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  1. Re-install fixed newgame issue, load game still FUBAR.
  2. That would be a grenade launcher. You select it just like any other weapon with F key and scroll.
  3. The desiel engine was not made for graw, but was updated, as I recall.
  4. I have yet to find any blood what-so ever. And I've looked for it too. No decals on the bodies, nor "puffs" on a hit.
  5. *enemy sneaks into range* graw soldier: "hoo go dareeee"? "stop or me gun shooot yuuuuus" "omgz mitchell wut weee doood nowww" *runs across kilzone while bullets flyin almost knocks down mitchell* mitchel: lol! Actually, never seen sp. I don't even care about it frankly. And I even care less for it now from all the talk about the so so AI. All I care about really is the mp. Was playin co-op online with some buds last night using battlelan. LOL no internet demo haha jokes on GRIN. Thanks goodness for battlelan! ← Speak of the devil.. was just playing, holding a corner against heavy enemy fire, when my SAW gunner charges out in a full run, knocking me from my aim and from cover. He stops about 4 feet in in the middle of the open and at a full standing postion, starts taking pot shots. "Oww, I've been shot!" "Capt. I've been hit!' "Capt. I'm wounded!" "Man down!" GEE YA THINK!!!!
  6. Just to update, seems it crashes on a new game too. Gonna try to reinstal...
  7. Hmm.. loading a game from the main start menu now causes my system to reboot, and gives a "recovered from a serius error" message. I have loaded games from this menu several times before, not exactly shure what went wrong here. Any sujestions?
  8. Huh... With the exception of the opening scence in the heli, and Real close ups of the ghosts, I just can't see that much of a difference between low and high settings. Shure its a little better, but certainly not anything spectacular.
  9. I'm seriusly getting ###### with my teamate AI. This could be a dealbreaker if not fixed in the full version. I swear the next time one of them pushes me out of cover or walks out into a hail of bullets then acts surprised that he got shot, I'm shooting them myslef.
  10. OK, the best approach I've found for the plaza, is to take the allways as far west as possible and hit them from the corner. YOu should have good shots on the MMG, and descent cover to take on everyone else until the APV shows up. When it does, take out the gunner, then use the alleys to swing back to the easternmost corner and flank them. Proceed to checkpoint 3.
  11. You have to use the follow order. Took me a while to notice this myself.
  12. Whenever I reload, it resets my ROF to full auto.
  13. Pretty good, but it has its issues. It feels like the ghost is there, but the recon has gone missing. First, I just can't get the hang of the new order system. I however chalk this up to a lack of a manual and proper explanation. With a few keybinds everything (hopefully) should run smoothly. The second thing, as far as I can tell, silencers are worthless and merely cosmetic. I can find no play difference in how the enemy recacts to silenced or unsilenced weapons. THis may be a bug, but for me, the SCAR sounds exactly the same silinces/no silencer. Other weapons sound good though. The mouse wheel order system needs SERIOUS tweaking. And this probably my bigest complaint. It takes freaking FOREVER to scroll through thoose menus, totaly non-conducive to quick reaction and combat. I need ot check to make shure ecverything is hotkeyable. Weapon switching is the worst, quickly followed by center click orders. I accedently center click my mouse all the time, bringing that stupid menu up. Then it takes a good second to hit "cancel" because you can't just click out of it. Enemy AI I am very impressed with so far. Great use of cover, of self and unit awareness, and a over feel of "proffesionalism". However teamate AI I'm geting very tired of. Ghosts go wandering off by themselves, walk into my line of fire, bump me out of cover or out of aim mode trying to take up a position I've already occupied. Walking out into a hail of bullets, and just frankly its a chore to get them to do what I want..... I could go on... But in conclusion my team of ghosts act a lot more like JROTC than Green Berets. Very disapointed here, as [GR] team ai just felt more efective to me (Thoguh I've never seen a GR:AW get stuck on a corner or obstical). The lack of body switiching is a complete bummer to me... It really limits your play options... No