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  1. I never laughed at them , I know they're greatly skilled but extremely small unit.
  2. I've always wanted to serve in the ranger regiment. Besides no disrespect to those serving in the Canadian military but it's a joke everyone laughs about it over here. Honestly what do we have ?? JTF-2 is roughly 200 guys while the states has thousands of more planes , soldiers , tanks , ships....everything. *Not to mention were not going to war ANYTIME soon*
  3. Oh In that case take your time , I'm thankful for you to even attempt this project for me
  4. I'm also a 15 year old thinking about enlisting in the army and making it a life long career. I currently live in Canada (roughly 30-40 mins from the American border) and I was wondering what steps I would have to take to be able to serve in the american army.
  5. Chuck please dont joke around about that hostage situation. People really did die and we shouldn't criticise the troops who stormed the theatre. They put their lives on the line to try and save all of them but unfortunately in a situation like that I found it hard to not have a single casualty. Many died yes....but remember it could have been ALOT worse , the theatre could have been leveled also.
  6. I was reading the forum and later on I guess people started to let the "Only NATO " thing slide...correct me if I'm wrong. Who cares if they are not a part of NATO they have some real a** kickers over there. I guess Chems (the topic starter) is going to let the NATO thing slide
  7. Yes I've read that it's quite accurate with the 2 round burst.
  8. Russian Spetsnaz World known for brutality
  9. I really just wanted to have the arctic layout thought it'd be very nice to play the Frost Bite 1.3 mod with spetsnaz skins and camo'ed rifles. All I need is the rifles BTW Brandon rifle looks good can't wait 2 try it out on frostbite Normally I'd try to do this on my on and try to make my own models because I do have 3ds max 6. But I have no clue how to use it
  10. wow, never thought the ghost recon community helpd out like this
  11. Looks great come to think about it , maybe leave the magazine unpainted. Could i get the SVD and AK47 ?
  12. lol Exactly what I was thinking Suicide Commando. But Earl doesnt mod anymore for GR does he ??? Maybe get his permission somehow
  13. Im willing to test out the mod gimmie a PM
  14. I'd prefer the whole rifle in arctic camo. Spray painted is fine
  15. MAP IS HUGE We can finally find out if that M82A1 can really nail someone at 2.5 km
  16. yeah like an AK74M with arctic camo or something
  17. I was wondering if anyone played or knew of a mod that has Russian weaponry (AK's SVD's...that sort of thing) in camoflauge paint ? woodland , jungle , arctic doesnt matter.
  18. If its finished , where can you download it ?
  19. Whoah I commend you on your fast reply, was just a suggestion. But working along side foreign special forces units would be nice SAS , KSK , ect. Is this primarily based on US forces?
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