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  1. I was just wondering if it is possible to use any of the large guns available i the demo? Like you could in GR. If vacant you could sit yourself behind the mounted machine guns? I am not sure if this has been discussed.. I have been reading so many posts of late it's hard to keep my head on straight... Irish Stout
  2. Now that I got your attention ... anyone notice when you get to the open area near the garbage dump there are june bugs.. or some type of bug flying around.. I think its kind of cool... Anyway.. back to playing ... Irish Stout
  3. Honestly, I am unsure. I am not sure even if GR was straight converted to this engine if it would still be [GR]. I think [GR] was just one of those special moments in life... Like a The Great One Gretzky, Micheal AIR Jordan, Jack The Bear Nicklaus. Ya sure other people come by that might break there records.. but they are still not that guy. Maybe we have built up GR to be the all powerful. Maybe no one can knock it off it's pedistal? But I can tell you.. I still jumped in my seat last night playing.. I still kind of peak around corners slowly.. I think this game even with some of it's, so called downfalls (Jaggies, Predicitable tango location, hight graphics card requirments), can still be and will be a great game. The damn AI out lasted me in a stand off... the tango sat longer then I did and then spring and through two shots to my head. Very few games released these days get everything right.. I still remember the same sort of conversations when the [GR] came out. Be honest with yourselves.. it was not the end all be all right away for many, many of you... it grew on you as it did mean.. kind of like that first sip of beer... everyone I ever met had that first beer time face.. Anyway, until the final release comes out, a few weeks pass by I wil hold final judgement.. a demo is a demo... it's not the full game!!! I am not saying it's perfect.. I hope the release has more tango's on a map that are not predictable in location (HX5 was popular because) I wish in the cross-coms guys mouth only moved when he spoke But those things will all come.. you will see.. Here's my rig and it plays just fine for me... AMD Athlon64 S939 3700+ (400) (90nm) DDR Corsair 2GB (2*1GB) 400fsb TWINX VALUE C3 Asus A8N-SLI NF4 S939 PCIE Motherboard Western Digital 250GB KS 7200RPM SATA 300 16MB Hard Drive On Board Audio XFX Geforce 7900GT PCI-E 256MB (standard) Irish Stout
  4. AMD Athlon64 S939 3700+ (400) (90nm) DDR Corsair 2GB (2*1GB) 400fsb TWINX VALUE C3 Asus A8N-SLI NF4 S939 PCIE Motherboard Western Digital 250GB KS 7200RPM SATA 300 16MB Hard Drive On Board Audio XFX Geforce 7900GT PCI-E 256MB (standard) No real issue here, other then not being able to select high. The game runs fine and I hardly notice jaggies at all. Mind you I use to play GR1 at 800 X 600, even thought I had a Geforce 3 card at the time. One thing I would like to see improved upon, althought not extreme, is when the person in the UD speaks, I would have like to see the mouth move only when the sound came out. (Maybe it's because in the HUD the sound travels a little quicker then the video??) The only other thing I am hoping for is more enimies on screen. HX5 was a hit for a reason. Anyway, I enjoy it and I am look forward to the Final Release ... A demo is a demo.. it's not the final release. I am sure GRIN will do what it can to help appease the majority. Thanks GRIN Irish Stout
  5. I have searched around and the earliest official release date so far, from a Canadian store, is MAY 11th from EB . Anyone find an earlier release date from a Canadian store? Irish Stout
  6. Not sure if this is the right place or not .. but... I am going to upgrade my PC... anyone have experiince with the Demo on which card seems to work better? I just think of games like DOOM 3 and Quake = NVIDIA Games like HL2 and Counter strike work better with ATI.. Any conclusion yet on the best card to get in terms of performance with the DEMO???? Any feed back would be greatly apprichated.. thanks... Irish Stout
  7. Ya, that's the ticket ... slow... if caught cheating no matter who your provider is.. your transfer rate should be slowed to 2400 baud. Then they can cheat all the want... or only allow them to see other servers full of cheaters.. Here's hoping Grin has some secret weapon no one can dismantle... Irish Stout
  8. I remember Full Mental Jacket ... Once this game comes out you'll have to look us up ... This sounds like the tactical shooter all orginial GR1 hardcore gamers (the one's still playing GR and there alot of us) will really apprichiate. Honestly, if there are only a few hundred thousand of us .. I am fine with that... And yes, the Mental was spelt that way on purpose .. Irish Stout
  9. Just wait until the game comes out .. then you'll see them all come out of the wood work.. Nit pickers... who needs'em.. I commend GRIN for all they are doing and all they have done. Just remember you can't please everyone but so far I am very pleased... and very excitted!! Keep up the good work.. Irish Stout
  10. These statments alone have sold me (not that I wasn't already sold)... This is bang on to what I expected. Especially the "leave nothing to chance". If FMJ goes up against another team in MP... I want to know that they beat us stratigically (if that can happen... LOL) ... not by run and gun tactics like COD et al ... I love the idea of the game being similar to a chess game. If you have the better tactics, in my opinion that team should come out on top .. providing of course they can shoot straight I like to know why I died... sniper shot.. nade blast... hense the reason I am also in favor of bullets not flying through walls.. I could see it now.. playing some team and them finding out I am in a building and just blasting away blindly at the building...