longer can i switch to my machinegunner for a little fun, or to my sniper for a little target practice, I have to take thoose weapons as my primary, which frankly is rather pointless for the team leader (lug around a SAW the entire freakin mission? I think not). So my weapon choices are really limited unless just goofing around. (and the "Well Mitchells dead, so fark the president, lets go home." is just silly) Unskippable intros... JUMPING JESUS ON A POGOSTICK! WHEN WILL THEY LEARN! Once I've seen it once or twice, that is bloody enough! Please, PLEASE don't make me sit through the same 5 mineute shpeel every freakin time I wanna try a new weapons loadout! Map/level design: I can tell right now, just from a few hours play, urban fighting is gonna get real old, real qwick... Everything looks the same, everything is the same color, the same arcitecture is everywhere. Everythig just kinda blends together into one big tan mess. Despite the frankly amazing detail in the game, its sometimes very difficult to pick out because everything looks like everything else. Now, I'm not to far along in the demo (do to my lack of understanding the command system), but all the "alternate routes", all seem to end up at the same places, with the same pre-spawned enemies (no randomness? ARGH!). Just slightly different ways to walk to the same pre-planned battle. Aimpoints need some serious work too. They are alomst unusable in my opinion. They take up WAY to much screen, then, with recoil, almost completely block LOS. Takes a good bit of time to adjust your aim as well (though i don['t really mind that). Isn't the point of a electronic sight so you can see MORE? Now, after all that negetivity, I gave the demo a 7 for pure potential. I'm having a lot of fun with it, I plan on having a lot more fun with the full game, and I think GRAW has the potential to be the best damn game I've ever played with a manual, some keybinds and a patch/mods or two.
  14. Actualy I don't think so. I think its a freindly AI. Notice the diamond is on the ghosts blackhawk, but not the soldier in question.
  15. You can't be seriously drawing the conclusion that there are med packs, gun power ups and ice cream trucks in the game from that? Does this one mean I can order chinese takeout via my crosscom? People seriously need to stop over analzying screenshots. ← LOL, ording Chineese through cross-com... I'd love that feature!
  16. So thats why GRAW was delayed... They had to evacuate 8.7 Mil Civies!
  17. Wow, uterly impressed by the new sceens. My only question, why is the XM8 in the first pic being weilded Gangsta Style?
  18. You could put the ghosts on Mars for all I care, as long as I get my 6 man squad and body hoping back! (OK, not really, but thoose features are very important! Everything else is just icing ont he cake).
  19. Single click a soldier, to select and set a waypoint, Shift-Click multipull soldiers into a fireteam and move them as a group?
  20. I think I prefered the more muted "dust cloud" type explosions in GR1, than the more actiony explosions where everything has a 10 gallon drum of gasoline in it.
  21. I wouldn't demo till after the hollidays. Everyone is going to be playing there spiffy new games they bought or got as gifts. Let a little time pass for the "new game smell" to wear of, then release the demo when there looking for a change.
  22. OK, looking at that video, the diamonds arn't THAT bad, but the glowing red outline needs to SERIOUSLY take a hike. But hte absolute WORST, is the "Bullet time"-esque bullet trails.... Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ?
  23. The agiea site has viewable demos of what the card can do. head over there and check them out.
  24. 1. Multipule character switching and fine tune control. This is the make-it or Break-it feature for me. Without it, its not ghost recon. This represents about 70% of my entire intrest in the game. 2. A 6 man team. I think more might get a bit difficult to control, but 6 worked beutifuly. 4 is FAR to small, the ability to split into at least three seprate fireteams is a must. Also, allows to re-organize fireteams on the fly. 3. Keep skill selection and improvement. I realy enjoyed that balancing between class/equipment/skill sets. Thoose are the most important things for me (and really, just #1), anything else is just icing.
  25. Health bars, "LOCKED", and glowing corners need to go, but other than that, looks fantastic.
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