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  1. Hmm.. I'll give that a shot. Thanks.
  2. In lew of emailing theese sepereately to everyone I'd thought I would just put them up for download. Toned Down Sepia Effects: Reduced yellow without loosing any other post effects goodness. *NOTE* Compatible with Blood Mod ver. 1.0. Ver. 1.1 requires modifications to the file. HERE Semi Auto Fix: No more artificialy slow ROF in semi auto mode. Double tap with ease. HERE Classic Ghosts: Renames your AI buddies Gordon, Tunney, and Stone, respectively. HERE Classic Skins: New skin based off the [GR] woodland cammo. [GR] unit and full color USA flag armpatches. Name patches are changed to match Classic Ghosts. New weapon textures for M8, Scar, and tweaked texture for MR-C. HERE Combine theese with DiGiTALY -TC-s excelent Blood Mod, and Fiddlestxs beutifull Clear Hud mod for a very [GR] effect (and hopefully VTF H Smiths Realism mod will complete the effect).
  3. Check my Semi Vs. Full Auto thread int he main forum instructions are there. Or, I can Email you the modded file.
  4. Well, domination uses two skins, the Ghosts and the Mex skin. You can alter either one to look however you want, but, all the models of the same type will look that way (E.G. every ghost will have your name on his back). I'm also fairly shure it would be client side only (only you could see it).
  5. If you completly turn off post effects, you will see a slight performance bump, but will loose quite a bit of graphical features (like nightvision). If you just tone down the yellow, you will keep the graphical goodness, but not see a performance boost.
  6. DATA>SETTINGS>POST_EFFECTS.XML Search for "Sepia_Effects_Opacity value= XX" I halved the opacity values. Turns down the yellow without touching any other of the niffty post effects like glare or nightvision.
  7. 3 years ago I think. Picked up the Game of the Year Edition because I liked the Rainbow Six series, and heard good things about Ghost Recon. Holy crap! Here is the game I've been looking for all my life! Never looked back, and it has ruined me for pretty much all other FPS.
  8. If you want, I can send you a tweaked file that tones down the effect significantly. You still get all the cool lighting stuff, but no longer will the world look like someone ###### in your canteen. See screenie below (ignore the mod stuff).
  9. There we go, just made the time between shots the same as full auto. Not shure why they would be different anyways. ***Just tested it out and you would not BELIVE how much better it is for me. You kick ass shadow! Its ON now!
  10. Thats cool... now I gots me some editing to do...
  11. I'd love to help test. But, out of curiosity, will the AI teamates loose the superman-esque hit points now that they have some basic survival instinct?
  12. This thought has crossed my mind as well... Though I never really play much MP, I could see how more bullets flying might be more atmospheric.
  13. Wait, huh? What does hit punishment have to do with Semi auto firing rates?
  14. Fictional weapons shouldn't have a place in the game as is. That goes double for sucky fictional weapons.
  15. I have found the SP AI is quite good at following you around, identifying targets and putting them down. They will also do a descent job of covering a specific lane of fire withthe cover command. Anything more complicated than that, and all hell brakes loose. Moving into a specific position? Forget about it. Take out a tank with a zeus? You got better chances at wininng craps. Self preservation seems almost a random accurence, sometimes they willt ake cover, other times the will decide that today is a good day to die.
  16. Do the semi auto settings on the rifles seem to be at an artificaily low ROF to any one else? In [GR], semi-auto was my prefered ROF, because of the small accuracy boost, ammo conservation, plus if I needed to, I could panic fire my gun. In GRAW it seems the "bad guy" can always get a burst into me before my bolt chambers another round, making semi auto for the most part, completely useless. Is it just me? I want my point-fire back!
  17. Run up ot the second story roof, at the base of the attena is a glowing C4 icon. Press Use key.
  18. Just thought I'd add a before and after, same character, same location, same savegame. Before: After:
  19. A quick fix to a shinny skin, is to open bolth the new skin, and the orignal GRAW skin in photoshop. Delete the alpha channel of the shinney skin, then drag the alpha channel from the original GRAW file into the new skin. Save as DTX5.
  20. Callsign: Degamer Game: GR1 not that I don't like GRAW, it just doesn't have what it takes to beat GR1. Age: 24
  21. Thoose are fantastic! *Right-Click>Save AS*
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