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  1. Happens with SCAR-H too, very frustrating. I've pretty much givin up on headshots and have stuck with easier center of mass shots, prety much the same result but a larger target.
  2. How do you draw in a new patern without destroying the detail and shadowing on the skin?
  3. Thanks for the feedback. 1 problem I'm having withthe lighter toned cammo though, is in bright light it goes dayglo on me, not shure how to fix that.
  4. Not only do they myseteriously dissapear fromt he blackhawk mid flight, the mysteriously re-apear in the APC that extracts you. I can just imagine that little conversation... Mitchele: So where the hell were you guys when I was taking on half the mexican army by my self???? Brown: . . . . Kirkland: . . . . Allen: Sir, lunch break, sir. Union requirements.
  5. OK, Im at the check point where you take command of the Abrahms, I'm, having no end of trouble. 1 or bolth tanks will inevitably get stuck on some peice of terrain (usually the hulk of an enemy tank), and will be unable to continue forward. What am I missing?
  6. Was I the only one that didn't have trouble with the RPG guy? I don't think I ever encountered him, or I shot him before I saw he had an RPG. If it wasn't for this thread I wouldn't have known he was there. Try sticking to the leftmost alleyways, it is covered by a HMG nest at the end, but there is a lot fo cover and its easily delt with using a GL or sniper rifle.
  7. After some experimenting, I found that turning the "sepia_opacity value=" to half its starting value was a very nice happy medium between no heat effects and super nuke yellow.
  8. Desert multicam, with old school touch and tiger striped SCAR. Also added a color flag on the other shoulder. Re-coloring the skins is fairly simple, but what is the best way to do entirely new patterns?
  9. I either take the M8,combat sight, and grenade launcher. Or if I fell I don't need the M203, I'll take the SCAR-L , combat sight, and foregrip. If I'm going sneaky like, I'll take SCAR-H slilencer, sight, and foregrip. I almost always ditch the secondary weapon completely, as I never use them. If I take out the sniper rifle I'll aso grab the MP5SD. For extra slot, I'll either take extra GL rounds, a zeus if needed, or extra ammo if my main weapon can't scrounge. If I don't need any of thoose I'll go with nothing, I prefer to travel light.
  10. Res 1024X768 30-40 FPS Everything on high, textures on medium except for ground and sky on low. AMD X2 4200 1.5 Gig Ram GeForce 6800GT 128 AGP overclocked and extra pipelines unlocked
  11. Mind showing us where in the code you found the RBG numbers so we can fiddle with them ourselves?
  12. I have one and I love it. Leaps and bounds better than Z board. Currently experiment ing with ways to bind weapon switching to the G keys. The LCD might not have many in-game specific functions, but I use it to moniter my system performance when tweaking the settings, so I know exactly what I can turn on without a perfomance hit. There is also a nifty teamspeak app for it as well.
  13. 90% of the time it seems, the AI does better job the more you leave them alone to their own initative. But at certain times, that just doesn't work. I've noticed that my team just LOVES to stand in the C4 blast radius, and inevitably, 1 will wonder off at some point into a wasp nest of tangos (adn not just wander off a little, like 2 blocks away).
  14. Once I figured out that you could sic the apaches on ANYTHING not just the tanks, the mission became a lot easier. But something that has been bugging me... What the heck blew up thte embasy? I didn't hear any artillery or see a missle... Suicide bomber? The building just kinda explodes for no reason.
  15. Everytime I reload a game, me and my team heal up one level of damage (red to yellow, yellow ot green). I'm really starting to dislike this as its sorta cheating me out of my own progress. If I come to a check point with a severe wound, and my team is all shot up, I most likely will never be able to complete the mission with the added difficulty of these wounds. If I die, I'm gonna get resurected with more health than I started with. I blew up the gas station in level 2 with me and 2 teamates at red, and the third at yellow. I of course kept getting slaughtered by the tank that appears before I figured out how to deal with it. Before long however, I was starting that check point with everyone at full health. Why can't I continue my game how I (auto)saved it?
  16. Hmmm... Not sure I get it, I think you're saying that the M8 is weak but I'm not sure. 32 pounds empty, no scope. ← Since the M8 can scavange ammo, I just drop the secondary weapon entirely and take some extra mini-nukes... err... nades.
  17. I use the M8 because its combat sight doesn't take up 3/4 of the screen like the SCAR-L. If it wasn't for that it would be SCAR-L/Foregrip all the way.
  18. I now out of habbit put a bullet into a tango as soon as hes on the ground. No more waiting to see if he gets up.
  19. This is a must IMO. Or at least let us choose armored cars and machine gun emplacements as a viable target for the attack order.
  20. IMHO the white looks a LOT better than the drab yellow.
  21. I would rate OPFOR AI as the best I've played against in a game. Simply amazing! At first I thought the team AI was just horrible... But after a little more time at the wheel, I seem to only have problems with my SAW gunner (whats his name, Brown? The first slot). He usually tries his best to get me killed, then run off into a glorious hail of bullets. After his death, me and the team can complete the mission with no real problems. I have isnce taken the habbit of whenever a firefight breaks out, using a move order to send him as far away from me as possible, or if I'm feeling vindictive, shooting him in the helo before the mission starts.
  22. Quicksave is needed so I can stop playing when I want to and not loose any mission progress.
  23. Thats right grab it and kiss it goodbye... For the most part I really like the GRAW death animations, but it appears silly poses were not entirely eradicated.
  24. I really dig the SCARs, with the foregrip attachment, but I totaly and completely hate the aimpoint on them. The stupid thing takes up 2/3 of the screen, it might as well be a scope. The ELOTECH and M8 combat sights look fine and don't take up nearly as much room, why is the aimpoint so huge?
  25. Any ideas what so ever? Reinstalling gave me one run, then everything was back to errors.
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