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  1. Yes I play under Irish Stout, but you will see me on more as SCE_Irish Stout
  2. I like the various game types myself and I am sure my clan will play just about any game type as well. I like RvA alot and think it is meant to be used as a Laddering game mode. Siege, to me is more about just having fun where as HamHill I see as being converted to a laddering game mode as well.
  3. Thanks ZJJ, now what about getting it under GRAW - PC Versions Do we have any console GRAW2 clans? I guess I could go read the forum hehehe... but a sub-forum under here would be great.. again a one stop shop for everything PC Version releated? (My mommy always taught me to 'Ask or you'll never truely know the answer')
  4. Hey Viiper, Thanks for the reply.. I know there is a section below just for this sort of thing.. but as mentioned I never go there. It's kind of like a grocery store for me... I want to go to the drink isle for drinks.. althought there might be better drinks in the cereal isle I have missed . I won't go there.. HUH you say.. well I play GRAW2 and I go to the GRAW2 forum .. I know I won't go down to the other forums .. therefore if the propsed Sub-Forum exists here.. just like the Beta Test Sub Forum was under GRAW2.. if it would have been down below somewhere in the GRNet beta section.. I would have been less likely to go there.. not sure if that make sense? I guess I perfer everything GRAW2 to be under GRAW2. I could probably host a T.S. server myself and it would not cost anything.. but it's on my wife's PC which she always turn off.. I am hoping to that maybe ROCO or someone can step up to the plate.. maybe the T.S. stays up all the time? Just a central location for communication Cheers,
  5. Hey fellow GRAW2'ers and forum Admin's, I was wondering if it might be possible to setup a Sub-Forum within the GRAW2 forum just for clans/people who are interested in matching/scrims or event nights. I know there is a section below in another section of the GRNet form for GR .. but I only ever come to the GRAW2 forum and I think a sub-forum here would work best. Anyway, here's what I am thinking... the Sub-Forum would be a place for CLANS to, and not exclusively: Post Clan data and Match Contacts, post events, post ladders there clans belong to, etc... A central place where information is stored so Clans looking for matches or events could go. Where players could learn more about other clans and clans could create alias with each other to help GRAW2 take off strong. I know I see a lot of familiar names on GRAW2 forum all the time.. but know little about where they play and who to get a hold of to get a match happening etc.. This would be that place.. To get things going I was thinking we could hold an event, until GRAW2's release where one night a week.. someone could host a T.S. for everyone (same person al the tiem would be great) who is interested in a match or scrim with GRAW2 Demo could go to.. For instance.. let's say it's Thursday nights.. Clans could log on to the T.S. server and see other Clans / Players who are already interested in looking for a match type scenario.. Say Clan 1 shows up with 4 guys and CLan 2 show's up with 5 .. they want to get a scrim together... if there are a few floaters in the Server, they scoop one up to make it 5 v 5.. again no real ladder play involved. It’s just to get us ready for Matching for the final release of GRAW2, where it really doesn't really matter who wins... but you start to build a rapport with other clans and maybe pick up a few people for your own clan? I don't know if this make sense or not.. but it's just an idea.. maybe it can be elaborated on? Let me know your thoughts..
  6. Ummm.. no not really, not all of us I don't think... I think it's fine the way it is, personally. Good Job GRIN
  7. I wonder if we should make the last few comments into it's own post? I know GRIN looks at most if not all posts .. but this is something I think we'd all be in agreance of. Multiple (as random as possible) spawn points would take this already great looking product over the edge in terms of multiplayer features... I could even for go some of hte other requested changes to get this one implemented...
  8. Nice Job dude.. I hope that it is easier for sure to import into GRAW2 with what you have shown us. The possibilties are limitless...
  9. It does make sense, because in the animation the soldier has one knee in the ground which he drags after himself. I know that anyone who goes into crouched position does that to become a harder target, to not be seen as well, and when someone doesn't want to be seen he probably doesn't want to be heard either - but it's a balance between realism and gameplay. Some scream for realism, some - such as yourself - have the sense to understand that total realism doesn't always cater for a fun game. In the sequel, we'll lower the sound you make when dragging your knee across the ground in that manner. So that's one point off you list. Do others feel that this sound has been lowered? Not so much to me? By no means am I saying it has not been and that Desmond22 did not keep his word.. I just find it as loud at me own player. Not sure if it is louder or not for others to hear me?
