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  1. What can I say that has not already been said.. Have a Guinness on me Brio
  2. I'll chime in for what it's worth... If you have a game type that has another objective other then just eliminating the other team, you will remove the camping. That or one team will always win. Does it require more stradegy? That can be highly debateable. To help restrict the 'so called' camping aspect of the game, you need two things.. 1) Change the lenght of the match time, make it 7 or 5 minutes (that way games are over faster) 2) Figure out someway to decide a tie... maybe a shoot out in the middle of the map??? Personally, I enjoy TDM and enjoy the suspense and build up. I think someone mentioned earlier on.. you capitilize on the other team mistake.. wiether it be they move to quick or sit to long.. either can be considered a mistake.. But one thing I have found.. and I have already played in a few excellent 2-3 hour matches on GRAW2 (AOD, AFZ, KI, CLONE) interesting enough as the night gets later mistake are more prone because people get impatient.. it happend to us just yesterday night.. we had a guy that had to go and he thought he would take a chance on the last map for hte win.. he went and got hit.. I tried ot cover his loss and got hit myself... then we where behind the eight ball.. no one but ourselves put us there.. Anyway, I don't think we should be coming down so hard on the Hot guys, they are just voicing an opionion and trying to get us trying different game types.. I like objective type game types.. just not really for matches because I do not like respawns and more objective oriented game types don;t work well with no respawns.. or are over before the game ever really begins..
  3. If I remember correctly GR1 had this same issue when we first started playing matches as well. It was quickly patched. Thanks god for patches..
  4. I remember playing in a few of the TWL vs TCZ matches for GR1.. man they where AWESOME. If memory serves me right.. TWL sure did give a few ###### whoopings LOL. Oh did I mention I was an admin back then for TWL .. hehehehe ... It's a great place ot match.. not saying BQL is not as well. I just go from experience .. and TWL is up to 14 teams and climbing..
  5. I agree... this should be implemented. Nope but i would like to. To fix the balance teams... leave it on but change it from 2 to a # like 7. Works on our server. I believe.. and I could be wrong.. but I think the Clan Match box keeps teams together when you swtch map sides? Unless this already happens? I know if does not keep teams togehter when changing maps..
  6. Does it cost anything to get IRC and join? Just curious.. Also thanks for taking the lead on this.. might be what the community needs.. If i only had more time..
  7. I think the game is slowly dying because of not enough content, no editor at release and no Gaming League or Ladders starting up for GRAW2. But the game STILL ROCKS!! So here is what needs to happen from the community and the provider: GRIN - Needs to release a map pak with the next patch (which I am sure is in the works) GRIN - Needs to release the dev tools Community - we need a N.A. Ladder a.s.a.p. I think there are like 6 - 10 Clan I can think of that would jump on a ladder as we speak. Get the competition going and you will raise interest. For instance - TWL - get off you butt and get the N.A. ladder up.. if the servers are unstable, (which I really have no seen) let the community worry about that.. we know how to stablize servers or help those that are in question. Or simply turn the EUR ladder in to a World Ladder.. teams can decide on good tiem to scrim? I have not heard of BQ Gaming (http://www.bq-gaming.com/content.php?pagec...ms&league=3) but they have a GRAW 2 ladder up.. might not be the best but let's all join up and make it happen.. GRIN - If no community ladder starts up, maybe you can create one?.. It would create interest.. maybe have a few tee-shirts availbe for the winner.. start a tourney.. Help sell the game and get the community interested again. If this won't happen, someone get a freaking excel file posted on the internet to track wins and losses If AFZ, XE, SCE, PW, etc.. jump on and buy in.. anything can work. Build it .. and they will come! Lastly .. look up SCE (www.shadowcompanyelite.com) or PM me and we can get scrims going.. We are having our Divsion meeting this Thursday @ 9:00 p.m. est and then we will be ready to go full blast..
  8. SCE now has our server online and ready for players of all caliber.. hop on and have some fun. . By the way, did we mention we are recruiting.. 18 + years of age please.
  9. I think to truely experience the game you need different respawns for different game types. For instance - HH works well with full respawns because the object is not which team dies first, but who gets the most time in the smoke. Whereas TDM is about outlasting the other team by either eliminating them or having more guys alive. All it takes however is one kill to get things going when you have two teams that care about the end result. As soon as 1 kill occurs you then have a team in the lead. If the other team wants to at least tie, then the need to get a kill. So I believe the match can start out like a chess game.. but again, all it takes is one kill. I also think that with many people coming from different games they may have a different view from those hardcore GR1 fans. Back in the day, TDM was not about who got the most kills, but about which team survived the most. With a large number of respawns (or unlimited) it is more about individual statistics. Who killed who more. For GR1 and hopefully GRAW 2 fans I hope it will be about who out thinks, out manouvers and out lasts the other team. If a server is setup with 0 respawns and you have two teams that want to win and a tie will just not do.. it is enevitable.. a few gun fights wil happen. Where this game type faulters is when you have two teams that care more about not being killed then winning. For instance... Team A still has 1 peep alive and Team B have 4, instead of Team A going to try ot win the game (a La Hero), they hang back and camp so they can say they stayed alive. This also fails when team B who have 4 people left, sit back on there lead and do not want to chance lossing more guys. Again, like a chess match.. I personally see nothing wrong with example number 2, other then it can be a little boring. But again, it's about survival and winning the match. Cheers,
  10. Hey Guys, Just because I know a lot of people don't go looking in the LCAN area.. I thought this would be an okay post here to get you to look there.. Where are you going to play? [Moved to correct forum - It is not ok to spam other forums. At this site you only need to post once and in the correct forum, not also in ones that have "high traffic" ]
  11. I have to admit Cell has a point. Playing the game with no respawns level's the field. If you don't mind waiting sometime after being killed early.. it brings back A LOT of what GR1 was. I know I primarly matched with GR1 and when playing with no respawns.. it slows everything down and makes it very tactical. Again, get on T.S. with a few peeps and try it out. When you die (and we all do) jump into DeathCam and follow around and help out your fell team mates. You'll jump out of seat a few times and wonder just where that guy that shot you last was.
