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  1. I loved GR1 and island thunder for Xbox, loved it, I really like GR2 as well, though it wasnt quite as good. I kinda gave up on the console version when GRAW hit and went to the pc version and I was happy I did at the time. I just hate when devs make games watered down, hated the diamond icons on screen showing u an enemy, and alot of the dumb ui tweaks made to make the game easier. ANYWAY, i was playing gr2 in my 360 today and understandably found no one online. But i was wondering were there game modes in GRAW 1 and 2 that made it like a real tactical shooter, where it was a hard hitting fps? I went pc route and while it was good, the damn game killed my powerful pc so I didnt play much. Prolly played through campaign but barely. Anyway if I purchase GRAW2 for 360 is it like a genuine GR experience, like how there is a hardcore mode on COD4? Or is it all halo friendly servers? Also since im on the topic, anyone know if people still play GR1 on xbox/360? I would think it was more likely cause of GR1 being better than GR1. Thanks hope GR4 is going to be great, cant wait to get back into this type of game.
  2. My two major beefs with demo 1. The lack of silent moving. I dislike how its very hard to move anywhere in the game silently. Walking upright, fast crouching, and running should be noisy, especially running. I wish there was a crouch that made little noise, less than it currently does, and I wish crawling, or prone was silent. when I crouch and go normal speed its somewhat loud, in my footsteps it sounds like im walking through wet grass, or puddles. I dont know I was hoping ghosts could be gohsts. ALl you need to do is get to a choke point, hunker down until you here the squishsquish of footprints. Again i understand the walking and running and fast crouch, normal crouch is slow so it should be pretty near silent. 2. Apart from the easy spawn camping the demo has is the nade launchers. playing tonite a number of round leaders would have 45 kills with the next best at like 10, because theyd get close to the spawn and just shoot a nadelauncher, killing 2-5 people at a shot., also if i find a guy in mid map and it turns into a dual i will lose cause he doesnt even need to aim much and im dead. very rarely will he overshoot or undershoot. I dont see how only giving one nade to a guy at spawn makes much sense but it is better than having a guy kill 10 guys in 2 shots, (outside figure). its bad enough someguy marches into a spawn its another if hes carrying nade launchers. nades are ok obviously cause if i trogh a nade it takes time to wind up the arm and the through threw the air takes a sec or two plenty of defense time. also then he has to switch back to a gun. nades should be given to more kits too, they are far farer. [Merged with the existing feedback thread]
  3. man i feel like I posted this somewhere, cause I came here to post it here too. yes this is really a show stopper for me, you dont even need to get to choke points only 50 feet from spawns and witha sniper rifle you can see the exits to spawn points and just sit there and nail away. how this is a good thing i dont know. also it gets the game feeling VERY repetitive, all you do is exit spawn, go to choke point, fight. Its not like it should be where you exit spawn, find a spot and look all around, for many diff avenues of enemies. Ironically I believe the real problem with the game is that the maps are too small, if the demo map is normal/ because its easy to run into poeple, remember the original GR those maps could be big, open but still saw alot of action. The demo map sucks because its a valley, snipers can just sit on the hill sides and look for movemtn and fire down. if it was flatter snipers wouldnt have it so easy. After saying this the map does a great job on obstructing views throughout, but it will be great to play another map for once. As it stands right now I think alot of people see this as a deal breaker. Id buy this game for MP the single player in GRAW1 i felt was not very rewarding. If the MP is sorta ok i will wait till i get this one on sale, and continue playing GR1.
  4. In my add/remove software, i noticed I have a listing for GRAW, at 3.66gigs, but I also have a list called graw patch 1.20 and its listed at 4.065 Gigs, do I need both, and if so which, i was thinking the patch one is really the game patched to 1.20, and the other is an older out dated list. if i uninstall the patch through this way will it ruin the game?
  5. so not many people are even playing Graw, I thought it was a semi big hit. course it is on this site as it should be so maybe im not seeing it clear.
  6. I was going to play my first Multi game yesterday but for some reason there were prolly less than 20 servers with any substantial amount of people in them. Also I selected a server and before loading it kicked me out saying that i didnt have the correct files. (as if I had an un updated game, like in other games) However I have 1.20 downloaded and installed. Please advise. THanks.
  7. it all depends on the program/game, if it is multi threaded or not, most arent however. But I think that if you have two hefty progs working at once the pc will know enough to split the work on two cores, one prog on a core. so for instance its alot cleaner burning a DVD while editing video all at once with no slow down. But as for games Im not sure. It certainly wont make u run faster, as in 10mph instead of 5mph, it may tho help the graphics and AI, maybe.
  8. I had beaten lvl 6 and started 7, went to play after patching and i had to do check point 9 overagain. where I have to fight the 2 enemy tanks with mine. Well the first tuime i did it it was simple, my tanks destroyed the enemy fast. Now 6 tries later i cant get anywhere. my tnaks may attack, but usually only once, then they return to looking straight. and their movements are very low intelligent. i dont know, is there anywya to skip lvl 6 since i alreadt won it? Or is there a prob with 1.10 with tanks.?
  9. not trying to push anyone to buy something, but after this new cooler, the Accelero X1 im getting tops at 54degrees Celcius, thats like 30 below a normal temp for this card. Its so cool. will try oc'ing it maybe. but def have ur case clean too.
  10. Ok here is real results. I bought a Accelero X1 from Newegg.com http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835186001 for about 30 bucks, ordered thurs, got monday. Went looking namely came across a nice GPU test from madshrimps as seen here http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticle&articID=405 and from what I read the Accelero came out on tops and 15 bucks less than the Zalman, also i didnt get the NV silencer(my orig choice) when i read that some cards mems werent touching the heatspreaders correctly. But orig my games had run fine, the past two weeks however saw my pc games cut off and a popup from nvidias control panel exclaiming my gpu had reached 118 or so degrees Centigrade, yes thats right. so needless to say until tonite i havent played much GRAW lately. So now it runs at 40degrees at idle, now typing, and when playing a game it doesnt break over 55degrees C, yes a raise in only 10-20 degrees tops. Not bad from the heat i sued to get. Installation was a breeze, it was harder removing the orig cooling than installing the new stuff. And I can say my game is running better than ever, i honestly feel its running smoother. the Zalman, 7700 or 9900 Ithink thats their names, are decent too. Might be a cheap upgrade for a good bit of better gaming. Oh the old heatsink and fan was really dusty, I should have blown it out better before trying this out, but I dont think it was at fault because it had always been dusty. BUT try dusting first.
  11. thats really weird because my card gets to 120, and i get a popup saying its overheating. wow, maybe it is the game. but i dont think so cause i tried GR1 and a couple of other games and it still overheated. also just idling its 82 degrees. i have a PNY 6800GT 256 AGP and i just ordered a Accelero X1 and will be installing it tomorrow when i get it. now im worried its the game. but why would it overheat with GR1??? well ill keep u posted.
  12. they probably played, reviewed it, on a tip top system. as they should. so alot of the probs I and others are having probably arent showing up/
  13. its out tomorrow just kidding, im hoping thio its what was promised it was.
  14. my crosscom proc is already false, no never mind i looked at it wrong, will try it out now does this change the color of it when u full screen it or the small screen. also is there any way to change the black and white for color, or to take out the interpolation look???
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