  10. I just hosted a server.. and it started.. not sure if anyone else could see it.. I will host again at 1:30 and see.. I just want to play a little GRAW2.. I am working from home and need a break..
  11. Mmmmmm, I am going to go make one right now... then when I am done eating it.. I am going to fly one of those through some unlucky soul As long as the servers are backup ..
  12. I saw that too. Pretty cool. I saw it as well.. pretty cool. It mentioned some other sites as well. I might check them out to see what type of stuff is being posted by GRIN there. Nah.. GRNET is all I need because GRIN knows there is not better GRAW forum in the world
  13. Hmmm, that sure would be a nice gesture..but not needed, some of these would be fine hehehe...
  14. I am going to check out SP to see what kind of new stuff they have put in the game and check out some eye candy.. Then I am going to hop on to GRnet and see what others think. Then I am going to play a little MP. Then I am going to see where and which Clans are joining which ladders so SEC can take a bite out of them. I REALLY, REALLY hope this game is match ready out of the box and that CLANS are going to jump on and start matching early.
  15. As long as the delay is the result of fixing issue that have turned up.. great. Even if it's not I don't mind waiting. Just as long as we are not waiting because UBI wants to release the PS3 version first ;p Not only that.. I think the summer is the worse time to release a game anyway.. no matter how good the game is, I'd rather be outside..
  16. Have to agree about the multiple spawn points. I know it's not graphic related.. but would be nice.. Also like I mentioned a long time ago n the this very post.. weather effects ...
  17. yes, that can be sometimes really frustrating. there could be 3 solutions: stronger weapons or less health or shaking view when hit I have a feeling that with all that has been said about the issue, this will be addressed .. if not in the release then in a patch a week or so after. That and the you hit my battleship blob.. I hope anyway...
  18. I have to say.. good post if I do not say so myself..
  19. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this? I get on T.S. with my friends. The volume level is perfect. When I initially get into the game the sound on T.S. is still great. As soon as I go into Sound Options and pick Extreme and then apply (have an XF-I) .. the voice level on T.S. increase. I can't alt tab out to adjust because I get the two mouse pointers issue. Anyone else notice this? Again I have a SOund Blaster XFI and being at work (doh!!) I am unsure which drivers I have loaded...
  20. Just for that and becasue Cobb is from SCE.. I totally disagree
  21. Can't say I totall agree with the comment above.. I take glitches, which are in game not to be all that great. It takes away from the intended gameplay.. i.e. (hate to bring it up) but GR1. But in terms of Spawn kills... as long as it's not right from the get go.. i.e. One base can see the other and fire GL's and take out the other team before they even have a chance .. but if the spawn is taken with blood and guts.. then I commend the other team.. I kwon not realy on topic.. sorry!!
  22. Things I like 1 - Sounds 2 - Graphics excellent 3 - Atmospheric feel 4 - Classes and weapons choice (althought I enjoyed did picking my load out) 5 - Fast Load times (so far with no mods - not sure about final release?) 6 - RvA game type - nice it has a Match feeling to it 7 - Weapon pickup 8 - Game Pace is great 9 - Prone works better 10 - No JUMPING 11- the fact that I could keep going on... Things that need to be improved or added 1- Wound Model (better yet .. an impact for beign hit.. should not be able to shoot accurately when someone loads a clip in to you) 2 - Climb ability over smaller objects 3 - Roll in prone (edit -- or peaking.. sucks you can't be prone and peak around a corner or what have you) 4 - Sort abilty on Server Lobby 5 -remove the 'Who Killed Who' 6 - Change the hit blob to ret coluor change Great Job GRIN and keep up the good work and the Support.. I WANT TO SEE EXPANSION PACKS before I see GRAW3!!!
  23. Hmmm, I am trying to decide on if this is a "'good thread" as in 'It's the only real rant left to ran about, the whole 'We should get the information first because we are the US" or is it just .. well All in all, I am just glad the game is coming out and that there is information .. period !! Don't go getting your knickers in knot now... it's a little thing I like to call 'facetiousness' You are after all my neighbour's to the south
  24. All I can ssay is ... no BSOD here... so I guess I got a different and better copy of the demo then you? I hope you understand I am being a little facetious in my reply.... but really, take a look at yor rig, make sure you meet the full specs.. have the latest drivers for your on-board sound, via drivers (motherboard dependant) .. etc. Try to get to the root cause... more importantly, try to see if there is a specific trigger.. then report on it..
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