  12. Now there's the community spirit .. nice work guys Honest...
  13. I gave in and Direct2Drive GRAW2. Not a bad deal actually.. ordered it.. took a few hours to DL and popped it on a DVD. Only cost $49.99 with no tax.. here in Ontario.. that saved me 14%. But like most of you.. no copies around me neighbourhood yet.. FutureSop, BestBuy or EBGames.. they have not received the shipment.. if they do it won't be out until tomorrow.. so I will see you EUR and USA peeps on tonight
  14. Hy Mwgfghost, I will be getting the game tomorrow.. head on over to SCE. I am sure you'll find a few guys that will play. www.shadowcompanyelite.com. I think in our forums we list the I.P. of our T.S. server. Just let them know Irish sent ya
  15. Hey Guys, I have not seen a lot of discussion around this topic yet. But as the topic suggests, is GRAW 2 match ready out of the box? If not then what needs to happen to ensure it get's match ready. I only ask becuase in my eyes, this is what killed GRAW1 the most. Teams\Clans want to see who is the best and want to have a good time doing so. I look forward for replies from those who a) Have the retail version of the game b) Have a clan that matched with GR1 or are lookign forward to matching in GRAW2. Thanks, p.s. I should be getting my copy tomorrow
  16. In regards to the number of drops.. I know it's not you guys.. but I have read that a leaked copy or few illigal copies are floating around.. hopefully it is those people that are dropping. That or some people trying to circumvent the anti-cheat and getting caught..
  17. Place holder for myself as well, I guess.. another Canuk anxiously awaiting for Thursday. {Place the Stout and his GRAW 2 here.. but for now I guess this will have to do..} P.S. -- Great Idea.. I love the concept
  18. No disregard to anyone .. and really I am tired of seeing people continually get this point across.. but for the last time.. A look at Consoles: Same platform, same hardware.. same everything for each person that buys it. (Games are still buggy) PC's = Many different hardware configuration, many different driver version, different operating systems, many different states of overall Computer health. in which can = crashes, poor performance ... problems. Now I can't speak in regards to GRAW2 as I still don't have my copy.. But I have a feeling that if GRIN'S testing PC's crashed all the time, it would not have passed QA. I also have a feeling thought that GRIN'S QA process is not include grabbing someone's defunct PC from some guy/girl who does not know the difference between a right click and a left click on a mouse. Again, maybe your crash is specific to your hardware/software/overall PC state or maybe it is genuine and is something we will all incounter.. But you have a PC .. PC's are for those who like to try to figure out things and relying on someone's elses probelm and having them decide on the fate of 'Will I buy it' will I not espeically after the final comments where .. <quote>The maps (most important to me) rock!!!! From a design and artictic point of view! Just Thank You ! <\quote> Just seems crazy to me .. but again this is just my opinion and not an attack on any one individual...
  19. We're up the creek aren't we McGhost...... I thought 7 series were supported? Ahhhh, here we go....right from the site: Supported Video Cards at Time of Release: - ATI® Radeon® 9559, 9600, 9800/X800-X1950 - NVIDIA® GeForce™ 6200-8800 Cheers! Fresh I hope you guys are just kidding around.. right! I am sure you all know that a '-' or better know as a dash incidactes that all cards from 6200 to 8800 are supported.. this means all the cards inbetween as well. I believe 7950 falls in between the numbers 6200 and 8800? If not then well, I guess it has now been explained.
  20. Shadow Company Elite is now Recruiting for our GRAW2 squad division. Clan name: Shadow Company Elite (SCE) Number of members: 85+ Requirements to be in the clan: 18 years & older About our clan: Founded 1997 Global, Adult community of brotherhood. We primarily play FPS type games. We have a server for all of our supported games, AA, BF2142, GR:AW2 (upon release), ArmA, R6:V and soon CRYSIS. We are a No pay clan, and do NOT practice military Ranks. We are a bunch of people that like to game and have fun...after all it is a GAME. We are extremely competitive in match play and look for Fun/competitive players to join our squad! Website = http://www.shadowcompanyelite.com Apply Here = http://www.shadowcompanyelite.com/forum/in...hp?showforum=11 Application Format: http://www.shadowcompanyelite.com/forum/in...?showtopic=7827 Server Stats for GRAW2: Not up yet Tell them Irish Stout sent ya See you on our forums ...
  21. I think this was mentioned in another post? When on a hill and I issue a Cover That commmand to my team and there is a Tango on top of the hill, my team just keep shooting into the ground repetatively.. I am not sure if this only happens when there is a tango at the top.. or if it's just a cover that issue?
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