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  1. Rifle: M25 topped with a Aimpoint 7000SC 2x Pistol: H&K Mk23. Mod 0, Wilson's Combat Tactical Series M1911a1 (Not a bad way to spend $2,000 , it gives "sex pistol" a whole new meaning ) Sub-Machine Gun: H&K MP5 "Navy" Machine Gun: M249 SAW "Para", M60E4 Shotgun: Benelli M4 Super Sniper Rifle: M40A3 with "its" Unertl 10x mil-dot scope.
  2. I'm not too sure but is it - 1. Army 2. Navy 3. Air Force 4. Coast Guard 5. ??? What's the 5th one (if that's the correct list)? Is it Marines?
  3. They're lookin' great, RS Keep up the great work.
  4. OK, I got mixed up alittle, here's a quote from the book - "Whereas the Winchester/Remington and M14 sniper rifles began to lose accuracy over 800 yards, the specially prepared single-shot .50 caliber M2 was able to hit targets nearly 1000 yards away in darkness (the book was previously talking about night vision devises for sniper rifles), and in skillful hands, over double that distance in the daylight. Joseph Ward remembers sinking an empty sampan with an explosive bullet at a range of 2000 yards, and Carlos Hathcock killed a VC supply carrier at the extraordinary distance of 2500 yards using an M2 with an Unertl scope." It doesn't say whether Hathcock used a semi-automatic or fully-automatic M2, but there were semi-automatic M2s... I'll take your word for it though
  5. You're right. Hathcock did use a modified M2 that was capable of semi-automatic fire. I'm currently reading Sniper by Adrian Gilbert, it talks about Hathcock's amazing shot using the M2.
  6. I'd love to have a Ducati 999R
  7. The thing is, is that the mod worked fine for me at first, it was great. But for some reason the reticles "quit" working... I guess I'll just switch back to the standard GR reticles.
  8. I'm having the same problem... (no vertical pips on the M4 SOPMOD). And I have no other mods activated.
  9. Here are some of the ballistics for the .50 AE... Bullet Weight - 326 gr. Muzzle Velocity - 1400 fps Muzzle Energy - 1414 ft-lbs.
  10. Bush-Light's all I drink as far as beer goes. I also drink Mike's Hard Lemonade, but I don't think it's considered a "beer".
  11. Same here. I just finished Bravo Two Zero a little over two weeks ago. I'm currently reading Sniper by Adrian Gilbert.
  12. Insurance may be, but the gas won't Anytime time I plan on heading south, Stinger, I'll be sure to stop by with her
  13. 1960-70's Pontiac GTO, any of 'em! Especially the '69 Judge. And BTW, I own a blue 1971 Pontiac GTO 400 It was given to me by my father. Right now it just sits in the shed, with a cover over it, I don't have it insured
  14. I tried taking a look a at the scope/mounting, but there was always a bad view or there was ghillie material on it. I also got a good look at "Flea's" (the sniper's) suppressed M4 when he was in the tree during the raid of the villiage that was being cleansed. It's definately not an ACOG (or an actual Aimpoint). I don't know what it is...
  15. The M25's forestock (muzzle end) looks just like the M21's. And since the M25 has replaced a majority of the M21's in the Navy... I'm betting my money it's an M25/XM25. I'll have to watch the DVD again, see if I can spot any distinguishing features.
  16. Only one!?!? There's just so many... I don't know, for me it's a toss up between Navy SEALs v2.0, NMM v2.0, and IDF.
  17. Suppressed M4 with a Trijicon ACOG and, I thought is was an M21... EDIT: It's probably an M25
  18. The only other PC games I have are all hunting African Safari Trophy Hunter 3D, Rocky Moutain Trophy Hunter II, Bird Hunter Wild Wings Edition, Deer Hunter 4, and Deer Hunter 5 (and soon to be Deer Hunter 2004).
  19. Things I don't want to see... - drivable vehicles - the same kit selection - an unchangable FPWV (meaning there's not an option to turn it off) - jumping - enemy AI sharpshooters (hitting you from "the fog" on their third shot)
  20. There was some talk about making a Tears of the Sun mod. Here.
  21. Holy crap!!! Those look awesome! I should get the PC version of Vice City, too bad my computer is poop and I already have the PS2 version. I'd kill to have that Ducati...
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