what's in the near future. I click on a mod to download and boom! I get this web page. http://www.fileplanet.com/gsid.aspx?r=http..._upgrade_v1.zip It does this to all other mods I try to download. In the past fileplanet has never done this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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