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    i think she is someone that's not acting her age lol..
  2. i don't condone piracy by any means, but then look at a game that is $50-$60 US brand new, look at places like australia and the UK a game fetch in upward $90-$100 AUD and around the same in pound by the time you add taxes on too that... and you wonder why people pirate games.... the first 500,000 games sold usually cover the cost of development, then choosing your release format is the only average 50cents per cd and 75cemts - $1.50 per dvd..... do the math relating to your country on say 100,000 units from the highest price to the lowest... AUD is the currecy market i'm talking
  3. anything would be nice, personally i think both co's got themself's in the MOD EDIT when they did the console release 1st... i wouldn't be supprised to find them filing for bankruptcy in the future because of it... Do not bypass the swear filter.
  4. and every other gamer would like to see aswel... me persomally, something with a little C4 or something with gas in it or even better lining everyone that has anything to do with game and start shooting with a 9mm berretta sratubg with a ###### in the foot then working up the body til we finally get an amswer we all want to hear, a game release date... lol
  5. like any game with 1st or 3rd views with shooting aspects, personally i'm a keyboard and mouse player, i find the dpads rather useless for precise hits for the moment i'll stick to pc till a a brite decides to release a console keyboard... while the xbox is called a console technically speaking it's a pc running a console based OS which i believe is using a highly modified windows 2000 kernal...
  6. its a gr2 mod mapper for the pc, so people can design mods for the xbox version the game i suppose you could also port your gr1 map kits into it so you could could reuse the old maps.... if it supports the file fomat from gr1 i'm begining to think this a utility that has to be used on the xbox...
  7. look at cr6 post, lol, look's like ubi's just got around to a mod kit builder for the xbox version of GR2....
  8. me thinks you posted a mod builder for the xbox, since it states that much in the description for it... Description Experience the ultimate in team strategy! The Advanced Tactical Center for Ghost Recon 2 allows you to create new tactics and discuss them with your friends. Features include: - 22 Ghost Recon 2 Xbox maps plus area photos. - Paint tools like paint brushes, text, and icons to define your tactic. - Built-in chat client for up to 16-person strategy discussions. - Create, save, and export your tactics for easy sharing.
  9. all i know i hate waiting. i want gr2 or gr3 now, til the hardware for pc is available its pointless for them trying a console port cause the next gen consoles will be a different media looking at the major tech mags, so it pointless for them how well the new consoles will be and hard to forecast a prediction on the new technology and what they will do with it... they should keep us gamers happy and get thier finger out and release the game.. Being based in australia i'm not what's available in the US, over here blu-ray hasn't even hit the domestic market nevermind the PC arena.. til i
  10. I wonder if ubi has dug themself's into a hole releasing the console version 1st... all i hope if it ever gets a pc release, it hopefully blows the ###### out of the console version of the same game... waiting is all we can do....
  11. the way i look at it, if min requirements states above 1.5 ghz cpu and 512mb ram, i would look at system with atleast 2ghz cpu and 1gb+ ram, pending on the OS your running, with win xp i would a min of a 1gb in ram for the min though that's up to you... if like intels go intel, if you like amd's go amd, don't go on what others use and say to use, otherwise another ###### contest happens on what CPU is better, then a flame war begins.. the same thing with graphics cards.. i have used both nvidia and radeon based video cards, i find for over all frame rate the radeon is better by a v
  12. after you install a game i don't think the cd/dvd should be required, it should direct fom the hard drive.. since they don't do that you still require the little ###### to be in the cd/dvdrom....
  13. don't get me wrong i'm all Artillery strikes though we don;t want it to much like vietcong you know.... i'd like manual guages set for the scoped guns simular to what's used in the deltaforce series, where adjust distance and scope magnifications... the option to set your kits indevidually , like ammo, gun stocks the option to hang on to more equipment, using the f-keys to select which squad you want, leaving the 1-0 keys weapons settings with multiple key to fire rate, (example: 2 pistol press 2 for firing rate bteween semi-burst-auto), more building scope, like being able search every
  14. they probly getting ready for the launch of the pc version on that site....
  15. my personal oppinion they should of built the pc game up 1st then played with building the console variants of the game.... this time they arseaboutface releasing the console variant's 1st then building the pc up as a secondary source for gaming... i'm a gr pc gamer through and though.....
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