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  1. Last time I checked eric GERMANY was not in the sandbox and the guys at SOCNET might have something to say about that. So everyone stayed tuned to see how Me and the guys at SOCNET bring this poser into the light
  2. -Make it with a hot girl with D-cup
  3. Yea that was posted while I was still writing my post
  4. I use a debt card for all my online money transaction. Is it possible to use my debt card on the pay pal so I can atleast give you guys at GhostRecon.net maybe 5-10 bucks here and there?
  5. Happy New Year everyone at Ghostrecon.net
  6. I thought the Royal Marines were like the PARAs and wore they're berets into combat just to show they're personal pride in being a royal marine. Tell if I'm wrong though. Back on topic now sorry.
  7. NICE!!!! I wouldnt mind getting my hands on a mic like that. Does he have a push-to-talk button on them like the mics in TOTS pics do?
  8. I didnt know cyprus had a military, but good job bro keep up the good work
  9. LMAO ← Yes that made my jaw drop too......
  10. I love this rifle man keep up the good work
  11. I didnt kick the iraqi weapons off-topic
  12. I can see it now GR3 being just like BF1942
  13. Hollywood has a very bad habit of uses the wrong weapons,gear,etc. when it comes to action movies. Take Black Hawk Down, in 1993 the US military's desert uniform was still the desert storm 6-color desert BDUs. The 3 color desert uniform didnt come into the spot light until the late 1990s ← Actually, the tri-color desert was first issued around 1991/92, and the Rangers had a large number of them, and Delta definitely had them. The 10th Mountain was the unit in the film most likely to still have large numbers of chocolate chip camo, and if you pay attention at the end of the movie during the rescue sequence you'll see a lot of the 10th troopers have 6-color uniforms. Hollywood used to mess up a lot, but nowadays they tend to get things like gear and such pretty correct. BHD is actually the most accurate one I've seen. ← BHD was not accurate... Go on militaryphotos.net and you will see that all the rangers had 6-color desert. The Link ← Umm...those are not Rangers, they're Marines and 10h Mountain troops. Only one of those pictures features members of TFR, and it's Delta operators posing with some 10th boys, and those D-Boys have 3-color. Even some of the soldiers from 10th mountain in a few of those pics are wearing the 3-color pattern with 6-color flak jackets and k-pot covers. ← Yes the delta guys have em but those are not just marines those are rangers too.......
  14. You'd have to get one of those programs like what BJB used for that to happen.
  15. When UC Undercover went off the air I stopped those kinda shows. I mainly just watch cartoons and the history channel
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