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  1. the harder the campaign the more enemies you have to fight and the higher their stat points are.
  2. All the front line troops appear to be wearing the new IBA (Interceptor Body Armor) system which replaces the older PASGT vests. The vest itself is supposed to protect from 9mm and fragments, and with the steel inserts installed are supposed to be able to stop a 7.62. So that means the troops killed may not have the inserts issued to them, or the 7.62 missed the plates but through the kevlar material. http://www.army.mil/soldiers/dec1999/news/news3.html
  3. I dont know if anybody notices but this but typically the enemy AIs will turn towards an explosion (frag or GL) when one goes off in the distance. This is one way to get the tango to look in one direction and attack him from another. IE. mission 2 the tango guarding the pilot in the house. You could set off a frag outside the house to the north or maybe just shoot at the upper part of the outer wall. The tango will usually turn towards the direction of the explosion or ricochets. You have to make your move quickly though, cause if you wait too long the tango may come out to investigate. EDIT: But when all else fails I just do the direct approach, I stand straight up and just strafe around the corner, sometimes I wont even bother to peek. You have to realize that on certain places on the map it is possible for the tango to see you arm or a small portion of your head, but yet in your own view you will not see the tango yet.
  4. Go onto the web ( www.yahoo.com ) and do a search for KEVLAR or CERAMIC BODY ARMOR.
  5. The trauma plate inserts you see for level III & IV vests are a lot more resistant then your average hunk of Iron or steel. Trauma plates are made of mixes of complex materials like ceramics. These armors are supposed to be able to protect against 7.62 (level III) and .30 caliber (level IV). http://www.firstdefense.com/html/Hard_Armor.htm http://hsarmor.com/htm/plates.htm
  6. Just for everybodys info for friendlies here are the actual armor levels. Support = 3 Rifleman and Demo = 2 Sniper = 1 And for enemy soldiers the armor level depends on that soldiers skill level, not the current difficulty of the campaign. The campaign difficulty level determines the ratio of soldiers skill level and armor throughout the campaign. So on recruit you'll have a lot of recruit soldiers but some veterans. And in Elite you'll have more Elite soldiers and fewer recruits and veterans. Elite = 3 Veteran = 2 Recruit = 1 So is possible to have an enemy recruit support gunner with a armor level of 1 and a elite enemy sniper with an armor level of 3...maybe even on the same campaign mission.
  7. zjj, The only time I get to shoot the M16 is at qualification time, and we only get 40 rounds to practice with and the other 40 to qualify with. I think me buying my own M4 will help me to improve upon my accuracy. WhiteKnight77, When we do our quals in the AF they give us M16s which dont have slings. The main things I think affecting my aim and accuracy is my height (6' 2") and my vision. Not sure how it is in the Marines, but in the AF we fire ten shots from 3 stances: fully standing, over barricade and prone. For me over barricade is the hardest because the barricade that we use to rest our weapon on is low enough to require me to stoop over but high enough to where I cant take a knee. I've tried several stances but none of them work. The second hardest is standing, but I can stand and relax and concentrate on just keeping my rifle steady. Then there's prone, which is the easiest, but I have to put up with brass flying and hitting me in the glasses and going down the back of my neck (ouch, hot!) But the main thing that gets me is my poor vision, The glasses they issued me are literally as thick as coke bottles, but luckily they dont distort too much. I proably have to work on my breathing, controlling wobble and all that stuff. But one thing that you did point out is fighing in chem gear. As far as that goes they dont train us to do that in the AF, I guess that's cause we dont reallly go out and fight when we're getting gassed. I dont think us guys in the AF will hardly ever see combat, but it never hurts to brush up on my shooting skills. thanks
  8. Hi Guys, I was wondering how do you expert marksmen with M16's and M4's become...expert marksmen? I'm in the Air Force so I'm only required to qualify every 2 years. And I usually get about 20-25 out of 40 shots on target, usually I miss targets that are far away (smaller). I'm a pretty fair shot with my MAK-90, my old UZI, and HK USP 45 (got rid of the last 2), but with the M16 I dont do so well. I'm guessing the best way to improve my accuracy is by repetition, so I was planning on buying my own commercial M4 carbine (with picitanny rail system) sp? I tried following tips from several instructors but all their suggestions would require me to drastically change my shooting style. For example I am right handed so I shoot in the tradtional right handed manner, but I have a eye dominance dictates that the best way for me to shoot is by holding the rifle like I'm left handed (left cheek to butt, left hand on trigger, right hand on forearm). Now how many of you Army and Marine or other shooters have to say about the eye dominance thing? have you guys ever heard of anything like this? Also my next question, does anyone know if the standard issue military ball ammo (5.56x45mm) compatible with commercial .223 M4's and M16's? thanks
  9. good post, too bad 9mm and 10mm rounds aren't up there though. I've always wondered how the 10mm compares to the other rounds.
  10. Well they do make good anti infantry weapons too, the NVA and Viet Cong used RPGs as anti-personnel weapons in Vietnam. And when we were playing GRM 6, it was still V1.2 and the AT4s and other similar weapons had faster reticles.
  11. well this isn't as bad as when me and a few of my teammates used to play GRM 6 with explosives on. In MP one of our teammates liked to use the GRM 6 AT4 laucher, and the kit that he selected had the AT4 as the primary weapon...meaning at the start of the game that is the weapon you are carrying. So as soon as the game started his 'trigger' finger must have spazzed because he fired that AT4 directly at the ground and he took out 9 (nine) of us right at the very start. Luckily we all had 2 more respawns left. EDIT: But then again I dont think anyone will care, since this thread is almost a month old
  12. Ditches are glitches too, but they are not as bad as the crater glitch.It is still possible to get hit in the ditch if you are hit from a high angle or if the shooter is to the end of the ditch. Craters you have to be behind or from the sides at a higher angle.
  13. hehehe MILES gear is fun...I remember when somebody showed me how those things first worked. For those of you military guys that use them for exercises and such try this. The way they work (at least for rifles) is the blank firing adapter is supposed to vent the gasses back at the MILES unit and it is this vented gas that activates the laser. Now if you take your MILES unit and tap that little circular part on the front with your finger, this simulates the puffs of gas that the MILES unit would normally see from firing blanks. I remember when one of our training exercises was over, everyone was chit-chatting around. I was walking around tapping the MILES unit with my finger and setting peoples MILES alarms. hehehe good stuff
  14. Opps my bad, I got a few of them wrong, it was hard to tell if that was a HK23, and I sometimes get the RPG 2 and 7 mixed up ( -2 has one pistol grip -7 has two pistol grips)
  15. LOL, that's a lot of guns! I see: -RPG 2 -Jackhammer -LAW 80 (duh) -PSG 1 -M16 w/ M203 -M2HB (.50 cal) -M249 SAW ammo box -HK G36 -A knife -Steyr AUG -unloaded M249 -SVD Dragunov -SMG in middle, Berreta SMG??? -HK MP5 -AK47 -Barrett M82 -Franchi SPAS-10 -MK23 mod 0 -Makarov -Benneli M4 (only gun I needed to look up) -HK G11 -a revolver -Supressed Russian SMG? those are all from memory except for the Benneli M4 which had a familiar looking stock but I couldnt quite place the name. My knowledge of firearms scares me.
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