  11. From everyone at FMJ ... about 9 of us now... we all thank you for the hard work and devotion you have shown to creating a game you truely believe in. I am sure this hard work will be seen by all. Again, you can not please everyone, but I have a feeling this might be as close as it can get. Once again thanks...
  12. Two quick questions... other then the folks here right now.. who has the biggest GRIN at GRIN? And secondly... who is the King of GRAW at GRIN... Not trying to stir anything up here .. BWHAHAHAH!!! Looks great guys Irish Stout
  13. I am not sure if this idea might have already been brought about? Or already exists? But, I think this would be an exciting MP game type? Let me know... maybe when the game comes out a modder might take the lead before GRIN/UBI?? It goes way back to the Rainbow series where they involved civilians in the field.. I was thinking of how things in Iraq are playing right now! People in the streets, in their houses.... Meanwhile a war is going on right beside them.. Innocent people dying.. So here goes.. Essentially, game play where its Team vs. Team, but where points count. Take an Urban environment and add civilians... you get a +1 if you kill an opponent and a -1 if you kill a civilian. Think of it, you are creeping around the corner, you think an opponent is around the corner and you edge around the corner firing.. only to noticed you just knocked off three civilians.... You see an opponent in the distance, don't scope out the territory well enough launch a grenade, but you didn't notice the women scared in the corner petrified to move... +1 for taking out the other teams commander – 1 for taking out the women. Your team is still ahead of the game, the other team is still down 1 guy. I am not sure of the whole scoring system.. I just said + 1 - 1.. Maybe go +1 for opponent kills and -.5 for civilian? I know in GR1 there have been many times where I've been a little shaky only to jump out from behind the car and shoot one of my own... I think it might make the action even more intense.. maybe you delay in reaction time a little because you are unsure if that is an opponent down the street or a civilian… Anyway, just a thought...
  14. I just wanted to thank you because I noticed you have been posting again lately.. For a moment there I thought UBI may have put the ol' restraining order on you.. You seem to be this communities only informant... Thank Bo, hope you feel better soon..
  15. You can't just wipe me away that easily... not without a fight, I tell ya.. Irish Stout
  16. Anyone getting that GR2 feeling again Little info, pushed back dates... I think it is pure torture.. it's inhumane .. I think we may have send in our own Ghost to investigate.. I will rally the troops... Irish Stout
  17. I was just curious, is there someway on the homepage to indicate that the news pertains to the PC version, Xbox Version or PS2 version? I find alot of times I am reading hte news only to later be disappointed the information pertains to the Xbox version ... I really don't care for the Xbox version or PS2 version. The news I want to read is only on the PC version. I am not dismissing the importance of the Xbox or PS2 version.. but a little indicator would be great, maybe PC icone beside the news, an xbox icon for xbox etc... Not sure what all would be involved but I am getting tired of hearing nothing but Xbox and reading a news section only latte to find out the whole article was dealing with Xbox... Thanks, again only a suggestion... Irish "To lazy to read throught them all" Stout
  18. Anyone else have the same feeling. Again, I understand the "big" release of GRAW for Xbox360 is out and is doing very well. I also understand that PS2 is next.. I understand UBI / GRIN have to ride the wave, but I can't feel like we have been a little forgotten.. It's to bad GR1 has us all hooked.. So much that we have been through thick and thin... if it was any other title or if my GR expereince was even a little different I would have given up on this long ago.. think of it.. we were promised a GR2 two years ago, then GR3 was promised before xMas, then Feb and now we are looking at May at the earliest.. Damn you UBI.. Damn you I hope it doesn't suck... I will feel like such and idiot... Mind you .. I guess it will save me a PC upgrade and I will just keep playing GR1..
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