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  1. yeh, me too! I even just tried a new blank script from start. Just wasnt typing in the name of the block lmao! Ive done a lot of C++ coding and used to debugging some wierd sh!t. Its always the really stupid things that drive you crazy
  2. Oh jeez, lmfao. Ive been awake doing this stuff for far too long. Apologies if my previous post sounded somewhat snappy. Of course it was a dumb ass mistake on my part. I must have made over a thousand tags in this last few days, my mind has gone on freeze lol Sry to bother all, Ill post a link to my mod up here when Im done. Im pretty pleased with it, better than any MP team mod that Ive played (modest and un-biased I am not). ¤P.T¤ Frank
  3. I do know that, it just aint working! Ive jst reinstalled and same ###### problem!! Im ready to cry lol I mean I thought it odd when I did a search on here and found absolutely nothing, this is the most bizarre program problem I have ever come across. A button ceases to work for no apparent reason, like its on permanent disabled, and continues to not work after reinstalling?!?! Bound to be some dumb ass error on my part Im sure (hopes)
  4. Everything else seems to be working fine and I am just fine tuning my first mod and BAM, I cant add tags! The 'Add' button is greyed out, I have tried the 'Create' button with no joy. At first I thought it might be that Id reached a limit, but it wont let me add tags in any other mission file either! Anyone ever experienced this before? :'( Well, going to reinstall, it better had work... ¤P.T¤ Frank
  5. Yeah, v cool, they got some nice choppers in there with cool destruction effects . Only problem is I cant get them to move! Any clues? Thanks again ¤P.T¤ Frank
  6. Have a team MP mission with 2 teams and some AI Tanks. I would like the tanks only to attack a particular team (i.e. make them friendly to the other team). I have tried making a company invisible but this does . Any idnot workeas? Cheers ¤P.T¤ Frank
  7. Sure, the problem remains the same tho (which is solved), how do you specify the actor when there are two teams of them. That just changes the method of killing em, and with the damage effect you can add a delay very easily - handy if you want them to die after being in the fire for x seconds...
  8. Ah I see, yes that would be too easy huh lol. Well I already have HX5 and requiring HX5 for server side mod is a small price for having chopper do what I want it! (I assume I would need the mod active when playing the mission - well what the hey, will soon see!) Thank you very much ¤P.T¤ Frank
  9. Oh sweet ty, so use the HX5 chopper and tag it as a tank or jeep? Surely not the Blackhawk? I couldnt be so close and yet so far could I??!!! ty
  10. You may have gathered from my flurry of posts of late that Im modding an MP Team Mission (my first mod indeed), more likely you hadnt even noticed but hey! Well everything is going swimmingly except for a few hitches including this one: I want to trigger radio voices in the players heads, but each team will hear different things. Now with a coop or single player mission, you would just use PlaySoundPlayer right? But you can not do this when you have two teams as there is no player platoon to speak of. Right, so I try using PlaySound3d at each players location (using a player loop for the relevant company). This works just great if the player is stock still, put if they are moving at all, they can often miss the voice alltogether and just get a muffle as the sound does not move with the player. BOOO. Is there a proper way to do this that I am missing? I may be wrong but it seems that the scripting power leans more favourably to the coop and single player missions than multiplayer team ones, which I am more interested in lol but hey, can still do some pretty cool stuff Thanks in advance again ¤P.T¤ Frank
  11. lol, who was I kiddin, myself. Im sure you've exhausted all avenues in however many years. Gotta give it a go tho. (makin it a boat dont work) ¤P.T¤ Frank
  12. Well, I didnt have the patience, spent another coupla hours doing a cimematic (not done one before you see) and found out that it didnt work. As expected really. Ive just had an idea tho, if you edit the Blackhawk vehicle file and make it a boat that might just do it (movement completely different of course). Just waiting on someone to test it out with... will get back with results ¤P.T¤ Frank (Oh before you say it, I realise that this will make all other games using a chopper completely screwed, but just testing it out )
  13. Ok, so cant get choppers to be seen in MP game. So dissapointing, had the most beautiful in game sequence with chopper that I could see as server but no one else could, took hours, ah woe is me. So, before I code it and get dissapointed, can I get a sequence with a chopper to be seen in cinematics mode?? (MP) Thanks in advance ¤P.T¤ Frank
  14. Ah well, total noob here has figured it out so Ill post the code up here for reference. Group: <Default> Comment: Â Fire damage check loop Trigger Event: Â 1 second(s) elapsed. Responses: Â Allow this block to be reactivated. Â Use Loop for Fire 1 to loop over all companies after this block. Group: Loop for Fire 1 Comment: Â Check if any co. members are nr fire Trigger Event: Â A company loop is ready to process ThisCompany. Responses: Â Allow this block to be reactivated. Â Continue executing responses if (The state of Fire1). Â Continue executing responses if ((The number of members of ThisCompany within 4 meter(s) of Effect Site1 Fire Damage) is greater than 0). Â Activate Effect Site1 Fire Damage. Â Display "Ooooh that IS hot!" to (The actor nearest Effect Site1 Fire Damage). Ive not noticed lag caused by this check happening every second for every company yet but Ive only been testing it on my own, is it likely to cause lag do you think?
  15. Right, I have made a custom mission that is for team play. This way I can insert vehicles in the map, etc. and still have a server sided team map, it all works lovely. A coupla questions tho: 1. Is there a way to insert vehicles, etc. without having to use mission for the game type? 2. Not a problem if not. However, my real problem is this: I want to trigger a damage effect when a player gets near a fire. In CO-OP mode, not a problem, I just use ProximityPlatoon and player platoon, funky doory. This does not work with Team games tho, and niether does Proximityactor. So rephrased, my question is this: In a team mission gametype, how can I trigger a proximity event from a player in any team? Thanks in advance, ¤P.T¤ Frank
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