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  1. Last time I checked eric GERMANY was not in the sandbox and the guys at SOCNET might have something to say about that. So everyone stayed tuned to see how Me and the guys at SOCNET bring this poser into the light
  2. -Make it with a hot girl with D-cup
  3. Yea that was posted while I was still writing my post
  4. I use a debt card for all my online money transaction. Is it possible to use my debt card on the pay pal so I can atleast give you guys at GhostRecon.net maybe 5-10 bucks here and there?
  5. Happy New Year everyone at Ghostrecon.net
  6. I thought the Royal Marines were like the PARAs and wore they're berets into combat just to show they're personal pride in being a royal marine. Tell if I'm wrong though. Back on topic now sorry.
  7. NICE!!!! I wouldnt mind getting my hands on a mic like that. Does he have a push-to-talk button on them like the mics in TOTS pics do?
  8. I didnt know cyprus had a military, but good job bro keep up the good work
  9. LMAO ← Yes that made my jaw drop too......
  10. I love this rifle man keep up the good work
  11. I didnt kick the iraqi weapons off-topic
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