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    Not everyone has a sense of empathy...I have four pet rats who are quite cool and incredibly social and whenever it comes up in conversation there's a good chance someone will feel the need to tell me how many of "those things" he killed in the past and even tell me of the gruesome and creative ways in which he did so, which always makes me think "wow that guy is so cool!'....yeah. One thing's for sure, the ability to kill animals for sheer amusement is an undisputable sign of a diseased mind. If I saw someone purposely swerve to hit a squirell or a cat etc..., I would imediately and forever consider that person to be a peice of garbage, raised by or brought up around other garbage. You've got to love all animals, after all, what else is there?...Most humans are too corrupt to be worthy of the sentiment.
  2. VC was a hoot, both online and off. Had a nice non-linear feel to it (even if it was at times, it never really felt like it) and the atmosphere of the game was superb. Player movement in multiplayer felt good, and clearly drew in alot of adult (ie. non-bunnyhopping) gamers. I played with my workmates for a few months in Nam thanks to VC. I'd call it an action title done right. One of my favorite blasts from the past -I'll be picking that one up for sure. Woot!
  3. Have you noticed the shrieks when you double-bounce 'em at high speed? Poor little fellas.
  4. Good idea! Should render the distortion negligible. Maybe you can cut up a soft/floppy fridge magnet into narrow strips and space'em precisely on your car for easy alignement in your graphics editor.
  5. Tons of Mosh Girl here. It takes a while to load, but man o man children can be so cruel....heh heh. Ultra Mosh Girl
  6. 4-way SLI shootout: First page Conclusion page If I could actually afford two high-end cards, I'd likely drool over the prospect of owning any of these boards, but apparently the DFI nF4 SLI-DR outperforms 'em all.
  7. You must be referring to Mosh-Girl (I've been laid off this week and flat broke and so have spent way too much time going through the compfused archives). Mosh Girl Aparently you have to register to see all but the first page, but from what I can see she must be supremely embarassed. A quick google made it clear this girl is famous... Mosh Girl 2 Scroll down...I love the Swat Team mosh girl Mosh Girl 3
  8. Man, I know you're focused on shocks, but you sound to me like you intend to use this bike for the streets (I could be wrong). I wouldn't want any shocks if I were going to be using it as a road bike. I'd have 'em dialed in so tight they'd might as well not be there (that springiness on asphalt ain't worth the extra weight and energy tradeoff). I really hope you intend to do alot of trail-riding or hot-dogging. I'd go with the one that's got the better shifters/derailleurs. Seriously, if one has Alivio and one has Deore LX, all other factors being equal I'd take the Deore LX anyday...actually for the road, I'd see if I couldn't tradeoff the shocks altogether and get an XT shifter and/or deralleur (though that's probably dreaming). I'm sure you're gonna love whatever you get, but I hope you end up with what's really right for your application. Good luck, and have fun.
  9. Looks amazing SnowFella! What program are you using? If you're going with photos, I hope you have a huge telephoto lens (judging from your work I'm sure you know).
  10. THIS looks like a job for Google Fight! Muhahaha! A or An?
  11. I know...me too. It is an horrendously annoying thing to hear.
  12. My idea of a trick is not falling and limping for three weeks (which I've done). But I'm not a spring chicken anymore.
  13. Well now, while we're on the subject of grammar, it always puzzled me that on newscasts and such, I've often heard the phrase "an historic event". It stuck in my craw, but I was always too lazy to check it out. A quick bit of googling brought me to this page: Let's nitpick, heh heh I suppose nobody's right or wrong on that one
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