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  1. Well at the time I write this post, based on Verbus Units web tool which seem to poll the number of players playing GRAW 2 and GRAW the numbers are... GRAW2 = 240 players GRAW2 Demo = 34 GRAW = 112 But as mentioned.. this do not include one person sitting at home playing SP. Which I know a lot of people enjoy. I also do not know how aqurate the webpage is.. Again 240 people is more then I need to have a good time.
  2. Well I guess you can look at the glass half full or half empty.. I see it as full.. This means I have about 100 + or - people to play with every night.. of those 100, I probably know about 60-70 of those players.. which also means that I am playing with a great; if not the best bunch of guys/gals playing multi-player games.. But intersting enough.. Althought I still know the same 60 - 70 people playing, yet there are still about 1/2 of the people I don't know playing in most servers on any given night.. Therefore, that must mean that maybe not everyone plays games every single night.. Maybe my restricted '100 people' playing GRAW 2 might be more like around 200 -300 people.. I also wonder what goes on with servers when I am at work.. there might be a few others that I don't know during that time as well.. hmmm this list just seems to be growing.. oh ya, plus the three new recruits we just signed up on Clan, etc.. To tell ya the truth.. that is more people then I need to be playing 1 game to get enough random players and to have a great time each night I play.. but again, that's the way I look at it.. if you don't ... then, well I see it as .. that's too bad and maybe your losing out.. Mind you that's only if you like the game. But why else would you be posting on a forum if you don't like the game? If you don't like the game then well we have a whole othter discussion we can work on.. As for the RB6:V we have about 6-15 people on reg. playing the game and we have new recruits weekly. Therefore, if (and i say if with a little hesitation) GRIN/UBI can come out with a patch like anticipated... then maybe the servers might get back up to about 200 people playing a night? But I guess it's still not 20000 so I guess the game would still be dying? Anyway, to sum things up.. I don't need 20000 people playing to have a good time and my cup is still Full.
  3. The thing I don;t quite understand, and I hope somone can elaborate for me a little. How can the number of players on a server determine if a game is so called 'dead'. I guess if people meant from a multiplayer online experience. But still, the fact that only a handful of players playing on a few servers.. to me says hte game is still alive. Let me explain.. I like GRAW 2 and I can find a game with really good players any time I really feel like it. There is usually at least 4-5 server I can jump on. I am not sure but I think I can only on one server at a time.. and only up to about 32 players on a server. Therefore, if I still enjoy the game.. then I can still play the game. I can also play the game using different mods, gametypes, etc.. Therefore for me, the game is still alive.. Not sure if that get's my point across.. but there are many games that you can not even play multiplayer in and they still reside on my PC as well.. I wonder if those are all dead as well?
  4. I say give it one more chance.. get a team and join the GRAW 2 Tourney. There are at least 4 lives left in GRAW 2 a TDM life , a HH life, a Siege life and an RvA life. Hang around for all four lives and maybe you'll be crowned 'The Players' Champion and then you can put GRAW 2 to rest if you wish.. Head here: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showforum=220#
  5. I do not want to hijack this thread.. but I think the 3 hours matches are not the average. We have matched at least 10 times and scrimed a whole bunch more and I think i have only had 1 match go over the 2.5 hours mark because of ties and ties only.. in which each team had 1 - 2 guys left each. Also with this tourney it's only 1 map played a maximum of 5 times. But that's just SCE's experience thus far..
  6. We've just got to believe... we just have to.......... don't we? I think the only way UBI can milk this thing a little longer, by what I have been reading.. is if they do come out with a map pack of some sort...
  7. I won't say it's not possible because anything is possible.. but it depends on if I can get the resource to look into it and set it up. I have my hands busy enough with just organizing this event..
  8. realisitcally, even if there are only 20 people playing this game.. if you enjoy it and enjoy playing with them then you should have fun. When I grew up, we didn't have the internet so to speak, and I played Scrabble, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, etc.. with the same people each week and had a blast.. those people being my family. Anyway, there are still people playing, if GRIN can release a decent patch and UBI allows them to release some new maps and give GRAW a little more content.. hopefully more people will come back? As for the increase in game play on EUR and TWL ladders.. I am sure it's to hone up the skills... so jump on a team.. ShadowCompanyElite.com is a great one if your over 18.. and try to become GRAW2 best overall team
  9. I had a great time playing with my clan, BSR, MIA, AOD, etc.. last night.. the random spawns is a much needed an apprichiated addition to GRAW2. I would perfer to play with no respawns because then it would take spawn camping out all together.. but I understand why servers do not have it invoked..
  10. The time has come.. get your team together.. Your team might be good enough to win a TDM tourney, an HH tourney, a Siege Tourney or an RvA Tourney.. but can you win them all and be officially crowned ... 'The Players' Tournament Champion
  11. This thread is offically open.. sign up now and don't wait... action starts Nov. 2nd
  12. Hey usually I amthe one that stays kind of perky.. but I have a feeling it's because of the few posts about the new game GRIN is working on, Bionic Commando or what ever it's called .. but then again you never know?? Patch - Map pack - .... heart beat .. I would accept anything
  13. All the information should be released either tonight or tomorrow .. right now.. the help from people right now is one of two things.. 1) Get the word out.. a tourney is coming and to keep thier eyes posted on GRNet.com 2) If you have a server we can use for the tourney let me know..
  14. PSSST !! Tell the rest, tell them all.. Tell them what you ask? Tell them to stay posted to GR.Net. You think your team is tacticle, you think your team is the overall best GRAW2 team in all the land.. well you might just get that chance.. Stay tuned.. but don't blink .. you won't want to miss it..
