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  1. THERE WAS NO DEADLINE PEOPLE! Today, at a LAN party, some people got to beta play the patch. Thats it. Fin. No where was it EVER stated that we were getting the patch today. This "deadline" is a byproduct of our hopes and dreams, not reality.
  2. Yeah, I have this sadistic urge to play through the campain on hard, with no HUD, no helath recovery, and dead teamates stay dead.
  3. Mostly I use the AI for 3 things. First is just to follow me and occasionaly they will take out a tango I miss. Second, I will send one ahead as sniper bait, or around a blind corner. This usually gets them shot, but it keeps me alive. Third, I will set them to cover a known scripted assualt. If a bunch of OPFOR are gonna come rushing around a corner when I pass that car, I'll tell them to cover that corner.
  4. Has anyone found a place in the XMLs where you can turn off the clutter system? I hate seeing random objects all over the place that do nothing but suck up FPS or break imersion. Any pointing in the right direction would be appriciated. *Side Note* Also looking for controls for respwning health on a save game, and possibly resurecting team members each mission.
  5. Same word, two meanings. Obviously, when someone says CS is not a tactical game, they are refering to the first definition not the later. I thought that would be obvious. While bunny hopping like a coked out idiot is a tactic, it is not tactical.
  6. New Templates now available. Blank Mexican Uniform Template: HERE Blank U.S. Marine Uniform Template: HERE
  7. Hmm.. perhpas it jus thte level I tried it on then.
  8. You'd think the ghosts would be familiar with artilery or mortar fire.
  9. Are all the optics now correctly zeroed?
  10. Well, I figured out its scripted, and set off by what different paths you take (you can never actually be hit by it, I've tried). As far as laughter, nope never heard any laughter, and it gets more prominent in the final missions after you've destroyed Gaurd Rail 9.
  11. Basicly yes. The only thing that changes bewtween Ghost characters are the faces, name patches, and bloodtypes. Everything else uses the same skin. Put something on the back and they will all share it. Also, all texture use is local only, meaning everytime you see an object, you see the texture on your computer. So in MP, you will see your moded texture, the other guy will see his basic texture. Of course, if everyone playing has the same modded files, they will all see the same thing. This goes with pretty much anything, as settings are local as well. If you mod your guns to fire burst mode, only you will fire burst mode. Here's where it gets interesting, say you mod all your guns to do 8 bajillion damage, you will of course kill everything in one hit. But, in theory (have not tested this) you will see everyone elses guns with the same settings, so when they shoot you, you will take 8 bajillion damage. However, if they shoot someone else who has normal settings, they will take normal damage.
  12. OK, all throughout the SP campain, stuff will just randomly explode, up to and including entire buildings. THis is usually punctuated with "Huh, What is that?" from one of the AI chumps. On my second run through of the game, and there is just no explination for the random explosions (amongst other glaring plot holes). I want to know, what the heck IS it? They don't seem to be connected to the zommies flybys, I don't hear any artillery, nor is any talked about on the narcom. Certainly no tanks about (most of the time). I know its a rather small thing to get worked up about but its just rubbing me the wrong way.
  13. To get rid of the plastic effect, copy over the Alpha Channel from the original unmodified .DDS.
  14. Its not GRINs fault. UBISOFT tells them what MP modes to put in. Complain to them.
  15. I did just that... uniform templates now available.
  16. Blank uniforms without any camo. Just add color to the color layer. In .PSD format. I will do one for each texture file and upload them here as soon as I finish them. Ghost Basic Uniform: HERE Ghost Helmet: HERE Mex templates comming soon. Also, rember to copy the Alpha layer of the original .DDS file into your new texture to fix the plastic/shiney effect.
  17. One small tiny little problem. Thats not a scope. Thats an aimpoint. Aimpoints don't blur anything. Although in graw, the aimpoint is basicly a stand in for the ACOG (mini-scope).
  18. That does work for SP (I got my teammates all named as classic ghosts), but won't work for multiplayer (everyone is mitchelle in MP, and only you can see it).
  19. I don't see it in the post_effects.xml, are you sure it's in that one? Searching for Sepia_Effects_Opacity brings me up with nothing. Sorry, no Effects in the string, my bad. - <posteffect name="mission01" modifier="add"> <sepia_r x="1.000" y="0.640" z="0.200" /> <sepia_g x="0.200" y="1.000" z="0.490" /> <sepia_b x="0.050" y="0.320" z="0.930" /> ***<sepia_opacity value="0.500" />*** <levels_r x="0.050" y="0.900" /> <levels_g x="0.050" y="0.900" /> <levels_b x="0.050" y="1.000" /> <bright_pass value="0.315" /> <bloom_tint x="0.300" y="0.240" z="0.170" /> <fog_start x="0.650" y="0.750" z="0.970" /> <fog_end0 x="0.340" y="0.570" z="0.710" /> <fog_end1 x="0.290" y="0.510" z="0.580" /> <fog_end2 x="1.000" y="1.000" z="1.000" /> <fog_end0_alpha value="0.140" /> <fog_start_dist value="0" /> <fog_end0_dist value="5000" /> <fog_end1_dist value="508900" /> <fog_end2_dist value="580000" /> <grain_amount value="0.000" /> <grain_speed value="0.000" /> </posteffect>
  20. Very Nice, you can certainly tell you've been hit.
  21. I gotta ask the opisite, what code specificly adds the new hit effects? I've already got my post effects file modded.
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