  15. Welcome to The Players Tournament, where in the end... We will find who the Best overall GRAW 2 team is!! There will be four tournaments in total, TDM, HH, Siege and RvA. Each tournament will be worth points towards your over all Team Score. The better you do, the more tournament's you play in, the better chance you will have at being named The Best Damn Overall GRAW 2 Team in the Land. Each team must have the same team name for each event. Here is the break down: Win the Tourney = 16 pts Play in the Finals = 12 pts Play in the Semi Finals = 10 pts Play in the Quarter Finals = 7 pts Play in the first round will = 4 pts - depends on number of rounds played between 1 st round and quarters. Entering tourney and playing first match = atleast 1 point. The scoring structure will vary depending on the number of teams entered and the size of the bracket. (Amendment ) If after all four tournaments are played, we have a tie for the overall points gained, then the overall winner will be declaried by thier total overall Win/Loss record per match. (If a team does not take part in one or more of the tournaments and still has enough overall points for a tie; then the team will recieve 0 wins and 3 loss per tournament missed. This simulates that the team entered the missed tournament(s) but lost all games) The results of each Tournament will be posted in this thread. Good Luck to all teams that partcipate.
  16. This is kind of the map pack I was talking about above with Random Spawn zones. Random spawn zones should remain the same. Ideally they work best with no respawns, but if there are respawns then I think they should stay the same. But I am one for spawn raping to some degree.. if you have been able to move and establish position as a group and entrap the other team, then I say job well done. But personally, I am a no respawn type of guy when it comes to TDM. HH and Siege .. I like respawns.
  17. I can honestly say.. that both the Random Respawn and added maps where a blessing im eyes. But like you all experieinced.. our servers went from full every night to ghost towns?? Funny, you get the majority of people in GRAW and GRAW2 screaming for Random Respawns.. they get .. but they don't get it... get it? I completely understand the DL process is non-existent in GRAW2.. but surly I hope people can DL a file and move or copy the file to a specified location.. That's computer 101. But if not and people need help with DL and copying files let me know.. I will help out if required..
  18. All the servers used during the tourney will all be setup identically. Therefore, they will all be using the same .xml file and running the screenshot utility. During the matching period for each round you will be able to identify the Tourney Servers that are setup with the correct settings because they will be labeled SERVER 1 thru 6 with the team name proceeding. For instance: Server Name: SERVER 1 - SCE Tourney Server All servers will be password protected during each Bracket Round time frame. The password list will be sent to each team contact via one of the contact methods listed in Sign Up Thread. Only servers listed here can be used for matching. ROUND 3 Match Servers: SERVER 1 - SCE Tourney Server (Currently called shadowcompanyelite.com) SERVER 2 - AFZ Tourney Server (Currently called AttackforceZ Dedicated) SERVER 3 - S7 Tourney Server SERVER 4 - ICE Tourney Server SERVER 5 - SERVER 6 - CHECK THIS THREAD TO SEE SERVER AVAILABILITY - TAKEN SPOTS WILL BE BOLDED AND HAVE THE TEAMS NAME BESIDE THE TIME
  19. Nice, I will see if we can get it hosted on one of our GRAW 2 servers. If it gets tried and tested, maybe it will be used for our next tourney? What tourney you ask... hand around and wait for Oct 15th... Cheers
  20. RULES Game Type = TDM ROUND 1 MAP - tdm_Arroyo ROUND 2 MAP - tdm_Lagoon ROUND 3 MAP - tdm_TheCut FINALS MAP - tdm_Timber No Respawns Round 3/5 - first to 3 wins - teams will alternate spawns each round. Ties are worth .5 pointsto each team (See Amendments). Time Limit: 8 min Minimun number of Players: 4 per team Maximum number of Player: 12 per team No Kit Restrictions - all delievered weapon combinations available. Team with least amount of players (>4) will determine Max players for map. The team with the least amount of players will not be able to sub in players. Only members signed up for a specfic team can play in a match for that team. See:Sign Up Thread No special characters (etc: *,/,?,>, | ... ) in team name or players names allowed. Players with a 'CONSTANT' ping greater then 300 will not be able to take part in the match. Only designated Tourney Servers can be used for an offical match. No modifications, other then Communication Overlays, allowed. Bracket Matchups and Starting sides will be determined randomly before Toruney begins, then the Bracket will the rule. In the event of a dispute, they will be handled by the Tourney Committee. Screenshots and a document detailing the event must be submitted 1 hours post initial disputes. Send all disputes to IrishStout. This document needs to include the following: time of match, opponent, and server played on. All matches must be reported, by the losing team, via the appropriate thread per round, within 1 hours after the match has concluded. You must read throught each of the Pinned Topics and ensure you fill in the required information for each thread. You must also commit to checking these forums on a regular basis to ensure you have the latest information available. See amendments in reply below
  21. Personally, the hardcore guys seem to stil be around and I am seeing some nw faces as well. As long as the hardcore guys are around and the guys I hand with play it.. you will see SCE_IRISHSTOUT on a server. Personally, I still have a blast playing..
  22. On Lagoon in the second hole opening on the rock bridge. When looking towards the right up the hill, (from the water up to the bunker) you can shoot others but because of the hanging palm tree in front of the hole, others shooting at you hit the force field.
  23. Sounds really cool. I would like to try this. If it works out well maybe we will have our CO-Op Tourney's back?
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